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Created and edited by: Sam Carney, Jessica Maxwell, Maddie Miller, Kaitie Owen, Sarah Rodeghero, Mary Vaught, Mitchell Webster, Colleen Christopher, Gabrielle Collman, Adam Cronin, and Rachel Cross


Godwin, AdventNet Inc.

Year Established:




4900 Hopyard Rd, Suite 310, Pleasanton, CA 94588, USA




I. Purpose of Zoho Polls

The purpose of Zoho Polls is to create two different types of polls, either a voting poll or a rating poll. Zoho Polls allows you to sort your results of the polls by votes (voting poll) or by rates (rating poll). Zoho has free accounts for all of its software, as long as it is a personal account. They also have accounts for businesses but those have a fee. One advantage of using Zoho, is that all of your documents are saved on their server so you can access them at any computer with internet connection. This makes the collaboration process easier because there is no hassle of saving on different computers. Zoho also offers a variety of security levels to save and secure your information.

Why are polls important?

  • They provide a record of opinions on a certain subject
  • They allow people to anonymously give their opinions
  • They can help people communicate without meeting

What are the features of Zoho Polls?

Zoho Polls has many features:

  • You can make your poll public or private
  • You can insert a poll into a blog or website
  • You can comment on each poll
  • You can also send polls to friends and family to get their opinion on different topics
  • You can gather information from completed polls

Could this be used in the classroom?

Absolutely! Polls powered by Zoho are:

  • Easily incorporated into a lesson plan
  • Very quick to make
  • Simple and easy
  • Useful for gathering feedback from the students.
  • Helpful for showing interest and understanding around a topic.
  • Helpful for involving parents in the class
  • Great tools for learning

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II. Development of Zoho Polls

Zoho was developed by Godwin and is a part of AdventNet Inc., a company that makes and sells new software. AdventNet Inc. is a private company that was established in 1996. It was started as a tool on a website for people to rate daily lunch food and to keep track of the results. Soon after, it was modified for the use of a band in order to help them determine which songs to perform for their fans. The application was then modified further to allow to users to vote as well as rate on polls.

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III. How do I use Zoho Polls?

Signing in to Zoho Polls

To begin, go to the website ( and sign in. If you do not have an account with Zoho, it is easy to make one. Simply think of a creative username and password and enter your email address, as seen below. Do not forget to agree to the terms before submitting. After signing in to Zoho Polls, you are brought to a home page. You can either create a poll or view the public polls that are already in existence.

Creating a Poll

When you are ready to create a poll, go to the home page and click the green "Create a Poll" button. You are prompted to decide which type of poll you would like to create: voting or rating. After deciding which poll you would like to create, you will be brought to a screen where you fill in the information needed for your poll.  After you create your poll you can post it to  a website or invite people to take the poll. The video below shows the creation of a poll.

You will need the latest version of Macromedia Flash to view this video

Viewing the Public Polls

After you create a poll, you can view other public polls. To do this, simply go to the home page of Zoho Polls. You can either search for a specific topic or view all public polls. If you decide to search for a poll, in the upper right hand corner there is a search box. Enter the keywords you would like to search and hit the search button (as seen in the picture below). After searching, lists of polls are shown. You can scroll through the polls and when you decide on which poll you would like to take, simply click on the title. If you decide to view all polls, you simply click on the link "Public Polls" in the upper right hand corner. You are brought to a screen titled "Viewing Latest Public Polls". You can scroll through the list and pick any poll you wish. With either method of viewing and taking a public poll, you simply answer the questions on the poll and continue to take other polls.

After taking a poll, you can view the details of the poll on the right side of the page (seen in the picture below) or you can leave a comment after taking the poll. In the poll details, you can view:

  • The creator of the poll
  • The date the poll was created
  • How many people have voted
  • The type of poll.


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IV. What are unique ways for using Zoho Polls?

One of the unique aspects of Zoho Polls is that it has uses outside of the Zoho family of applications. After you create a poll there is an application that allows you to take a code and put it on another website. This allows polls to be used on websites that do not offer similar applications.

While Zoho Polls can be used to sample a large amount of people for research, it can also be used within small groups. In many cases, schools have staff meetings once per month and if issues come up between meetings they usually have to wait until the next meeting before discussing it.  With Zoho Polls, administrators and teachers can easily vote on things such as themes, staff shirt preferences, field trips, etc. in between meetings.

Another unique aspect of Zoho Polls is the difference between voting polls and rating polls. By offering both types of polls, Zoho Polls expands the ways in which it can be used. Voting polls can be used when you want to get someone's overall, cut and dry opinion. Rating polls can be used when you want to see how strongly people feel about all of the choices.


Poll to Vote

Poll to Rate

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V. How is Zoho Polls related to other applications?

Zoho Polls is similar to many different poll making websites. There are too many to compare, so we picked three. Below is a chart displaying the different poll making websites showing their features compared to Zoho Polls.

Comparison of Zoho Polls with other applications


Zoho Polls




What can I create?

Voting polls or
rating polls

Polls and surveys


List polls or open polls

Can they be posted
to a website?

Yes; they can be posted
to blogs or websites

Yes; an embedding code
is given after creation

Yes; they can be posted
to blogs or websites

Yes; they can be posted
on blogs or websites

What else do they
have to offer?

available in foreign

Polls can include pictures,
charts, and graphs

Pick color scheme and
add images

Shows results after you vote

What is the cost?


Free; but you can buy a
Pro Version





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VI. Educational Applications with Zoho Polls

What is the educational value of using Zoho Polls?

When trying to get a consensus on a subject, a poll can be very useful.  Zoho Polls could be used on an educational website for a teacher who wants to know what day his or her students would prefer an exam to be on.  Also, teachers could have the students vote on what material the review should cover.  Another use could just be finding out about the personality of the students; finding out if the students are more visually oriented or hands-on learners, which could make the education process easier for a new teacher.  This could also be a fun, anonymous way to find out personal beliefs in a class, such as the students' views on the war in Iraq.  Some students may be against the war but are uncomfortable about saying so, but if they can vote anonymously they might be more willing to voice their opinions.  These polls could be used to get to know your students better, which is a valuable part of education, especially now with the amount of change that is happening in the world.

Poll Ideas:

  • Homecoming Elections
  • Literary Award Votes
  • Prom Theme
  • Book Club Selection 

                                           Lesson Plans                                         

Book Club Polls Lesson Plan.doc
Book Club Polls Lesson Plan.pdf

Grade 11

Book Club Polls Lesson Plan Created By: Jamie Strange




Students will participate in the selection of next year's Book Club Library.


Given 15 poll questions the students will select 10 books that interest them and complete a 100 word write up on their favorite selection defending the books relevancy to the book club.


Write academic essays, such as an analytical essay, a persuasive essay, a research report, a summary, an explanation, a description, or a literary analysis that:
• develops a thesis.
• creates an organizing structure appropriate to purpose, audience, and context.
• includes accurate information from primary and secondary sources and excludes extraneous information.
• makes valid inferences.
• supports judgments with relevant and substantial evidence and well-chosen details.
• uses technical terms and notations correctly.
• provides a coherent conclusion. (Core Standard)


-          Computers with Internet and Word Processing access
-          Zoho Polls Application


1.      Explain to the class that they will be participating in the  selection process of next year's Book Club Library.
2.      Take them to a computer lab and show them how to access the polls on Zoho Polls.
3.      Allow the students to complete the polls and have them choose their favorite book from the list.
4.      Ask the students to write a 100 word persuasive blurb on their favorite book.  Tell them you will collect this at the end of the class.
5.      Monitor the class and answer any questions.      6.Collect the blurbs.


This activity is worth 20 points.  10 points for participating in the poll and 10 points for writing a persuasive blurb.   

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VII. How can Zoho Polls be used internationally?

Zoho is now available in 15 different languages and dialects:












Portuguese (Brazil)




English (US)

  • The list of available languages is still growing.
  • It is easy to create a poll in one country and send it to other countries for their participation.
  • The language connection allows one to learn about other countries and cultures.
  • Connections can be made over a great distance in seconds.   

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VIII. Attachments

Attached here you will find our brochure.


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