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Wiki Page created by: Caitlin Burlingame, Andrew Portlock, Amanda Jeffries, Morgan Borden, Kirsten Sailors, Katherine Kerkhove, Wendy Chang, Julia Huang, Tom Tseng, and Eva Lin

I. History of Zoho Sheet


The Web 2.0 application Zoho Sheet was created in September 2005. This program allows users to create spreadsheets online and share these with others through the internet. Zoho Sheet is part of the Zoho Office program developed by AdventNet. Inc., a software supply company. (1) The original Zoho Office Suit was solely a word processor, however, over time programs such as Zoho Writer, Zoho Show, and Zoho Sheet have been added. (2)

II. Purpose of Zoho Sheet

Zoho Sheet allows users to create and view online spreadsheets without any software, and for free. (3) This allows users the convenience of being able to open and edit their spreadsheets on any computer with internet access. This alternative to PC-based software eliminates the problem of being unable to open spreadsheets from multiple locations due to lack of proper software.

Zoho Sheet also allows multiple users to share spreadsheets. (3) Once users have shared a spreadsheet, each user can edit and save changes to the spreadsheet. Then all other users it has been shared with can access the updated spreadsheet. This makes it very easy for groups to collaborate and share information together. This is useful for students, educators, groups, and co-workers. Instead of having to email each other different versions of the same spreadsheet, group members can edit the same spreadsheet at the same time from different locations. This type of file sharing is much more efficient than previous methods, such as emailing files.  

III. How does Zoho Sheet Work?

Setting up an Account 

It's very easy to setup an account with Zoho Sheet. Here are just a few steps to get started:

1.     Visit

2.     Click "Sign Up", or if you already have a Google or Yahoo account you can use this to log on.

3.     After registering you will receive a confirmation email. Confirm your registration.

4.     Sign in.

5.     Click "Zoho Sheet" and begin your first spreadsheet.

 Zoho Sheet basic Functions

Depending on what a user would like to do with their spreadsheet there are several options when using Zoho Sheet. There are many applications similar to those in Microsoft Excel. For example, there is a "Sum" button which can be used to total columns numbers. Zoho Sheet also makes it very easy to make graphs. Users simply highlight the data for the graph and click on the "Graph" button. Zoho Sheet's popularity has been heavily driven by this next application: the ability to import and export files, an option that isn't available in Microsoft Excel. (4)

Importing, Exporting, and Sharing Files  

To import files, users simply click the "Import" button and browse for a local file. However, Zoho Sheet does not currently support Excel 2007. This problem can be easily fixed though, by saving the file as an Excel 93- 2007 workbook. To export files, users simply click on the "Export" button and choose the file they want to export. Lastly, Zoho Sheet has a sharing option. This allows users to share their Zoho spreadsheet with other Zoho Sheet users. To share a spreadsheet users simply click on the "Share" button and then on "Invite" users then have the option of choosing whether those shared partners can either edit the spreadsheet or can read-only. Once this has been decided, users then insert the emails of the shared users into the corresponding box. Users also have the option of being notified when the spreadsheet has been modified.(4)

                        Import                                         Export                                   Sharing                                                                               Options for Sharing 



IV. How is Zoho Sheet Related to Other Applications?

                                               Zoho Sheet                                                                                                                                            Microsoft Excel


                                     (Retrived April 4, 2009)                                                                                                                                                       (Retrieved April 4, 2009)
Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office's spreadsheet application, is the program that is most compared to Zoho Sheet. Zoho Sheet offers all of the same features as Excel, but is made to be accessed online. While it may be difficult for some to see the benefit of using Zoho Sheet when one already has Excel, there are several features of Zoho Sheet that can enhance Excel for users.

The Online Era

Formerly, the World Wide Web has been the ultimate source of knowledge attainable at the click of the button. However, more recently the internet has become more than just a source of knowledge. Now, the internet is being exploited as a communication medium. Some of the most popular forms of internet communication used today are Instant Messaging, Video Chat, and Email. Following this trend of internet communication software companies are now looking for ways to integrate online communication with familiar software. AdventNet. Inc., the maker of Zoho Sheet, has created an application that is not only fully accessible online, but is also compatible with Microsoft Excel. This allows users both the convenience of online access and integration with a familiar program, Microsoft Excel. (5)

The main contributor to Zoho Sheet's popularity thus far is its ease of access and similarity to Microsoft Excel. However, there are also two other big factors responsible for Zoho Sheet's success; its application to new technology, and its application to business.

Applications to New Technology

Many new technologies have been integrated into our culture recently. One of the biggest of these is the cell phone. AdventNet. Inc. has kept up with this new growth of technology and has made steps to improve their programs upon it. Recently, iZoho has been added to Zoho Sheet. iZoho allows users to log on to Zoho Sheet from their iPhones. This is yet another reason Zoho Sheet has been so successful; users can access spreadsheets on their phone, make changes to it, or show others their data. This can be useful in many situations. For example, in an office setting a boss could walk around to every employee's desk and check on their monthly quota. While he is talking to the employee, he can use his cell phone to create a spreadsheet that will help him determine what to tell each employee to improve upon. Another would be in a classroom setting: while a high school teacher is in his off period and a student comes to ask how they are doing in the class he can still access the student's grades from his cell phone without having to go somewhere else to look them up. (6)

Applications to Business

The spreadsheet has always been one of the most important attributes of the business world. For businesses, there were many problems with Zoho Sheet when it first came out: it didn't have the crucial tools to allow businesses to use it efficiently and quickly. In order to keep this big part of their audience pleased AdventNet. Inc. released the Pivot Tables application, a data summary tool found in a visual data program, and many other business focused features. These features involve:

-         Pivot Tables

-         Publish Options

-         Ability to share a spreadsheet with groups

Along with these features, Zoho Sheet also allows Excel spreadsheets to be uploaded to Zoho Sheet's site, and reopened anywhere with a user login. This eliminates the need for bulky emails, or data transfer devices. All of a user's transfers can be done online. For instance, a business man could instantaneously send his partners his data at the click of a button. This makes the process of transferring and sharing spreadsheets much faster and more convenient. (7)

Unique ways of using Zoho Sheet

Zoho Sheet makes it simple to create spreadsheets, share them with others, and make them more available to everyone by saving them on the internet. As Zoho Sheet is very similar to Microsoft Excel, it is very easy to learn how to use Zoho Sheet. While Zoho Sheet can be used just as Excel there are also many unique ways of using Zoho Sheet.

First, Zoho is unique in that it allows for the support of macros and most recently the advanced support for Visual Basic Macro Record and Playback in Zoho Sheet. Before, users had to have some prior knowledge of Visual Basic but Zoho has accommodated it to where recording a macro only takes a couple clicks. As the user makes changes to the spreadsheet these changes are recorded and the correct Visual Basic code will be created for the user by Zoho, eliminating the need for prior experience. When finished recording these changes the user can then view the Visual Basic Macro and apply it to other spreadsheets. (8)   


Second, the ability to import and export documents in this application allows for easier creations. However, the document or documents being imported must be imported as a 97-2003 document. Users have the ability to import a document, edit it, and export it back out. (9) For example, a teacher could create a document in Microsoft Excel, but instead of printing numerous hard copies to handout to students the teacher could import the document on Zoho Sheet and be able to share it this way with students. Then everyone in the class would be able to edit the spreadsheet and work together, enhancing the learning experience overall.

Third, the color schemes and templates make it easy to create unique spreadsheets for multiple purposes. Color is not only appealing to the eye, but can also contribute to the organization of the spreadsheet. With the template feature in Zoho Sheet it is easy for users to maintain templates and create their own templates from an existing template. (9)

Fourth, whether being used as group collaboration or simply to create a spreadsheet, Zoho Sheet introduces a sort of social networking to spreadsheet applications. There is an instant messaging application available on Zoho Sheet that allows users to talk back and forth about their spreadsheet creations, making communication and collaboration simple. Students can also leave comments on the page, instructing others what they need to contribute to the spreadsheet. The comments can be seen on the Zoho Sheet, but they don't have to be left in the spreadsheet itself.


V. What are Zoho Sheet's Educational Applications?

Current Educational Value 

Group work

Zoho Sheet is a great tool for both teachers and students working in groups. Students can create spreadsheets on Zoho Sheet and share them with other students in the group. Group members can then access the same spreadsheets online from anywhere to edit or add to them.


MathType is a program that saves math equations as images.(10) This can be very useful as typing out complex equations is very difficult to do in a word document. As Zoho Sheet supports equations as image files users can use MathType in conjunction with Zoho Sheet to input equations into Zoho Sheet. (10) This is a useful tool for students when doing homework that requires using equations in spreadsheets. 

Lesson Plans for Different Grade Levels

There are examples shown below. You can also click the links to get the pdf or Microsoft Word copy. There are additional lesson plans for each grade level, you can find the link to them as well.


Multiplication Table

Adapted from:


The purpose of this lesson is to assist in illustrating the importance of charts, mathematics, and the use of technology.


Given access to Zoho Sheet, students will collaborate in groups to form a multiplication table by calculating the basic multiplication equations with 80% success.


3.3.4 Understand and use the commutative and associative rules of multiplication.
3.3.5 Create, describe, and extend number patterns using multiplication.


30 minutes for introduction
45-60 minutes for lesson
Computers with internet (At least one per group but up to one per student)
Pencil, paper, and printer


  1. Students will be instructed to create an X,Y graph in rows and columns labeled 1-10 with 1 lying just below and to the right of the x-y axis.
  2. Each student will be responsible for two vertical columns of numbers (1-2, 3-4, 5-6...) and will have to calculate all the values for the chart.  
  3. After each individual student has their values calculated they will proceed to plug these values into a Zoho Sheet you have previously given them access to.
  4. They will then collaborate with the other group members in order to create a complete 1-10 multiplication table. Each group member will input their values into the spreadsheet online.


Have students print out the charts that they have created as a group, and ensure that all values in the multiplication chart are correct in order to gauge student understanding of mathematics and technology.

 Muliplication Chart Lesson Plan

Multiplication Table Lesson Plan

Multiplication Table Lesson Plan.pdf

Other Elementary Lesson Plans

Reading Marathon Lesson Plan 

Reading Marathon Lesson Plan.pdf

U.S. Military Conflicts Lesson Plan 

U.S. Military Conflicts Lesson Plan.pdf


State Statistics

Adapted from:


Students will gain knowledge on how to use Zoho Sheet and mathematics to create advanced spreadsheet functions as well as the ability to work in groups to create a large data table.


Given access to Zoho Sheet, students will collaborate in groups to form a data table reflecting various statistics involving the similarities and differences of states as well as compile the data into graphs and charts with 80% accuracy.


Indiana State Social Studies standards:
5.3.6 Map and describe the characteristics of climate regions of the United States.
Indiana State Mathematics standards:
6.6.1 Organize and display single-variable data in appropriate graphs and stem-and-leaf plots, and explain which types of graphs are appropriate for various data sets. 6.6.2 Make frequency tables for numerical data, grouping the data in different ways to investigate how different groupings describe the data. Understand and find relative and cumulative frequency for a data set. Use histograms of the data and of the relative frequency distribution, and a broken line graph for cumulative frequency, to interpret the data.


60 minutes: This time will allow students to collect and input individual data
60 minutes: Tthis time will allow students to compile individual data into group data and group data into classroom data

Computers with internet (At least one per group but up to one per student)
Access to the Zoho Sheet they will be using.
Access to one or more of these resources for the purpose of data collection: the internet, library, encyclopedia, U.S. census bureau 


  1.  As a class the students will be notified that they are to create a chart that depicts statistical information on states, as well as supplementary graphs that show national average as well as state figures.
  2. Students will be divided into groups of 5. They will also each be assigned a group of ten states.
  3. Each group member will be assigned one topic such as average income, population, size, years of statehood, etcetera. It is the student's job to collect information (no older than the 2000 census) pertaining to these facts and correctly cite all sources in a separate reference page.
  4. Compile the information on a Zoho sheet and use their knowledge of mathematics to create functions to calculate averages and charts.
  5. As students compile information they must collaborate to create group data.
  6. Groups will compile classroom information in order to create a project that illustrates, with charts and graphs, knowledge of Geography, Mathematics, Technology, and teamwork.


Most of the students grade will be reflected of their individual work quality, however some points will be assigned for the overall group and classroom data sheets. If the students were able to find, cite, display, and integrate data correctly they will pass the assessment.

 State Statistics Lesson Plan

State Statistics Lesson Plan

State Statistics Lesson Plan.pdf

 Other Secondary Level Lesson Plans

Pollution Chart Lesson Plan

Pollution Chart Lesson Plan.pdf

Culture Shift Lesson Plan

Culture Shift Lesson Plan.pdf


Spreadsheet Book Report

Adapted from:


The purpose of this lesson is to read and then summarize a college level novel.


Given a novel, students will be able to read a novel and then summarize it and describe their reactions to situations.




Novel of student's choice
Computer with internet
Access to the Zoho Sheet spreadsheet they are to input their information to


1. Students will pick a novel of their choice to read.
2. They will log on the Zoho Sheet page.
3. They will add details of the book including the title, author, publisher, reading interest genre and length to the spreadsheet.
4. Students will write a summary of the book and include their opinion and analysis of the book.
5. They will then publish it to Zoho Sheet.


The student will be evaluated on the accuracy of their summary and their ability to analyze the book.

Spreadsheet Book Report Post Secondary Lesson Plan:

Book Report Lesson Plan

Book Report Lesson Plan pdf.

Additional Post Secondary Lesson Plans:

Car Budget Lesson Plan
Car Budget Lesson Plan.pdf

Timeline Lesson Plan

Timeline Lesson Plan pdf.


Recording Monthly Sales Report

Created by: Kate Kerkhove


Given a Zoho Sheet account, coworkers will be able to record their monthly sales reports on a Zoho Sheet.


Zoho Sheet account
Individual's monthly sales


  1. Each employee will log into the previously created Zoho Sheet.
  2. They will then enter their name, the date, and their accumulated sales for the month.
  3. When all employees have entered their sales, Zoho Sheet will calculate total sales for the month and the percentage each employee contributed.

Recording Monthly Sales Report Buisness/Industry Lesson Plan:

Sales Report Lesson Plan

Sales Report Lesson Plan pdf.

Additional Buisness/Industry Lesson Plans:

Product Comparison Lesson Plan

Product Comparison Lesson Plan pdf.

Job Search Lesson Plan

Job Search Lesson Plan pdf.

VI. Zoho Sheet's International Aspects

 Taiwan group member's presentation for uses of Zoho Sheet in their country

Application of Zoho Sheet in the Online Group-buying

Vigorous network application and innovation has created a brand-new experience of consumerism all over the world. Generally, it was thought that most consumers in Taiwan would rather shop for electronics in stores instead of using online shopping. In addition to this, consumer behavior in Taiwan has been deeply affected by online group buying applications such as Web 2.0 tools. Of these tools, Zoho Sheet has been especially influential. Zoho sheet has been used to provide merchandise lists that clearly display all of the goods that are available to consumers for purchase. (11)

Online group buying uses the "Buy Together Board" in the "Professional Technology Temple", or PPT, the most popular Bulletin Board System, or BBS, station in Taiwan. Generally, most undergraduates or workers surf the "Buy Together Board" in "PPT" because it provides plenty of information on goods by Online group buying. Most importantly, Online group buying helps consumers reap more economic benefits; consumers with similar needs can make a collective purchase with potential suppliers with the Internet.(11)

Zoho visual:


Application of Zoho Sheet in the opinion voting

Zoho Sheet could be successfully used in Taiwan. In Taiwan, many people like to post their opinions on a particular online public bulletin board called Bulletin Board System, or BBS. On BSS there are many different types of groups who discuss their interests and share their opinions with others. Users can not only see the opinions of others, but can also share their own opinions as well. Sometimes the leader of a classified board will pose a topic for discussion, and investigate users' opinions by holding a vote through BBS. After the other members express their opinions by casting their votes the leader will get an answer.(12)

As Zoho Sheet functions just as the Excel program does, and with Zoho Sheet users can calculate data, or an opinion, just as in Excel. The only difference between using Zoho Sheet and Excel is that Zoho Sheet is much more convenient, fast, and can all be done online. Therefore, I believe in Taiwan we should use Zoho Sheet in conjunction with the BBS voting function. This would be more convenient and effective for investigating opinions. For example, a class leader could post a topic to be discussed about the most scenic travel destination. After reposting the opinions the leader could quickly compile statistics through Zoho Sheet. (12)

Due to the popularity and practicality of BBS in Taiwan, I believe if people become familiar with Zoho Sheet and see the advantages of using it in conjunction with the BBS voting function it will also become a popular program in Taiwan.(12) 

Application of Zoho Sheet in communication book

Communication books in Taiwan are an important communication tool among teachers, parents, and students. Teachers tell parents what their children are doing and how well they are doing in school. Parents are kept informed on the situation of their children. Students can even write down their diary in it. With communication books teachers, parents, and students can all interact with each other. (13)

Now, with this new piece of technology, Zoho Sheet, this traditional form of communication in Taiwan could be replaced. This would be very convenient: teachers would no longer need to sign the books one at a time. Instead, they would simply open a file and with the click of a mouse export and convert files into Excel format. This could include information on the students' physical and mental development, school work performance, and daily activities. Then parents and students would be able to view and even respond and comment online without having to download any files. (13)

Zoho Sheet: Medical records  

Zoho Sheet could be utilized to track peoples' health conditions creating online medical records. A medical record, health record, or medical chart is a systematic documentation of peoples' health history. With Zoho Sheet patients and their families could keep track of their health. Doctors could also provide suggestions for their patients through Zoho Sheet. However, medical records are intensely personal documents with many ethical and legal issues surrounding them. One such is the degree of third-party access that should be allowed to others medical records. Another is their appropriate storage and disposal. Therefore, if clinics or hospitals were to start using Zoho Sheet to store their patient's medical information, they must be careful. After all, individuals have a right to keep their medical history private. (14)

VII. References

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