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I. Purpose of Zoho Show

What does Zoho Show do?

Zoho Show allows users the ability to create and share projects through an internet connection. This is a very "user friendly" application that allows users to share presentations with others, import presentations from other presentations, and view public presentations. This application is comparable to Microsoft PowerPoint. 3 

Who is the target audience of Zoho Show? 

Zoho Shows target audience is anyone and everyone that has access to a computer and wants a more updated way of communicating with others. Here are some examples of who might use Zoho Show and what they would use the application for.  2 

  • Teachers, can create presentations at home and not have to email them to your school computer
  • Students, you can create impressive school projects
  • Researchers, Zoho Show is just what you need to organize your thoughts                           
  • Grandmothers, spice up family get-togethers with a great presentation                                                                                                                 
  • Moms, use Zoho Show to maintain an online scrapbook of your child
  • Corporate high-flier, need we explain how important presentations are to boost your career?

What kind of presentations can you create?

Zoho Show gives users the ability to give/watch presentations in real time. It also allows you to save the presentations you create online, that way no matter where you are you can pull up your presentation.

Can you use Zoho Show in the class room?

This is a useful tool for classrooms because some schools don't have the educators to teach certain subjects at their schools so they have to have educators from other schools come in and teach the subject. If an educator isn't able to travel to the different school to teach they could just create a Zoho show presentation and a supervising educator at the other school could just click on the URL and the course could be taught via the Zoho show. Below is a list of useful additions that Zoho Show has to make presentations simpler for educators. 1

  • More than 50+ Default Themes 
  • Shapes and Symbols Support
  • Extensive editing support for text, images and bullets.
  • Clip art support
  • Zoho Meeting and Zoho Chat integration
  • Enhanced importing of PowerPoint presentations

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II. History and Development

Who developed Zoho Show and when?

 Zoho Show is a part of the Zoho Office Suite that was produced by a division of AdventNet Inc. Zoho applications are an online office suite, the Zoho Office Suite was first launched September 2005 as a word processor. They developed the software to model an online application that would rival Microsoft office. The first Zoho Show Application was made public in June 2006. In December of 2007 Zoho Show 2.0 was announced. The new Zoho Show 2.0 added these features to the original application.4  

  • Upload PowerPoint files up to 10MB from your PC or the web
  • Export to PowerPoint 
  • Remote sharing 
  • Embedding in other WebPages 
  • Many symbols and visuals available including arrows and clipart
  • Embedding YouTube videos 

What the goal in mind when Zoho was created?

The goal of AdventNet Inc was to bring together a wide range of online applications making it easier for individuals and businesses to manage all their work while dramatically reducing the cost. They also want working online to feel more rewarding, more collaborating, and most importantly more enjoyable for users of all ages. A main goal of the Zoho Suite was to allow users to access and edit their work on any computer where internet access is available.5 

Where is Zoho Show headed today?

The developers of AdventNet Inc. are working to improve all the applications of their Zoho Suite. They have not yet announced a new release of an updated version of Zoho Show but, don't be surprised if they come out with a new and improved version of Zoho in the near future.

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III. How to use Zoho Show

Tutorial Video:

 How to:

 Set up an account?

  • Start at th website
  • On the right hand side, under the sign in, click Sign Up.
  • Next fill in a user name, your e-mail, and your password twice (once to create a new password, and again to verify).
  • (If you do not want to use Zoho as your main e-mail carrier, then you may also use Google or Yahoo!)
  • Fill in the word verification box, check the terms of service box, and if you want, the newsletter/updates.
  • Lastly click Sign Up! 6


Create your own presentations?

 After creating your account, the main page will have all the applications listed, chose Zoho Show.

  • Left-hand side, there is a button for 'create show', click it.
  • Start with title slide, the add slides with 'add slides' button
  • Change font size and color next to 'new slide' button
  • Add clip art or video by clicking "Insert" then select image or link, clip art is on the bottom tab to the right

Watch others presentations?

  • Select "Remote"button at top bar, then make presentation remote.
  • Next invite members to presentation7


Make your presentations private and public?

  • Presentations are private automatically
  • Click "Publish" and make public.

Change the language for people who don't speak English?













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IV. Uses outside of education

How is Zoho Show useful in the international business world? 

  • In normal Microsoft PowerPoint, when a business person makes a first draft and sends it to their client, the client would send it back with what they think the corrections should be.  Then the businessperson edits the original draft, and sends that second draft to the client. As this process continues, the client and business person would have many messages in their inbox, and might get confused which draft is the most current. With Zoho Show, there is only one copy of the program.
  • Also, not everyone has Microsoft Office. However, as long as the client has internet, they can get to the Zoho Show. 
  • Unlike in e-mail, there are no attachments that take a long time to load. 8 

Unique ways of using Zoho Show

  • Can make custom templates in business presentations
  • Can make presentation public and embed it onto blogs
  • Can make scenes by adding pictures on top of pictures. 9

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 V. Related to other applications

Are there similiar applications?

How is Zoho Show better than the other applications?

The collaborative nature of this application leads to a more efficient way to share and work on projects with other people all over the world.  Zoho Show is also fast, you do not have to do the whole open-send-edit-resend-as-e-mail attachment issue, which is what you would have to do with PowerPoint.13

Zoho has been around much longer than Google Docs so Zoho is also more powerful.  It uses a tabbed interface to juggle between several documents, Zoho offers little features such as, digital signing of your documents, which Google Docs does not have.  Zoho also has a nice simple page layout.15

Advantages of Online Applications:

  • Can be accessed from all over the world
  • Can work on any operating system
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Documents can easily be shared and collaboratively worked upon
  • No licensing fee: they are completely free (though some may charge for advanced features)
  • Some online applications have portable editions, which can be accessed directly through portable devices such as iPods13

Can you use a Zoho Show presentation in/with other applications?  

  1. Zoho Show's most important feature is that you can import Power Point (and open office) files.
  2. Zoho files can also be exported to power point files or put up on the web with a single click.
  3.  Zoho can integrate with Google and Yahoo! accounts for authentication and for synching up contacts.14

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VI. Zoho Show in education

How can Zoho Show be used in education? 

Zoho Show is a great web-based tool for creating slide show presentations for students of any age-level. The Zoho Show live presentation application, is a tool through which students can do some peer-editing of their classmates' presentations. The Zoho Show live presentation option is useful for students to practice giving presentations online before presenting to a live audience. Presentations created with Zoho Show can now be exported as PPT, PPS, ODP, and PDF files. The new export options are useful for people who want to save a copy of their presentation on their local computer or who would prefer to email presentations as attachments.

The enhancement to Zoho Show that students will really like is the option to undo or redo up to 50 actions. This is similar to option in Google Documents to revert to previous version. The difference is rather than reverting to a previous version, where you will lose the edits made after that version, users can select specific actions to undo or redo. Last month Zoho announced the capability to use Zoho Show for making remote presentations. In the latest batch of improvements, Zoho announced that they will be used to make remote presentations interactive with the inclusion of a chat side bar. This upgrade makes Zoho Show a nice tool for sharing notes and information with students that aren't in the classroom with you. It can also be used by students to chat with one another about a slide show or notes while they are studying for a test. 

Lesson Plans  

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VII. International aspect of Zoho Show

 Section Edited by Vin Chong (No citations included)

How can Zoho Show be used in an international setting?

Languages available in Zoho Show












Zoho Show is available in 12 different major languages in the world¹²: Once an account is created, the users can change Zoho Show settings to their own language. Zoho Show is a cheap, effective, and organized way for a group of people to create a presentation internationally. Many companies have branches across the globe. Employees often had problems in the past putting together a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint and working on it via e-mail which could be a hassle to work with. Zoho Show allows the group to add or edit the presentation once it had been uploaded. Zoho Show saves time because any member could work on the presentation in Zoho Show's website which contains one copy. For example, a company wants to create a sale pitch presentation that can be use across many different countries. One of the employees then creates the first draft, then any of the other members in the group may contribute until the finalization of the presentation. They each can download the presentation without asking for it in an e-mail.

 Zoho can help in several possible settings for different profiles of people:

  • Profit organizations: Information of product or service can be launched to prospective overseas customers.  Example: For paying attendees to international conferences, attendees who can't attend the conference due to scheduling conflict or personal finance can opt to pay a cheaper fee by viewing the presenters' slides through the personal invite by the organizers.
  • Non-profit organizations: Creation of public awareness of organizations' goals is made easier and at no cost by making the slides available for the public to view
  • Health care: People with physical impairment can benefit from reading presentation slides created by established health care officials
  • Socially: Family and friends can share pictures with captions through PowerPoint slides and yet able to control the number and identity of viewers versus the current methods: sending images via e-mail which is taxing, sharing images via YouTube,  personal website or blogs is potentially dangerous as personal images are broadcasted to members or/and public etc.

Can Zoho Show enhance international education opportunities?


Zoho Show works similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. A teacher could create a lesson on Zoho Show then publish it to the public. That lesson could then be taught in any country in the world as long as the learner has the proficiency to understand the language used in the presentation. An expert could create a presentation about a topic and make it available to the public, then people around the world who are interested could watch the presentation any time. Zoho Show could also be use as a distant learning tool. The instructor teach an online class for students in universities across the world. Zoho show can host multiple contributors both in the collaborative work and eventual presentation. It can easily be used to connect remote users from schools across the country and continents.

Are there disadvantages using Zoho Show internationally?

Most disadvantages of using Zoho Show internationally is technologically related. Zoho Show was first created in 2007 as a 2.0 application. In less developed countries, the computers being used are often older version and is not up-to-date due to the cost of new computers and relation of affordability of the citizens. Zoho Show had recently been updated, new gadgets and new power tools were added to improve the quality. But most older computers run on a very slow speed and do not have the graphic card large enough to support Zoho Show's applications. Running Zoho Show on older computers may cause a system failure or the computers cannot even access the page. Time lags occur because it's web-based. High speed internet connectivity is paramount and inherently, that would mean the profile of viewers is only restricted to subscribers who have high speed internet access. Possible issue of plagiarism since information can be copied and distributed over multiple systems.

How does Zoho Show differ in Singapore than the United States? 

While there are numerous official languages in Singapore, the first language is English. Hence, there is no difference in terms of usage of language. The difference may be the purpose in the usage ofthe Zoho Show between these 2 countries. Most people in the United States use Zoho Show for education and commerce. In Singapore, the people there use Zoho Show for creative purposes such as a slide show profile of their organization or funny pictures to share with people they know, overall Singaporeans use Zoho Shows mainly for entertainment and social purposes.

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VIII. Zoho Show's current educational value

Blogs on Zoho:

Glenn Moses provides a wonderful example of how he and a student used Zoho in his blog; "First, I uploaded her [the student] presentation to Zoho Show. Then I gave her the rights to collaborate and present. Then I sent her an invitation to the presentation. What this allowed us to do was look at the same part of the presentation at the same time; she on her computer me across town on mine.I called her home phone using Skype, she had the presentation up in Zoho Show on her computer, flipped through the slides as she presented and I was able to get a much deeper understanding of this student's knowledge. As she presented I asked her a few questions that got her to show her understanding of her American Government class and the conflict she was telling me about. Aha! A direct connection to her government class. Borderline grade no more. Cha-ching!Here is what I love about this: There are pay programs that can do this, notably Elluminate and Centra, but I was able to do this for free. Well, almost. At 2 cents a minutes in Skype, by 17 minutes, the whole thing cost me 34 cents.I spoke with the student at graduation and she said at first she was a little nervous, but after a little bit she got more comfortable. What I didn't know, is that she had the call on speaker and was actually giving the presentation to both her mother and me. I think that would be enough to make anyone nervous."
There are many benefits to using Zoho and not all are only applied to educational purposes. One might also use Zoho for business purposes or in any other circumstance were a project management application is needed. According to David Glumac; if you are looking for a free or affordable project management app. and an alternative to MS Project he suggests Zoho Projects. "The team at Zoho is one of the coolest "Web 2.0" companies out there. Their online office suite includes tools for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, note-taking, wikis, CRM, project management, invoicing and other applications. Being web-native, all Zoho applications are operating system indepedent. It supports creating tasks, ownership, setting deadlines and tracking milestones; working with calendars, Gantt charts, reports, share supporting files---all the cool features expected in a project management package."


Videos of Educational Zoho Use:

Not quite set on Zoho yet? Just listen to what Lee Keller and Kim Cavanaugh have to say about it in their examination of online office applications and how they could play a role in education in this video;  "Online Offices-Part Two" found at


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