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ZohoMeeting Research Page

ZohoMeeting Group Member Introduction Page


                                                                                               Page Created By:

                                                  Nick Wittgren, Amy Jo Sloan, Jill Beeler, Heather Carpenter, Jonathan Goulding

 What is Zoho Meeting?



How was the application developed?

  • ZoHo Meeting is part of the ZoHo suite of products.  ZoHo includes word processing, spread sheets, presentations, and note taking software among others.  It was launched in 2005.  ZoHo is an example of Cloud Computing or Software as a Service (SaaS) in which software is hosted on the internet and not stored on a local drive.   (3)

Sridhar Vembu- One of the founders of ZoHo  (4)

  • ZoHo was began as an idea between 2001 and 2003 after the technology market bubble burst.  ZoHo's parent company AdventNet had a lot of engineering help around, and began focusing on online applications.(5)
  • ZohoMeeting was released to the public on June 17th, 2007.  It was created to help facilitate meetings that had participants from around the world.   It gave many oppurtunities to businesses, schools and libraries to share their information to associates, students and customers.  
  • ZohoMeeting Beta video (6)

How does the appliction work?

  • This application allows you to have a conference meeting with people from around the world.  The presenter controls the conference settings and features.  Depending on the choice of video viewer, the presenter may need to download a viewer if they do not already have it.  The participants are able to login to ZohoMeeting without having to download anything.  This application could be used to show a slide presentation to foreign buisness men a world away, to connect a teacher with her students through distance learning, and to allow librarians the oppurtunity to share book information with people in hospitals or people that cannot get to a library.  It can also help a customer service assistant to help a customer with their computer problems.  
  •  Online Meeting demo (7)  
  •  Remote demo  (8)

Are there any ways to use this application alongside others?  

 How to use Zoho Meeting

ZohoMeeting is used to have conferences between a leader and one or more particpants. 

  • To use ZohoMeeting, you can sign up with the free version.  The free version, however, only gives you access to conference with one person at a time.


Click on the green free version button to to begin sign up.   

  • Create a user name, enter you email address, create a password using 3-60 characters and reenter it.
  • Enter the word image text.
  • After reading the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, check the box. 
  • If you wish to recieve the Zoho Newsletter to get more information about Zoho products via email, check that box.
  • You now have your own account and can set up a meeting with anyone with an active email account.

With your account, you will now be the leader of your own meetings.


To start a meeting, click on "Create Meeting".


  • Enter a meeting topic. (Maximum 100 Characters)
  • Add an agenda for the meeting. For example, what you will discuss during the meeting. (Maximum 8000 Characters)
  • Enter your participant's email ID. (Optional) --> If you would like to add more than one participant, a paid version is available.  
  • Enable audio conferencing through Zoho Audio.
  • If your meeting will take place now, select "Now" under meeting time.  If not, it can be scheduled for another time.
  • When you a finished with this page and your meeting information is complete, click "Create".

For meeting times starting now, you will be given your meeting details. Review them to make sure they are correct.

Click the start button. The meeting will be started in a moment.

You will see a participant list on the left side of your screen showing who is in your meeting.

You will also see a tool bar to help with your meeting that has your action button, participant list button, add a participant button, stop sharing button, and a chat button.

This is a link to a slide show teaching you exactly how to schedule an online meeting. How to schedule an online meeting. (10)

This is a link to show you how to web conference. Web Conferencing. (11)


This is a link to show you how to hold an online conference between one or more participants. Online meeting. (12)

Click here for live session and then click join now. Watch a live ZohoMeeting Session. (13)


This link will help you assist other participants on your meeting by being able to view their computer screen. Remote Assistance. (14)


 Relationship to other Applications

How does this application compare to the competitors? What are some unique uses of this specific application? 

ZoHoMeeting is an application similar to GoToMeeting. (15)

They offer web conferencing and allow you to share desktops. (16)

They also offer the option of embedding presentations into blogs and other websites. (17)

A unique application for ZoHo Meeting is the Web Conferencing Application.   (18)  

The Web Conferencing Application is one that stands out to users because it was ranked 12th online in April 30, 2009. (19)

The web conferencing site that you listed shows the zohoshow app used in conjunction with zohomeeting but you could also use an additional site such as gotomeetings.  Its listed in the top ten conferencing sites for 2010 in the web conferencing reviews.  click here is that site (20)

 Unique Features

Conferences can be a hassle sometimes.  How many people really like to get out of their comfortable bed just to go to a ten minute conference that is thirty minutes away?  NOBODY!! That is why ZohoMeetings unique feature of Web Conferencing is so great.  Using this tool, a company can schedule meetings with one or more recipiants.  When the scheduled meeting time comes, get on ZohoMeeting and start the meeting wherever you are, just as long as the people have a computer and a webcam.  This saves time from driving place to place to meet for ten minute meetings.

 Web Meetings

 International Use

  •  Zohomeeting can be used in 6 different languages, The languages offered are Japanese, German, Chinese, Norwegian, Swedish, and traditional Chinese. Also, here is a list of applications that can be used in over 30 different languages: Click here (21)
  • ZoHoMeeting allows people to web conference, conduct online meetings, and provide remote support to anywhere in the world without the cost of travel.

 Lesson Plans  Demonstration of Educational Value

Zoho meeting is great for educational use on mostly the secondary education and post secondary education levels. It allows students to meet and work on projects while not actually having to leave their homes to meet. This is a great Concept because sometimes on the secondary level it is hard for students to get places and to be able to all meet at once, when trying to figure out rides and how to get  where. This is also very usable in the class room when you have students working on computers, and the teacher can have them all log on to Zoho meeting and can conference with them, also they can create polls allowing students to vote without the awkward feeling of being the only person who voted for the item. This Zoho product should be taken advantage of by post secondary education students because they are so busy and may not all be free at one time, Zoho meeting allows them to share all types of documents and to meet whenever they are all free without having to go out of their way. As long as they have an internet connection they can meet whenever they want no matter where they are. ( jon goulding) 

Elementary Lesson Plans 


Mathematics (STEM)

Target Audience



For this exercise, students will learn how to add single numbers together.                                                                                             


Students will be able to:

  • Create single digit equations.
  • Figure out the answers to their equations.

Lesson Plan

Addition PDF

Learning The Food Guide Pyramid


Target Audience



Students will understand how the food guide pyramid is set up and works.        


After completing this lesson, students will be able to...

  • Identify the different color bands on MyPyramid.
  • Browse the MyPyramid website with parental supervision.                                                                           
  • Predict what foods can be healthy and which aren't.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan  Learning the Food Guide Pyramid (.doc) 
Lesson Plan Learning The Food Guide Pyramid PDF      

Series and
Parallel Circuits


Target Audience



The purpose of this lesson is to demonstrate and discuss simple circuits
and the differences between series and parallel circuit design functions.  


After  Completing this activity the students will learn:

  • That different circuits result in different electrical
  • The differences in the flow and operation 
    between parallel and series circuits. 
  • To predict outcomes and draw conclusions about team work and in groups.                                                                    

Lesson plan

Series and Parellel Circuit doc.


Series and Parallel Circuit Lesson plan PDF  

Secondary Lesson Plans 


Mathematics (STEM)

Target Audience



For this exercise, students will learn how to use cosine, sine, and tangent
of an angle to figure out the lengths of missing sides of a right triangle.


Students will be able to:

  • Use another method, other than the Pythagoreon Theorem, to find                                                                                                 
     the lengths and now angles of right triangles.
  • Use cosine, sine, and tangent of an angle to find out the
    hypotenuse and lengths of the missing sides of right triangles.

Lesson Plan

Geometry (Word Document)
Geometry (PDF)

Cross Cultural Web
Classroom Exchange 


Target Audience

Secondary - Spanish Students grades 9-12


Use web conferencing with ZoHo Meeting to have a cross
cultural lesson in your grades 9-12 Spanish classroom.


After participating in a cross cultural classroom exchange over
ZoHo Meeting, students will discuss in small groups at least three
 similarities and three differences between their American class and
 the class from another country.

Time needed:

90 minutes if completed in one session, or two 45 minute sessions                                                                                               

Materials Needed:

Computer with internet access , webcam with audio capabilities,
 audio speakers, printouts of worksheets, room for students to break into
 small discussion

Lesson Plan:

Word Document .docx file Cross Cultural Web Conferencing Classroom Exchange


Adobe PDF Cross Cultural Web Conferencing Classroom Exchange PDF

The Ice Age 


Target Audience



Students will be able to discuss the Ice Age, what it was, and what animals lived during this time.


Students will

  • Understand what causes ice ages
  • Learn about some plants and animals that lived during the ice age
  • Understand why certain animals become extinct



Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan The Ice Age (.doc)
Lesson Plan The Ice Age (PDF)

Post secondary Lesson Plans

Engineering Design

Technology (STEM)                                                                      

Target Audience

Post Secondary


Students will learn how to go about the engineering design process and how to                                                                                   
use ZohoMeeting to communicate as a group without being in the same room.


Students will approach a real world problem and come up with a reasonably
priced solution by using the engineering design process.

Lesson Plan

lesson plan (PDF) Engineering Design
lesson plan (word) Engineering Design PDF



Target Audience

Post Secondary


For this exercise, students will learn what a budget is, how it works and how                                                                                              
 it can benefit them.


Students will be able to:
          Create their own budget
          Understand why a budget is helpful

Lesson Plan

Budgeting Your Money Wisely
Budgeting Your Money Wisely PDF

Differential Calculus


Target Audience

Post Secondary


Using ZohoMeeting as a Web Conferencing tool in a one on one environment to                                                                                  
 explain derivatives of algebraic equations.


Students will be able to:

  • Find the slope of the tangent line at a certain time by finding the
    derivative of the function.
  • Finding derivatives of algebraic equations.

Lesson Plan

Differential Calculus (Word Document)
Differential Calculus (PDF)

 Frequently Asked Questions

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