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  1. Unknown User (bgarrett)

    Features of Zotero include:

    • Automatically capture citations
    • Remotely back up and sync your library
    • Store PDFs, images, and web pages
    • Cite from within Word and OpenOffice
    • Take rich-text notes in any language
    • Wide variety of import/export options
    • Free, open source, and extensible
    • Collaborate with group libraries
    • Organize with collections and tags
    • Access your library from anywhere
    • Automatically grab metadata for PDFs
    • Use thousands of bibliographic styles
    • Instantly search your PDFs and notes
    • Advanced search and data mining tools
    • Interface available in over 30 languages

  2. Unknown User (bgarrett)

    The minimum requirements to use Zotero is Firefox 3.0 for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

  3. Unknown User (sbyrd)

    "The name is loosely derived from an Albanian verb meaning "to master"."

     "The etymology of Zotero". The Ideophone. January 25, 2008. Retrieved on 2008-12-01. 

  4. Unknown User (bgarrett)

    On February 23, 2009 Zotero made to major releases. They launched Zotero 1.5 and the first release of Zotero's web application.

    Zoter 1.5 Features include Automatic synchronization of collections across multiple computers. For example, sync your PC at work with your Mac laptop and your Linux desktop at home.
    Free automatic backup of your library data at
    Automatic synchronization of your attachment files to a server of your choice (e.g. iDisk, Jungle Disk, or university-provided web storage).
    Recover recently deleted items with Zotero's trash can.
    [Rich-text notes]
    New style manager allowing you to add and delete CSLs and legacy style formats
    Automatic detection ofPDFmetadata (author, title, etc.)
    Automatic detection and support for proxy serversNew Website Features include: Browse through your library online.
    New user profiles tied to Zotero accounts.
    Preliminary support for following other Zotero users: In the future this will generate a twitter-like feed of users public research activity.
    WYSIWYG CV creator, with the ability to dynamically generate all or part of your CV from Zotero collections.
    Search for friends, colleagues, and other users by institutional affiliation, username, email address, or field of

  5. Unknown User (sbyrd)

    Zotero is produced by the Center for History and New Media of George Mason University (GMU). 

  6. Unknown User (kjschuel)

    - Zotero was created by the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University.  Its directors are Dan Cohen and Sean Takats.

    - Zotero is funded by the United States Institute of Museum and Library Services, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.


    - In February of 2009, the Zotero creator (and George Mason University) was sued by EndNote creator.  The two reasons were (1) Zotero allows accessing EndNote's proprietary format and (2)    Zotero reverse engineered the proprietary format through decompiling EndNote.


  7. Unknown User (sbyrd)

    "Interface available in over 30 languages"

  8. Unknown User (sbyrd)

    The initial release was October 23, 2006.

  9. Unknown User (wcordell)

    there is a controversy with Endnote, a program simalar to zotero, who claims that zotero reverse engineered their technology

  10. Unknown User (wcordell)

    zotero is built into the Firefox 3.0 interface

  11. Unknown User (wcordell)

    the zotero program is currently available in 1.0 format with 1.5 beta being tested

  12. Unknown User (cathomas)

    zotero is partly used to manage bibliographies and references when writing essays and articles!

  13. Unknown User (cathomas)

    zotero allows you to create a timeline which allows you to put your items into chronological order!

  14. Unknown User (cathomas)

    zotero's automatic citation capture is supported for almost 400 different websites such as Amazon, OPACs, and electronic journal database!

  15. Unknown User (mthrine)

    1.) Zotero can help you annotate and organize research results, including video.

    2.) Zotera is a free, open-source program that can be downloaded as a Firefox browser extension, and it works with Windows, Mac, or Linux systems. Also works with Netscape Navigator 9.0 and Flock.

    3.) Zotera is great for importing records for non-traditional references, like wikis and websites.

  16. Unknown User (kaamick)

    "It is partly a piece of reference management software, used to manage bibliographies and references when writing essays and articles."

  17. Unknown User (kaamick)

    "Zotero was selected as the best reference management tool at CiteFest 2008 by Northwestern University's Library and Academic Technologies group. That's right, better than other, more costly, software alternatives. Zotero is among the "Best Free Software" available, as voted by PC Magazine in both 2007 and 2008. Zotero was also named Best Instructional Software of 2007 by the Information Technology and Politics Section of the American Political Science Association."

  18. Unknown User (kaamick)

    "Zotero is already recommended by more than a hundred institutions from around the world, including MIT, Stanford, and Yale. Zotero's track record of success at these leading institutions underscores its ease of use and elegance as a research management tool."

  19. Unknown User (kaamick)

    "Zotero source libraries are available when a user is offline, but they are nonetheless tied to an installation of the software, either on a specific computer or a portable storage device. Users who are away from their primary computer, or who forget their storage device, can't access their sources. Moreover, Zotero does not currently offer an easy method to share sources with other users. For accurate citations, Zotero depends on consistent, predictable formatting of bibliographic information on websites, and the application cannot import source information from plain-text documents."

  20. Unknown User (fgrannan)

    -Zotero allows you to place items in multiple catagories allowing you to best organize your resources.

    -You can link similar items and resources, so that you can reference items that are similar to the item you are reviewing.

    -Zotero allows you to share your resources with colleagues all around the world.

  21. Unknown User (mthrine)

    "Not only can you use Zotero for free, but all the documentation at is yours to reuse and repurpose."

  22. Unknown User (mthrine)

    "What Zotero Does"

    "Since it's a Firefox plugin, it automatically updates itself periodically to work with new online sources and new bibliographic styles."

  23. Unknown User (ammiller)

    Zotero can be used through Firefox 3.0 on Windows, Mac, and Linux

  24. Unknown User (ammiller)

    "We are excited to announce a new partnership with Emory University Libraries. This relationship promises to further strengthen Zotero's emerging role as a major platform for research management and innovation."

  25. Unknown User (ammiller)

    Users can now italicize, highlight, change colors, and superscript or subscript their text, as well as use semantic features such as block quotes to better separate their own writing from quotes and ordered lists to create nested outlines. Users can also edit the raw HTML of notes for full control over the markup.