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This page compiled by: Matt Korich, Mitch Smith, Megan Johnson, Amanda Schroeder, Gretchen Wert, Amy Byun, Darin Shnino, and Frida Segerstedt

          Vawkr was launched Friday June, 26th 2009.  Most of the code used to create the site is written in "Tagalog."  Vakwr is a site that allows you to simultaneously chat with a group using Video, Audio, and/or text to facilitate conversation.  The application is free to the public and gives users the option to open a chat room without signing up for the site. Vawkr works 100% in the browser, that means there are no downloads or anything and all you have to do to get people to join your chat room is to send them the link to the page and they will automatically be set up and ready to go.

Brochure given out during purdue's educational technology showcase : Brochure

I. History                                                             


I.1 Development  

            The purpose of Vawkr is to allow people to chat with one another through the use of video chat and text.  This website was created and developed by engineers and it is especially helpful as it allows people to communicate through the use of blogs, social networks, and websites. To access and use this application, one can chat in a private room with friends or one can create his or her own group by signing up and adding it to social networks such as Facebook or  Myspace. All one needs to do is simply type in the unique URL that you are given and this will allow you to have a private room in which you can invite people that you want to chat with. If one does not have a web cam, the chat capability is still useful as long as you have a microphone on your computer. If you do not have a microphone, the text feature will still enable you to communicate with friends. There are no downloading requirements and no costs or fees for using this application.  

I.2 How Vawkr works

             Vawkr allows you to chat, video chat or text chat with anyone via the internet, no downloads or anything it simply runs in your browser window.  All you need to do is go to the web page and open up a new chat room.  You can choose to sign up for free or you can just use an automatic chat room.

I.3 Getting more out of the application

              Vawkr can be used in many ways. The best way to get the most out of it is to utilize all of the capabilities that it offers: text, video and regular chatting.  These can be used for leisure, business, in classrooms or any number of other possibilities, your imagination is the limit!

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II. How "Vawkr" Relates to other Applications

II.1 Comparison to competitors

Vawkr can be used in congruence with other Web 2.0 applications.          

  • Can use it with Facebook and Myspace                              
  • Not able to transfer files
  • Also cannot record your sessions
  • Costs nothing

There are many many websites that are similar to Vawkr click here to see a chart that compares each of the best conferencing tools.

II.2 Unique uses

With so many different video conferencing websites out there now, the new ones need to differentiate themselves somehow.  Here are some ways that Vawkr differentiates itself from other web conferencing websites:

  • Private chat, you send the .url as an invite to other people
  • You can modify the entire website as you see fit                                    
  • Text chat is also utilized as a form of communication
  • Download is not required

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III. Real World Application

III.1 Educational Lesson plans


   i. Elementary
3rd grade Science lesson

This lesson plan is designed for third grade science students who are currently studying animals, their habitats, and their behaviors.



5th Grade Math- Problem Solving lesson



6th Grade Math lesson




   ii. Secondary
High School - Evolution lesson



High School - Probability/statistics lesson



Roller Coaster Physics Lesson




    iii. Post-secondary
College Level - Archeology lesson

 Students will get an opportunity to watch an actual dig over vawkr.



College Level - Engineering lesson

 This is a competition based lesson and the winner gets a reward that deals with vawkr.



College Level - Global Technology Interaction lesson

 During this lesson students will have the opportunity to learn about how other countries view technology.



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III.2 Business and industry uses
            Vawkr can be used for video conferencing in the workplace with relative ease. It allows people to attend meetings from remote locations, saving the company a great deal of money in trying to transport people from one location to another. Through the use of Vawkr video capabilities, the location of the meeting is not a problem, as everyone can attend from their local office. Vawkr isn't quite as secure as some other video conferencing sites may be because of its simple URL based chat rooms. This slight security risk is one thing that Vawkr sacrifices in order to achieve a greater level of simplicity for those who do not have time to set up a lot of  intricate programs.  All in all, Vawkr seems to be more of a public use program and while it would be feasible and sometimes helpful to use it in the business world, it seems that a large company would be more interested in security than they would in simplicity.

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IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

Vawkr can be used to supplement many different types of lesson plans. It can be used to get speakers that would not have the opportunity to communicate with a class, to give presentations from wherever they may be. If the student is sick or injured, it can be used as distance learning to enable students to be involved in the learning experience via home. The same applies for teachers that cannot be present in the classroom (while it would not be suggested to leave students without a physical teacher in the classroom at any level, except possibly the college level). The teacher can lead the class and even give lectures and answer questions that his or her students have when they are forced to stay in their homes or wherever they may be that forces them to not be able to be in class.


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V. How "Vawkr" is used Internationally?

        Vawkr can be used anywhere that you have internet connection. Therefore, it is great for people everywhere who are in need or interested in talking with others anywhere in the world.  Internationally, Vawkr can be used the same ways it can be used here in the states because it is not restricted to any hardware (other than the video chatting needing a camera which does come standard on most laptops now). It is very easy to use Vawkr to talk with people in other countries or people right down the road. The uses are nearly limitless.

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Vawkr Research Page

Vawkr Group Member Introduction Page

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