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Verbapp Group Member Introduction Page
Showcase Handout

Verbapp is a task management site with small group projects in mind.
It is accessible from your computer and, soon, your cell phone, making time and group management easy wherever you are in the world! 3

Verbapp allows you to invite friends to join your task group, add new projects to your list, create and delegate tasks for your projects, update the status of your tasks, assign permissions to update the status of tasks, and assign priority level to your tasks as well. All the information you need will be accessible to everyone on your team 24 hours a day, making Verbapp an ideal task management resource for those working together over long distances. 3

Anyone can use Verbapp. All you need is an email address and an internet connection. Verbapp is free to join.


 Verbapp was designed for freelancers and small project teams that needed a task management tool that they could use the work on projects, but this tools is simple enough to help anyone become more organized. The best part about this task management application is that it is free, all you have to do is sign up. Verb was opened to the public on a test basis on April 6, 2009. It was designed using a web framework called Django, and written using Python. 4

The application itself is easy to navigate. To add a task you click on the "add task" button on your dashboard. You then give your task a title and a brief description and you are ready to start planning. The unique aspect of this task management application is that it allows you to share you tasks with other users. That means if you are planning on organizing a party with family while you are on vacation, you can get on with your family, break the party down into sub-tasks and each member of the family can get on Verbapp and be able to see tasks, such as, who is bring what to the party, what still needs to be done, and what problems are other family members having?

According to a blog post in April 2010, Verb can be used with calender applications and will be "allow for the creation of 3rd party applications to interact with Verb". A mobile version of the application is also in the works as a web based version which will "hopefully allow you to do everything you can do with the desktop version"  5

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There are many websites and applications that have been created in recent years that serve the same purpose as Verbapp, to be an easy task manager for individuals and small groups. 6 Other similar sites that offer task and group management are:

However, Verbapp is better than their competitors. First off, it's completely free.

There are no sign-up charges or fees for creating project to-do lists. 3 Secondly, you not only create to-do lists, you are able to have complete control of your tasks. You are able to, "Set priorities, tags and due dates, know what is coming up, and what you need to do next" within your list. 1 Verbapp strives to make your life easier when you have huge projects to complete. Thirdly, its focus is on individuals or smalls teams and is determined to maximize task performance. 2 Verbapp allows complete access to any person that you give permission to, and is open for collaboration on projects with limited access for others. With these access options, there is the opportunity to advertise your tasks to others for their input. Finally, the creators of Verbapp made the site easy to join, understand, and use. 2 Many of the choices on this site are optional and you have the freedom to create a task manager that fits your needs. 1

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Verbapp is a good tool for teachers of all levels. It is ideal for teaching the importance of time management, task delegation, and team work to students of all ages. Below are some examples of lesson plans that have been created incorporating Verbapp.

Educational Lesson Plans

i. Elementary Lesson Plans

3rd-5th Grade Time Management/Planet Activity (STEM)

Overview: The purpose of this lesson is to Verbapp to keep a group of students organized and help them to learn more about planets while learning task management skills as well. Each group will be assigned a planet that they must do a presentation on, write a paper, and make a poster board.

Lesson Plan Ele (STEM Based).docx

Lesson Plan Ele (STEM Based).pdf

Grades 4-5 Food Topic Project

Overview: The purpose of this lesson is to help Elementary students coordinate a project for themselves about a specified food topic. This lesson uses Verbapp as a sort of supply checklist and does not make large use of the time/priority features of Verbapp.

Lesson Plan Ele 2 (STEM Based).docx

Lesson Plan Ele 2 (STEM Based).pdf

4th - 6th grade Digestive System Model (STEM)

Overview: The purpose of this lesson plan is to, both, teach students in small groups about team work using tasks lists made on Verbapp, and to teach them about the human digestive system by having them collect and assemble the parts of their model together. Students need to learn how to delegate each tasks to different members of their small group, and using their task lists, create the model as described.



ii. Secondary Lesson Plans

Grades 10-12 World Civilizations Wiki Page (STEM)

Overview: Students will be split up into small groups. They will all sign up for Verbapp accounts and will be instructed to create a wiki page about a world civilizations topic of their choice. Students must work on their Wiki at home in the evenings, utilizing task lists they created during the day on Wiki. Students must be able to, from home, read which tasks need to be worked on that evening, and complete those tasks. Students must show that they are corresponding with each other using Verbapp. Students must complete their Wiki page, and provide screen shots of tasks lists created and some correspondences in order to get full credit on the project.

Secondary Lesson Plan.doc

Secondary Lesson Plan.pdf

Survival Week/Science Research Project (STEM)

Overview: With this lesson plan, Secondary students are doing a research project during the week call "Survival Week" in which students learn much about the outdoors around them and many survival techniques. During this week they will encounter tasks such as what to eat (bugs and such), how to make fire, what is safe, and basic survival skills in the wild. In the end they much choose one survival aspect and do a research paper on it. In order to get complete credit for the project student must complete a Verbapp page to organize what must go into the research.

Lesson Plan Sec Ed.docx

Lesson Plan Sec Ed.pdf

Workout Lesson Plan (STEM)

Overview: In this lesson, students will be setting long term nutritional/physical goals for themselves. It is largely independent, and students will be graded upon their use of Verbapp, both how frequently they use it and how in-depth their tasks are. The students will write a reflection paper at the end of the project period about their experiences, likes, dislikes, and findings throughout. Note the differences between this and the Post Secondary Version of the plan.

Lesson Plan Sec Ed 2.docx

Lesson Plan Sec Ed 2.pdf

iii. Post-Secondary Lesson Plans

Cooperative Research Project

Overview: Students will be required to do a research project about a chosen subject. Students will team up with partners from other schools in the nation. Students will be required to create task lists and correspond with team members using the Verbapp database. Students will need to create their own task lists, delegate tasks appropriately (using Verbapp), and create a research paper on their chosen subject.

Post Secondary Lesson Plan.doc

Post Secondary Lesson Plan.pdf

Verbapp Journaling Assignment

Overview: In this lesson students organize their academic schedule on Verbapp, and then journal about it for a week noting the what they liked and disliked about it and whether it helped them stay organized or not. Students will also visit their classmates sites to see how other students have organized their verbapp pages.

Lesson Plan Post-Sec. Journal.docx

Lesson Plan Post-Sec. Journal.pdf

 Lesson Plan Activity

Overview: The purpose of this lesson is to get education students acclimated to using a task management tool to help organize their lesson plans. The student educators will pick an activity to teach the class and they will use Verbapp to help them organize their lesson plan. They will also visit their classmates pages to see how they organized their lesson plans.

Lesson Plan Post-Sec. Activity.docx

Lesson Plan Post-Sec. Activity.pdf

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Verbapp is perfect for use in business and industry because it helps organize tasks that are both everyday tasks and tasks that are long-term, as well as recurring tasks. Below are several examples of ways Verbapp can help people in business and industry:

Concession Warehouse Management

Overview: The lesson plan for the Business/Industry section will be for a Warehouse Manager and dealing with all the incoming supplies for a sports stadium facility (i.e. supplies coming in, such as food and drinks for concession stands). They will use a Verbapp page to organize what is coming in to which stand at what time and when to take certain supplies to certain stands.

***Verbapp can remind the kitchen manager to prepare for weekly vendor orders and inventory, as well as upcoming reservations that may require more product.

***Verbapp can help the businessman take his business international by helping him take his recurring tasks overseas with the ability to correspond with managers stationed in other countries.

***Verbapp can help the attorney manage his to-do list for the day, week, month or longer. He can split up his cases by creating different projects. He can invite his paralegals and secretaries to be his "friends" on Verbapp, allowing him the ability to delegate tasks to them with due-dates and priority settings; all without leaving his home, office, or the court house.

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Most people, when observing this site and the application as a big picture, would not see this as an educational tool, but rather a tool for personal (or even commercial) use. However, because of that fact, this makes Verbapp's educational value massive. Of course, an instructor would first need to evaluate their audience before implementing this tool. If you were teaching task management, you would not encourage a kindergartner to initialize their project "Nap" and set tasks of "Find Blanket," "Lie Down," etc. However, in situations where a 10-page research project would be assigned and due 5 weeks from now, Verbapp would be invaluable. With Verbapp’s structure, a student could create a new project and literally list the tasks provided in a rubric, like “Research,” “Rough Draft,” “Peer Review,” “Visual Aid” and “Final Project Due.” You can see an example of this in the screenshot below:

Matched up with certain curricula, Verbapp could become difficult for an educator to implement. Simple assignments may seem redundant for this application. For instance, homework assignments could be something where students would be frustrated by trying to use Verbapp. But at the same time, if homework assignments were on a fixed cycle, educators could reasonably encourage the use of this online tool.

Obviously, this Verbapp is a fantastic way to help a student manage their time, and task management is the most universal goal that educators teach their students. Some would argue, “Well Time Management has nothing to do with [Insert Subject].” Maybe directly, task management does not correlate with molecular polarity or 18th century English literature. But, as we all know, education is not only about a curriculum. It is not just about a subject, or a final exam. Education is about the journey; about the lessons you learn along the way. Task management is something that will help a student throughout their time in schooling, independent studies, and even in their adult lives. Verbapp’s ability to compartmentalize projects into individual tasks and checkpoints make it a useful resource for students and teachers. Because of its versatility and universal compatibility, Verbapp has a very high educational value. 

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Verbapp is ideal for international collaboration. This is because within Verbapp, one has the capability of developing small teams and posting tasks that are visible to all team members. Verbapp is ideal for small team projects that, by nature, require the delegation of tasks, and the ability of all members to view the project’s to-do list; those tasks completed, and those tasks in progress 3 . Having your small group project’s to-do list in one place, and accessible by your entire group, is efficient and organized. This efficiency and organization is what makes Verbapp ideal for international collaboration. Whether your team members are located within the same city, or across different continents, Verbapp is perfect for your small group project.

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