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Original author: Joe Conte
It’s a sunny day. You’re minding your own business, trying to play a little catch-up. You’ve created a page in a Confluence wiki space which contains a table. You need to send this table to someone who doesn’t have access to the space. Cutting and pasting doesn’t maintain the structure of the table, so you get the bright idea of exporting this page to a PDF, sending that in your email.

Well it works; sort of. The PDF contains the title of this Confluence page, and you’d rather not have a title. So you get the bright idea of temporarily saving the Confluence page with no title, so the PDF is formatted the way you want it. Cue the theme song from the X-Files, please. Even though you

  • cut the title
  • save the page without a title
  • generate your desired PDF
  • re-save the page with the title restored; returning the page to normal

All, and I mean all, pages in that entire Confluence space will have the text of the deleted title inserted everywhere it see the carrot (^) link construct. Let me repeat … ALL pages will be so effected even though they have no relation to the page you edited, other than being in the same Confluence space.

There is no known fix. Well, there is a secret pill to avoid this bacteria … don’t create a Confluence wiki page which doesn’t contain a title. There, you’ve been inoculated.

Reference to the bug

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