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Original author: Ben Holmes
Adobe Connect recordings have historically been pesky to work with. Until recently, they couldn’t even be edited. Now, there is a way to give other users an exact copy of your Connect recording, and to make archive copies for yourself.

The steps below will walk you through the process of creating a copy of an Adobe Connect recording:

1. If the recording you want to copy is private, make sure you are logged in at with an account that is authorized to view the recording (usually only the meeting owner is authorized). If the recording is public you can skip this step.
2. Add the following on to the recording URL: “/output/” so that the whole URL looks like this, for example:
3. Paste the URL into your browser address bar and press enter.
4. Save the resulting zip file on your computer.
5. Log in to with the account of the person you want to own the copy of the recording.
6. Click on “Content” below Purdue.
7. Click the “New Content” button.
8. Beside “File,” click “Browse.”
9. Find and select the zip file you saved in step 3.
10. Give the recording a title, and enter a custom URL if you wish.
11. Click “Save.”
12. After a short processing time, you will see the content information page for this new piece of content.

The new copy of the recording will be identical to the original. There is no loss of quality during this process. However, because the new copy is in the content area, you cannot use the online Edit or Make Offline tools on the recording. Only original meeting recordings have these options available.