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Raptivity can be a good solution for faculty who want to create e-learning modules quickly without having to invest a lot of time and money into building customized applications or tools. The tool does still require some investment ($296 to $12500) depending on the amount of licenses and types of modules needed, but anyone can get started at the base level (only 12 interaction module types) for $296. However the Raptivity Essentials package ($500) includes 35 interaction module types, offering more flexibility for the price.

The Raptivity software allows for the instructor to publish interactive modules in Flash (SWF file format). You can easily track completion status, score, and responses for each interactivity because Raptivity creates SCORM compliant modules. Additionally all 35 of the interaction with the Essentials pack meet Section 508 guidelines for accessibility.

Raptivity utilizes a library of pre-built interactions that are completely customizable without needing to know programming. These pre-built interaction include templates for puzzles/games, presentation aids, and surveys that can be used in any e-learning environment.

Different “Turbo Packs” can be purchased to add functionality and new interaction types to the core Raptivity software. One of these is the HTML5 pack that allows for publishing interactions not only in Flash, but HTML5. This means that the same interaction can be played on an iPad or iPhone in HTML5 along with mobile devices with Flash Player support.

The only limitation to getting started with the software is that you will need to use a WIN system to create the modules. However all created modules will also playback on a MAC system with the Flash Player installed. Raptivity version 5.5, 5.6, and 6.0 are fully compatible with Windows 7, but the new 6.0 version is needed to work with creating HTML5 and mobile interactions.

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