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The Google Art Project is a collaboration with some of the world’s top art museums. This site enables people to see many artworks online in very high detail. No longer do viewers have to wait in line to see some of the most popular pieces. The Google Art Project offers an alternative way to see these famous artworks, in greater detail and with a better view than you would have of these works in person.

Currently the Google Art Project allows for virtual visits of 17 of the world’s most well known galleries and museums. You can view 7,000 megapixel versions of over 1050 artworks. Some of the galleries and museums include are: The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, The National Gallery in London, and The Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

This site has great potential for education, because it allows students who may never be able to see these works up-close and personal the opportunity to see them in high detail. Visit the site and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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