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Reflection is a non-Apple created piece of software that allows your Mac to mimic the AirPlay functionality of an AppleTV.  It requires a Mac or PC, a device that uses AirPlay (such as an iPad), and a shared wireless network.  Once the app is running on your computer, your Apple mobile device should recognize that computer as an external display source.  The video feed from your iPad should appear in an iPad shaped window on your screen that can be resized according to your desired usage. 


  • Reflection is not an Apple created or supported app, so it is possible that future OS updates may temporarily or permanently disable the usability of this app as Apple works to control how their AirPlay protocol is used.
  • Reflection does not currently work on all PAL2.0 and 3.0 connections on Purdue's main campus. It is recommended that you use a personal hotspot (such as from your smart phone) if you plan on using Reflection.
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