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| h3. | h3. {color:#3399cc}Table of Contents{color} |
| h3. {color:#3399cc}I{color} | h3. [History|#history] |
| h3. {color:#3399cc}II{color} | h3. [How Flypaper Relates to Other Applications|#relation] |
| h3. {color:#3399cc}III{color} | h3. [Real World Application|#application] |
| h3. {color:#3399cc}IV{color} | h3. [Demonstration of Educational Value|#demonstration] |
| h3. {color:#3399cc}V{color} | h3. [Tutorials|#Tutorials] |
| h3. {color:#3399cc}VI{color} | h3. [How Flypaper is Used Internationally|#internationally] |
| h3. {color:#3399cc}VII{color} | h3. [Pricing|#pricing] |
| h3. {color:#3399cc}VIII{color} | h3. [Awards|#awards] |
| h3. {color:#3399cc}IX{color} | h3. [FAQ|#faq] |
| h3. {color:#3399cc}X{color} | h3. [Clients|#sponsors] |
| h3. {color:#3399cc}XI{color} | h3. [Contact Information|#information] |
| h3. {color:#3399cc}XII{color} | h3. [What People are Saying|#saying] |
| h3. {color:#3399cc}XIII{color} | h3. [Flypaper Blog|#Blog] |
| h3. {color:#3399cc}XIV{color} | h3. [Updates|#updates] |
| h3. {color:#3399cc}XV{color} | h3. [References|#references] |
h1. {color:#3366ff}I. Histo{color}{color:#3366ff}ry{color}

h3. {anchor:history}


| !DP.jpg! | In 2006, Don Pierson began developing Flypaper as a “collaborative development tool” ^\[1\]^. Pierson is now the president and COO of Flypaper Studio, Inc. and oversees all business proceedings. He has a history in the interactive communications world, founding Interactive Alchemy in 2003 and drawing such big name clients as United Airlines and MetLife ^\[2\]^. |
| !PS.jpg! | Pat Sullivan is the Executive Chairman of Flypaper Studio, Inc. and has certainly made his mark on the business world. He is the founder of ACT\! He is the two time winner of the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” and has been recognized as one of the “80 Most Influential People in Sales and Marketing History” ^\[3\]^, along with the likes of Bill Gates and Donald Trump. It is safe to say he is a force to reckon with in the tech industry ^\[4\]^. |
| !patstoner_125x150.jpg|border=1,width=98,height=117!\\
Pat Stoner \\
      VP of Sales \\ | Pat Stoner is vice president of sales, responsible for all aspects of  business development and sales administration for Flypaper Studio, Inc.  Stoner’s background includes a unique combination of sales and financial  management experience, which empowered him to lead past organizations  to dramatic increases in sales and profitability. As a result of his  accomplishments, the Arizona Software & Internet Association  ( recognized Stoner as "Leader of the Year" in 2001. \[1\] \\
\\ |
| !vincentserpico_125x150.jpg|border=1,width=95,height=114!\\
Vincent Serpico \\
   VP of Development \\ | Vincent Serpico is vice president of development and joined Flypaper  Studio at the beginning of 2005. He has been instrumental in the design,  development and implementation of the Flypaper product and component  architecture. Serpico has worked extensively in the information  technology field for more than a decade. He has architected, designed  and managed key projects for several corporations including TeleSoft,  Inc., Apollo Group - University of Phoenix, Applied Financial Solutions  and First American. \[1\] \\
\\ |
| !jaredvishney_125x150.jpg|border=1,width=98,height=118!\\
Jared Vishney \\
 VP of Business Dev. \\ | Jared Vishney is vice president of business development, responsible for  the implementation and growth of the Flypaper partner program, as well  as managing the company’s relationships with 3rd party organizations.  Vishney brings more than 15 years of experience in digital media-related  technologies and high-tech companies, including such leading  organizations as Iomega, Silicon Graphics and miro Computer Products AG.  Vishney has launched and managed several successful domestic and  international partner programs and has an extensive background in sales,  product management, marketing and channel management. His success to  date is credited by his unique strengths in business acumen, technical  expertise and creativity in bringing real-world solutions to bear on  often complex and multi-dimensional challenges. \[1\] \\
\\ |
Images from [|].

Flypaper is software designed for businesses, agencies and developers to manage and create Flash content ^\[5\]^. With Flypaper, customers can quickly create, update, manage and reuse Flash projects, saving the time and energy normally consumed by traditional Flash-equipped software ^\[6\]^.

Not only can Flypaper customers build and maintain projects, they can also monitor users and collect data with Flypaper’s tracking capabilities; this feature provides feedback as to how Flypaper content is being used ^\[7\]^. Customers can then edit projects based on the given feedback, tailoring their products to the needs of the audience.

While Flypaper was specifically designed for experienced users, those without a background in Flash development were also kept in mind.  As quoted from the Flypaper website, “Non-technical users can create content without using developers by starting with Flypaper templates and pre-programmed components” ^\[8\]^.

Flypaper may be purchased for individual, educational, governmental, or industrial use ^\[9\]^.

Flypaper supports the following image, video, audio, and Flash files ^\[10\]^:
* Images: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif
* Videos: .avi, .flv, .mov, .mp4, .mpg, .mpeg, .wmv
* Audio files: .mp3
* Flash Animations: .swf (Flash 9, ActionScript 3 recommended)

Below are youtube videos ^\[11\]^^\[12\]^ which explain Flypaper in further detail:

h4. Video 1 


h4. Video 2


h3. {color:#3366ff}How to download your free trial of Flypaper\!{color}

1.) Go to [|]


2.) Click on the "Free Trial" tab in the top right corner.


3.) You will see this brief form; fill in the necessary information (name, e-mail address, etc.) and click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. 


5.) You will then be prompted to Begin you Download-Get your free trial now\! Click on this image. !flypapertrial3.JPG|border=1!

6.) Your download should begin automatically. However, if you have certain security measures set up on your computer you may have to right click the flashing toolbar and click download file.


7.) Then choose to Run or Save the file.


8.) The download should only take a few minutes.

9.) Follow the Wizard to finish the install (Make sure you have administration power on the computer or the download will not work) !flypapertrial6a.JPG|border=1!

h6. !flypapertrial6d.JPG|border=1!

10.) Enjoy your free trial of flypaper\!\[22\]

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The creators of Flypaper keep a blog to keep the customers aware of other details of Flypaper. Be sure to check it out\! [||blog]

h1. {color:#3366ff}II. How Flypaper Relates to Other Applications{color}

h3. {anchor:relation}


Flypaper is a simple, useful tool that has some similarities to Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Flash. The main difference between Flypaper and other products is its ease of use: Flypaper strives to be user friendly. Andrew Kay from Convergent says, “Flypaper’s very easy to use, and I’m able to create things much faster than with other tools. This looks as good as something produced with Flash, except it’s easy to maintain” ^\[15\]^. With Flypaper you can create products similar to Microsoft PowerPoint but with a more professional look and can achieve special features similar to those in Adobe Flash but with more speed and less hassle ^\[16\]^. This spin-off program with its own unique flair has developed into great, easy software that is being used more and more by teachers and businesses.

Not only is Flypaper similar to Adobe Flash, it is also compatible with Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash is a multimedia application that is used to make videos, video games, and website animation ^\[17\]^. With Flypaper you have the ability to grab a Flash animation, click and drag it into Flypaper, and use it in the new Flypaper project. Pretty cool, huh? This is just one of Flypaper’s many features.

Another product that works well with Flypaper is Adobe’s Captivate. Captivate is a program that is used for screencasts, and converting PowerPoint presentations into Adobe Flash format. You can also convert Microsoft PowerPoint directly into a Flypaper story without Adobe Captivate ^\[18\]^. Say you have a Captivate movie and you want to view it in Flypaper. No problem. Just take the Captivate movie, click and drag it into Flypaper, and treat it just like an element in Flypaper ^\[19\]^.

As you read above, Flypaper can be combined with other applications to make slideshow and video production quick and professional. The unique part about this software is its simplicity and ease-of-access compared to other similar software. For example, take a look at these two screenshots:


With Flypaper's interface on the left and Adobe's Flash's interface on the right, you can see that Flypaper's approach is much more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. The colors and thumbnails in Flypaper help first time users navigate easily through the program, whereas Adobe’s interface appears more daunting and harder to understand. This allows users to interact with Flypaper software efficiently and easily without giving up the professional qualities of Adobe Flash. Together, the numerous feature options and common sense format make Flypaper a great application.

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h1. {color:#3366ff}III. Real World Application{color}

h3. {anchor:application}


h3. {color:#3366ff}Business{color}

Flypaper is a great tool for businesses ^\[20\]^ and can be integrated into business deals, presentations, websites, advertisements and much more. Because Flypaper is interactive software ^\[21\]^ it can easily spruce up any standard business meeting, turning lecture into productive interaction. With its professional finish and easy to use outlook, Flypaper appeals to many people. Flypaper is also affordable ^\[22\]^. Businesses are always looking for ways to save money and increase efficiency and Flypaper is eager to help. Many companies have used this product and reviewed it as a valuable asset to the business world ^\[23\]^. For more information about how Flypaper can help your business, be sure to check out this link [||business]. This will show all of the benefits and more. Partnering in Flypaper will definitely help boost your business.

h3. {color:#3366ff}Examples{color}

The three videos ^\[13\]^^\[14\]^ below are examples of what Flypaper costumers can create using interactive software.

h4. example 1

h4. example 2




h5. example 3

h4. {widget:url=|align=left\!}


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h1. {color:#3366ff}IV. Demonstration of Educational Value{color}

h3. {anchor:demonstration}

Flypaper was originally intended for companies and businesses ^\[34\]^ but it can also be used in the classroom ^\[35\]^. Its simplicity and low cost in comparison to other Flash versions help it appeal to educators.  Flypaper not only benefits teachers, it is also may serve as a helpful learning tool for students.  “Flypaper lets anyone with basic content creation skills create real Flash content” ^\[36\]^. Teachers and students alike can easily learn to use and create with Flypaper Software. It is very similar to creating a project in Power Point, a system students of all ages are familiar with.  Students and teachers could create games and/or story boards that relate to class material and enhance the learning experience. Flypaper is a great way for students to do hands on activities that coincide with what they are learning in the classroom; instead of doing a poster or PowerPoint presentation they could create a project using Flypaper. 

Beyond providing a creative outlet, Flypaper also creates a cooperative environment, allowing students to work together as “a team of people” ^\[37\]^.  This interclass cooperation helps to develop teamwork and communication skills among students. Flypaper can also provide collaborative opportunities between students from different schools, states, or even countries. This international aspect opens the door for great educational experiences.   

Flypaper software also allows for something known as e-learning ^\[38\]^.  E-learning is when a person is taught to do something step by step on the computer, internet, or etc.  With Flypaper teachers can create e-learning lessons for students which they complete on their personal computers in a non-traditional classroom setting. 

Using Flypaper, teachers can be creative and efficient, and save money at the same time with Flypaper verses traditional Flash software ^\[39\]^.

h3. {color:#0000ff} {color}{color:#3366ff}Lesson Plans{color}


| *Elementary       *     |
| *File Name* | *What the Lesson Covers and How to Use Flypaper in the Lesson * |
| [Lesson plan1.doc|^lessonplans1elementary.doc]\\
[Lesson plan1.pdf|^lessonplans1elementary.pdf] | This lesson ^\[25\]^ will help elementary students quicken their counting as they learn to count by fives and tens. Teachers can make a Flypaper presentation to go along with this lesson. |
| [Lesson plan2.doc|^lessonplans2elementary.doc]\\
[Lesson plan2.pdf|^lessonplans2elementary.pdf] | Help students learn their geometric shapes with this Flypaper-adapted lesson plan ^\[26\]^. Elementary students can see the shapes in a Flypaper presentation and practice identifying them as they flash up on the screen. |
| [Lesson plan3.doc|^lessonplans3elementary.doc] \\
[Lesson plan3.pdf|^lessonplans3elementary.pdf] | This lesson ^\[27\]^ will help elementary students learn their basic addition and subtraction facts by watching a Flypaper presentation and using a workbook. |
| [^Lesson plan10.docx]\\
[^Lesson plan10.pdf] \\ | This lesson will help elementary students research information about Black History Month and compile it into a Flypaper presentation. \\ |
| [^Video of seasons lesson plans.doc]   \\
 [^Video of seasons lesson plans.pdf] \\ | |

| *Secondary  *           |
| *File Name* | *What the Lesson Covers and How to Use Flypaper in the Lesson* |
| [Lesson plan4.doc|^lessonplans1secondary.doc]\\
[Lesson plan4.pdf|^lessonplans1secondary.pdf] | In this lesson ^\[28\]^ students will be able to take a piece of literature, video tape it, and use Flypaper to make a video out of it. |
| [Lesson plan5.doc|^lessonplans2secondary.doc]\\
[Lesson plan5.pdf|^lessonplans2secondary.pdf] | Using Flypaper, students can learn to make a visual and audio dictionary in this lesson plan ^\[29\]^. |
| [Lesson plan6.doc|^lessonplans3secondary.doc]\\
[Lesson plan6.pdf|^lessonplans3secondary.pdf] | Put politics and technology together in this lesson plan ^\[30\]^ as students learn to make a campaign poster, commercial or slogan. Teach the art of persuasion as students use Flypaper to create their campaign. |
| [^CallDerekLessonPlan.docx] \\
 [^CallDerekLessonPlan.pdf] \\ | Explore how some sentences have meanings obscured by words being taken literally over figuratively.\\
 Flypaper can help by animating literal concepts.\\ |

| *Post-Secondary*         \\ |
| *File Name*         | *What the Lesson Covers and How to Use Flypaper in the Lesson* |
| [Lesson plan7.doc|^lessonplans1postsecondary.doc]\\
[Lesson plan7.pdf|^lessonplans1postsecondary.pdf]  | In this mathematics lesson ^\[31\]^ students learn to find x and y-intercepts using a calculator. Flypaper could be used in the instruction if the teacher wanted to easily show the class the importance of finding intercepts as well as how to use the calculator to do so. |
| [Lesson plan8.doc|^lessonplans2postsecondary.doc]\\
[Lesson plan8.pdf|^lessonplans2postsecondary.pdf] | This chemistry lesson ^\[32\]^ focuses on trying to find out how much Carbon Dioxide is in water with alkaseltzer in it. The instructor could make a Flypaper presentation showing how the students should go about their experiments. |
| [Lesson plan9.doc|^lessonplans3postsecondary.doc]\\
[Lesson plan9.pdf|^lessonplans3postsecondary.pdf] \\
                                    | In this lesson ^\[33\]^ teachers inform students of the different types of chemical reactions. Rather than demonstrating each reaction live in the classroom, the instructor could create a Flypaper presentation incorporating videos of the reactions in order to save time and minimize clean-up. |

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h1. {color:#3366ff}V. Tutorials{color}

h3. {anchor:Tutorials}

The Flypaper website provides tutorials in which users can find useful information and demonstrations on various aspects of the program. These are in video format and deal with the Flybrary, how to create stories, editing pages and recording audio to name a few of the topics covered. \[49\]


h5. [Back to Table of Contents|#contents]\\  \\

h1. {color:#3366ff}VI. How is Flypaper Used Internationally?{color}

h3. {anchor:internationally}


Flypaper benefits the international community in several ways. In the business world, Flypaper helps companies stay competitive by providing software through which to create and maintain professional websites and advertisements ^\[40\]^. The number of online businesses and catalogs is continuously growing; consumers are faced with virtually hundreds to thousands of options via the web and often judge the appearance and overall professionalism of a site in buying goods and services. Whether you live in Austria or Australia you may witness the professional, finished products of Flypaper web design while shopping online or surfing the web. But Flypaper does not need to be in a finished format in order to be used internationally ^\[41\]^.

 While Flypaper products may be viewed from almost anywhere via the internet, they can also be created from almost anywhere. Flypaper may be installed on any (1 GHz Pentium processor or higher) computer equipped with Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP, 2 GB of RAM, Adobe Flash Player  version or later, and Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 ^\[42\]^. Companies with international employees or employees that frequently travel con continue to communicate and share information through Flypaper ^\[43\]^. The only requirement is for all parties viewing/editing Flypaper to have legally purchased rights to the software and a seat in the Flypaper community. Flypaper represents their program as seldom having content “created by just one person. More often it’s a team of people within a company, between multiple departments, or even between a company and their agency partners. Online collaboration is a powerful way to expedite the project by streamlining the review and approval process” ^\[44\]^.

Flypaper offers further features which are useful in an international business community, briefly summarized in the following statement taken directly from the Flypaper website: “Train employees faster. Deliver compelling marketing initiatives before the competition. Complete projects quicker. Provide unique value to your clients” ^\[45\]^.
Although originally designed for companies, ^\[46\]^ Flypaper can also benefit educators, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in sharing information internationally.  Using the Flypaper community anyone can share their Flypaper story, either with the community at large or with select users ^\[47\]^. If teachers from separate countries are working to create an interactive lesson plan, (for example, a virtual study abroad program) they may choose to share their finished stories only with their international education partner. With the Flypaper privacy options users have more freedom in controlling how their products are used, whether in the international world or by particular collaborators ^\[48\]^.

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h1. {color:#3366ff}VII. Pricing{color}

h3. {anchor:pricing}

|| || Desktop \\ || Digital Signage \\ || Professional \\ ||
| Software License (Includes all updates, maintenance, support and Web services for the first year.) | | | $1,495 per seat \\ |
| Software License (Includes maintenance and support for the first year.) | $795 per seat \\ | $995 per seat \\ | |

h3. [||Click for More Info]

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h1. {color:#3366ff}VIII. Awards{color}

h3. {anchor:awards}

* rAVe DS \[Digital Signage\]
** 2010 CHAMP Award
** Best Entry Level to Digital Signage
* Arizona Technology Council
** Governor's Celebration of Innovation 2008
** Most Innovative Start up of the Year
* Tech & Learning Magazine
** Award of Excellence 2008
* Brandon Hall
** Best Innovation in Learning Technology
** Silver Award 2008
** DEMOgod 2008

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h1. {color:#3366ff}IX. FAQ{color}

h3. {anchor:faq}Q: What is Flypaper?

*A:* Flypaper™ is a Flash®  content management platform that allows businesses, agencies and  developers to create and manage high-impact, interactive content for a  fraction of the time and cost typically associated with such projects.  Flash developers create programs and components and then import them  into the Flypaper application so that other users can edit and repurpose  the content without touching any programming code. Non-technical users  can create content without using developers by starting with Flypaper  Templates and pre-programmed Components to expedite the process.  Additional features such as online project collaboration, a repository  for storing and sharing digital assets, the ability to capture viewer  data and track their activity through an online Dashboard, and  additional storage space come with the Pro version. 
Q: How does the free Flypaper trial work?

*A:* The fully functional Free  Trial includes all of the features available in the single-user Desktop  version of Flypaper. In addition, you can toggle between Flypaper's  Desktop and Digital Signage versions during the trial period. Simply  visit the [Free Trial|] page and complete the inquiry form. Once you've completed the form, the  download link will be sent to you. []

Q: Who should use Flypaper?
A:Flypaper was specifically  designed for interactive content creators, Flash developers and business  users who want the ability to expedite Flash development, easily update  and reuse Projects, capture viewer data, and track how content is being  consumed.
[||Click Here for More]

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h1. {color:#3366ff}X. Clients{color}

h3. {anchor:clients}

* Avnet
* Baker: Concrete Construction
* CDG: A Boeing Company
* Cisco
* Lilly
* Fox
* Classic Residence by Hyatt
* Intel
* Mars Incorporated
* Pepsi
* Reed Business
* Robert Half International
* TeleTech
* Trend Micro
* Turner: A Time Warner Company
* University of Arizona
* University of North Carolina
* Kentucky Department of Education
* Texas AM
* Vancouver Island University
* Temple Police Department

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h1. {color:#3366ff}XI. Contact Information{color}


\*Sales:*800.730.5080 Ext. 1
602.801.2208 Ext. 1

\*Address:*Flypaper Studio, Inc.
P.O. Box 15605
Phoenix, Arizona 85060

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h1. {color:#3366ff}XII. What People are Saying{color}

h3. {anchor:saying}

"On a scale of 1 to 10, Flypaper is a 9.5. I love it because of its simplicity - I am quickly able to see the fruits of my labor." - Mark Palmer, PeopleWerx

"Flypaper enabled us to deliver a Flash project in 1 week which would normally have taken us at least 6 weeks using a traditional custom development approach. Fresh Perspectives completed a 90\+ page interactive Flash project for a client in one week using Flypaper; without Flypaper, we could not have meet the client’s schedule and requirements. Flypaper really allowed us to perform under pressure and deliver an excellent final product to a happy client. There's no question that Flypaper will be our first tool over traditional approaches for future projects." - Matthew Gross, Fresh Perspective

"Flypaper is a great piece of software because it allows me to meet tight deadlines. My experience with corporate clients is that they want their projects done very quickly due to limited budgets and tight schedules. My clients cannot wait 6 months for me to build something in Flash. With Flypaper I can get it done professionally in 2 to 4 weeks, using the many templates available." - Wayne Pascall, Pascall Creations

Flypaper makes it so easy to do timing and animation; much easier than PowerPoint. I can create interactive and Web content for our training programs, and I love using the Templates for new ideas on how to present something." - Gina Pinch, City of Tempe Police Dept.

[||Click to View More]

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h1. {color:#3366ff}XIII. Flypaper Blog{color}

h3. {anchor:Blog}

The developers of Flypaper keep a blog where they record progress in the program, ideas for the future and general information periodically. Check back from time to time to see what the developers are talking about\!


h5. [Back to Table of Contents|#Flypaper-contents]

h1. {color:#3366ff}XIV. Updates{color}

To stay current with what is happening with Flypaper, be sure to check out this website [||updates]. Here you will see all of the news and happenings of Flypaper.
\\  {anchor:updates}

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h1. {color:#3366ff}XV. References{color}

h3. {anchor:references}


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