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  • Iterative L3 Trigger Reconstruction

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export SCRAM_ARCH=slc5_amd64_gcc472
cmsrel CMSSW_6_1_2
cd CMSSW_6_1_2/src && cmsenv
addpkg RecoMuon/L3TrackFinder
mkdir Test && cd Test
mkedanlzr Muons
cd ../
#--> copy new code and test code to local copy
cp /afs/ Test/Muons/.
cp /afs/ Test/Muons/src/.
cp /afs/ Test/Muons/interface/.
cp /afs/ Test/Muons/test/.
cp /afs/* RecoMuon/L3TrackFinder/plugins/.
scram b -j8



New TSG Design For OI

We will combine the OIState and OIHit into one TSG: TSGForOI.