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  • Iterative L3 Trigger Reconstruction

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We will combine the OIState and OIHit into one TSG: TSGForOI.



Idea is to run the OI State based algorithm unless it is deemed necessary to run the OI Hit based algorithm. Deciding whether to use hits in the algorithm comes from a fast analysis of two TSOS's. The first TSOS comes from a propagation from the Muons Detectors directly to a layer on the outside of the tracking system. The second TSOS comes from a propagation to the vertex with an updated error matrix, which is then propagated to the outside of the tracking system. The direction and position difference between the two TSOS's are measured.


From testing it appears the difference in the phi measurement should provide a useful variable to trigger the inclusion of hits in order to get a more precise seed, from which we create the tracks.