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-          The purpose of this lesson is for student to learn about mammals. 
-          The students should be familiar with characteristics of mammals at the end of the lesson. 


-          The teacher will measure what the students have learned by giving them a worksheet with pictures and having them circle which animals are mammals.


-          Pencil
-          Textbook


-          The teacher will instruct the students from the textbook first.
-          Students' will learn the characteristics of mammals (what makes an animal a mammal?).
-          Teacher will cover what trait an animal has to have to be classified as a mammal.
-          The teacher incorporates a Qik video to help his/her students learn.
-          The teacher can show the students a Qik video from his/her trip to the zoo.
-          The teacher can show the video he/she streamed to Qik of a kangaroo and a monkey.
-          The teacher could interview a zoologist about the characteristics of mammals and stream it to Qik.
-          The class can participate in a discussion and if there are any questions they could have a "live chat" with the zoologist the teacher interviewed.


-          The teacher will have each student choose an animal and describe the characteristic it has that makes it classified as a mammal. 

2.) Secondary

Here is an example of how to utilize the Qik application by viewing one of the videos posted on the website about a modern hispanic artist and allow students to listen to a native speaker comment about one of her galleries.  


Hispanic Culture:  Artist Maria Elena Walsh Gallery viewing

Length of Lesson

10-20 minutes.


11th and 12th




Students will learn to understand native speakers through viewing and hispanic video about a Hispanic artist, Maria Elena Walsh, and listening to comments made by the one who is filming.




-smart board, projector, or a computer station for each student or groups of students that have access to internet and have sound capabilities
-text book
-writing tools


Students will be able to understand a varied vocabulary as well as communicate fluently and correctly. 


-In class students will preview a video of the exhibit about Maria Elena Walsh twice.  The first lesson will focus on listening skills.  The second session will be devoted to notetaking. Link:
-After viewing the video students will write four interesting items from the video. 
-Once these tasks are completed discussion pertaining to the students' observations will be held.
-The teacher will introduce critical thinking questions such as: What was so important about the time line the artist created?  What important things were on the time line?  What kinds of music were in the books?  Did the artist or another musician create this music?


The teacher will evaluate whether or not:
 -Students can identify the artist 
-Students are able to identify what types of artwork were presented.
-Students contribute at least one piece of unique information.
-Students must be able to communicate in Spanish what they have learned to the teacher. 

Here are two files for this lesson plan:  


Wiki Markup