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1.) Elementary

Dinosaurs Lesson Plan


  • The purpose of this lesson is for students to learn about dinosaurs.  
  • A scientist from the American Museum of Natural History in Chicago will take a video showing and describing different dinosaurs and then stream it to Qik.


The teacher will measure what the students have learned by:

  •   Having them color and portray a picture of their favorite dinosaur.
  •   They should include pictures that demonstrate the characteristics of their favorite dinosaur.


  •     Textbooks
  •     Markers
  •     Colored Pencils


-          The teacher will use the textbook to teach the students about different kinds of dinosaurs. 
-          Following the textbook lesson, the students will be able to view a video of dinosaurs in the American Museum of Natural History in Chicago with the use of Qik. 
-          The scientist will talk about and show different dinosaurs and share with the students the different characteristics they have. 
-          This is a step-by-step process that will help the students get the best understanding about different dinosaurs. 
-          Since Chicago would be a long planned, expensive field trip for the school, the teacher will utilize the technology of Qik to teach the students a lesson about dinosaurs. 
-          With the application of Qik, a scientist from the museum will make a video explaining and showing different dinosaurs.  He will then stream the video to the internet for the students to view and discuss. 
-          The purpose of the video is to give the students a better understanding of dinosaurs and the ability to see what the structure of a dinosaur look like.   The teacher could use the "live chat" that Qik offers, with this application the students could direct questions to the scientist and he could answer them accordingly.  
-          The students should learn the names of a few different dinosaurs and be able to recognize the different characteristics of each. 


-          The students will be given a worksheet to test what they have learned.
-           After the lesson, and the viewing of the Qik video, the student will be given a piece of paper with pictures of dinosaurs and their names scrambled. 
-          The students will have to match the picture with the correct name of the dinosaur. 
-          They should be able to complete this correctly.  If there is confusion, the class will review and discuss the questions together.