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Research Paper
This lesson will be used to introduce students to the final project they will
be doing in class.  The final project is a research paper that will be
completed by an individual student.  In class we will discuss the requirements
for the research paper and the students will have time to brainstorm what topic
they will choose to write their paper about (topics must be approved by me by
next class at the latest).
It will also introduce their requirement to use the internet application
BackPackIt, and show them how to use the application.
Following this lesson, students will be able to:
•        Begin work on the final project including: brainstorming a topic, begin
research for that topic, making a rough outline of their research paper.
•        Operate basic actions of the BackPackIt application and collaborate with
other students and myself if they have any questions about the research paper.

[Salvador Dali (Doc)|^Workout_1_Dali_(BACKPACKIT)2.doc] [(PDF)|^Workout_1_Dali_(BACKPACKIT)1.pdf]


Students will research and examine the work of Salvador Dali. We shall discuss the iconography used in his paintings and how they relate to the era of Surrealism. Students will then have the opportunity to create their own surrealist painting.