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Edit this part later.  My home machine doesn't use network mangler, but I assume it's pretty straight forward.


Fedora 21: (xfce4)

Install the openconnect client, Network Manager front end, and it's dependencies.

Code Block
sudo yum install NetworkManager-openconnect


Go to:

  • Applications
  • Settings
  • Network Connections

Here, you will add the VPN:

  • Add
  • VPN (Cisco Anyconnect Compatible - openconnect)
  • Create
  • Gateway: 
  • Image Added
  • Click Save.

To connect, click on your network connection icon.  It may look similar to this: Image Added

  • Select "VPN Connections"
  • Select your newly created VPN connection.
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  • Type in your Purdue career account username and password and select 'Login'.
  • You shouldn't save your password.
  • A successful connection may look similar to this: Image Added