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h3. {color:#d84e07}Let{color} Jot{color:#d84e07} work for you\!{color}

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h3. {anchor:Table of Contents}Table of Contents

| h3. [{color:#d84e07}History and Development of JotForm{color}|#Who developed JotForm and when?] |
| h3. [{color:#000000}Purpose of JotForm{color}|#What is the purpose of JotForm?] |
| h3. [{color:#d84e07}How JotForm Works{color}|#How does JotForm work? What does one have to do to start using it?] |
| h3. {color:#000000}[What's New on JotForm|#New]{color} |
| h3. [{color:#d84e07}How JotForm is Related to Other Applications{color}|#How is it related to other applications?] |
| h3. [{color:#000000}Unique Ways of Using JotForm{color}|#What are unique ways of using JotForm?] |
| h3. [{color:#d84e07}Educational Uses and Potential Values{color}|#How could the application be used within an educational/learning situation? What are some examples of these situations?] |
| h3. [{color:#000000}JotForm Internationally{color}|#For a more global perspective, how could this application be used in other countries?] |
| h3. [{color:#d84e07}References{color}|#References] |
| h3. [{color:#000000}JotForm Brochure{color}|#Brochure] |
| h3. {color:#d84e07}[Contact|#contact]{color} |

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{anchor:Who developed JotForm and when?}

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h3. I. History and Development of Jot{color:#d84e07}Form{color}

h3. Although the title for this wiki chapter lists this application as JotSurvey, it is actually called JotForm.  JotForm was developed by a team of software engineers out of Natick, Massachusetts, in the United States more than four years ago. This team of engineers has now updated the site to a new and improved 3.0 version.

h3. JotForm has grown into a widely used form builder with more than 262,000 users in 2009.


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h3. *[#Table of Contents]*
{anchor:What is the purpose of JotForm?}

h3. II. {color:#d84e07}Purpose of{color} Jot{color:#d84e07}Form{color}

h3. The purpose of JotForm is to create and manipulate various types of forms.

h3. The specific options for forms given to you by JotForm are as follows:

# h3. Contact
# h3. Surveys
# h3. Job Applications
# h3. Suggest Website
# h3. Membership Registration
# h3. Party RSVP
# h3. Wedding Attendance
# h3. Reservation
# h3. Time Sheet
# h3. Submit Product
# h3. Bug Tracker
# h3. Form Templates
# h3. Learn How To Create Facebook Forums
# h3. Add A Feedback Button To Your Website

h3. In addition to these types of forms, you can select the "Blank Form" option to create a form to meet your own specific needs.

h3. *[#Table of Contents]*
{anchor:How does JotForm work? What does one have to do to start using it?}

h3. III: {color:#d84e07}How{color} Jot{color:#d84e07}Form Works{color}

h3. JotForm is very simple to use. Anyone can use it by going to []. Now, you do not even need to have an account. If you have a lot of information you are going to be saving, it is recommended that you do create an account. You can create your account by clicking on the orange "create account button" on the bottom of the site's homepage.  All that you need to make an account is a username, an E-mail account, and a password. If you want to figure out how JotForm works before you create you account, you can watch a tutorial video. The video can be found on the main page or under the FAQ section.


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h3. A JotForm account is free; however, you may upgrade to the Premium version for only $9.95 a month, or to the Professional version for $49.95 a month.  The image below from the JotForm website breaks down the differences between a free account, a Premium account, and a Professional account.

h3. !JotForm_account_types.png|align=center,border=1!

h3. Once you have created an account, you may use it at any time and can save your previous works. To create a new form click the "My Forms" tab on the top right of the page.  Then, click the "New Form" icon (it's a little green plus sign that says New Form).  Once you click the "New Form" icon, the New Form Wizard will begin.

h3. !new_form.png|align=center,border=1!

h3. You can use a blank form, work from a sample, or import an existing form. The sample form options include the following forms: blank form, contact us form, customer satisfaction form, job application, membership registration, suggest website form, wedding attendance form, submit product form, reservation form, time sheet, bug report form, or RSVP form.

h3.  After you choose the type of form that you want to use, you can edit the content of your form using the form tools found to the left of the form. Clicking the "form style" tab to the left of the form tools menu will provide you with options for changing the style of your form.

h3. !jotform_edit.png|align=center,border=1!

h3. There are many different tools you may use to customize the form to your needs. All you have to do is drag the tools from the side box onto your form.

h3. Tools available:  

* h3. Heading
* h3. Text Box
* h3. Text Area
* h3. Drop Down
* h3. Check Box
* h3. Radio Button
* h3. Date Time Picker
* h3. File Upload
* h3. Button
* h3. Star Rating
* h3. Password Box\*
* h3. Page Break
* h3. Form Collapse
* h3. Auto Complete
* h3. Birth date Picker
* h3. HTML
* h3. Image
* h3. Payment Tools

h3.   \*Premium Package needed to use

h3. With all of these tools, it is easy to make a personalized form. The tools allow you to make any adjustments you may need. For example, you can make some fields optional and some required. There are numerous ways that each form can be changed in order to fulfill the requirements of the user.

h3. On JotForm you can save your forms to either finish later or keep as a template. All that you need to is click on the disk icon to save your work.  The disk icon will appear on the far left of whatever toolbar you are working with.  When you return to the site, your saved form can be found under the"My Forms" tab. !jot_form_save.png|border=1,align=center!


h3. All that is needed to come back to these forms is the username and password that was used to create your account.

h3. When done creating the form, you may put it on a website for others to fill out or invite users to fill out the form by E-mail. By clicking the "Setup & Share" tab, you are given the option to copy your permalink or share your form on your site.  Using the tools on this tab, you can also set up an e-mail alert that sends you an e-mail when someone completes your form or an auto response e-mail for those who complete your form.  Additionally, you can set up a thank you message for those who complete your form. 


h3. !jotform_share.png|border=1,align=center!

h3. *[#Table of Contents]*

h3. {anchor:New}

h3. IV. {color:#d84e07}What's New on{color} {color:#000000}Jot{color}{color:#d84e07}Form?{color}

h3. *{+}Improved Form Builder:+* They have made many improvements on our form building technology however user testing showed that one feature specifically improved user experience and that's the unlimited undo/redo features.

h3. *{+}Survey Tools:+* Create great looking surveys with our new survey toolbox.

h3. *{+}Reporting:+* You can now create great looking reports that include charts and grids. You can reach these reports on a browser bookmark, get them emailed to you periodically or include within your web pages.

h3.                                                                                                                                                         *{+}New Field Types:+* JotForm now has 40 form field types.

h3. *{+}Flexible Emails:+* You can attach many notification and auto-responder email alerts to your forms. Emails are completely customizable.                                                                                                                             

h3. *{+}Form Conditions and Branching:+* Makes it possible to show or hide questions, skip to a particular form page, send emails, change Thank You page or Thank You message.                                                  

h3.  *{+}Integrated Credit Card Payments:+* Collect payments right from your web forms without leaving for a payment gateway. JotForm now integrates with Paypal Payments Pro and Authorize.Net.                          

h3.  *{+}No account required:+* They do not require you to have an account to save your information on their website anymore.                                                                                                                                                     *{+}Full Screen Mode:+* When you need to create large forms, it is great to have full screen mode, since you can see the larger portion of the form on the screen.*[#Table of Contents]*

{anchor:How is it related to other applications?}

h2. V. {color:#d84e07}How{color} Jot{color:#d84e07}Form is Related to Other Applications{color}

h3. JotForm allows you to copy the source code of a form into your own website, as seen above. Inserting a form onto your website is a very easy task. You first click on the "Source Code" button in the "Setup and Share" toolbar to get the source code for your form. Then simply copy and paste it into your website. Once you have the form on your site, people can fill out the form by simply clicking on the link.

h3. After a user has submitted their form, you can make the user come back to your site. You first create a "Thank you" page in your site. Next, click on the "Properties" button on the Form Editor. Finally, copy and paste the URL of the Thank you page into the "ThankYou URL" property.

h3. If you do not want to copy and paste the form into your site, you could include a Header/Footer in your form instead. All that you need to do is create header and footer files in your site which would include things like main design and navigation. You then click on the "Properties" button on the Form Editor. Lastly, copy and paste the URL of the header and footer files into "Header URL" and "Footer URL" properties.

*[#Table of Contents]*
{anchor:What are unique ways of using JotForm?}

h2. VI. {color:#d84e07}Unique Ways of Using{color} Jot{color:#d84e07}Form{color}

h3. JotForm is translated into 5 different languages and has users in over 174 countries. This application is not only useful nationally, but also internationally. Some unique ways of using JotForm would be to connect internationally with other people to answer questions for a survey (example: a sociologist could use this to gather information). More locally, you can use JotForm to create unique surveys to gather information from others (RSVP's for parties, job applications, surveys, trackers, etc.)

h3. {color:#000000}Not only is JotForm used for general surveys on the web, but more specifically the educational aspect of using JotForm is also a unique way of incorporating technology like this into the classroom.{color}{color:#000000} {color} {color:#000000}In reference to{color} [|], {color:#000000}they talked about getting rid of worksheets in classrooms and using things such as forms from JotForm to help save trees and using "e-paper" to submit homework. This is a very clever use for JotForm because technology is common in many classrooms, and changing from paper worksheets to all "e-paper" such as JotForm would be a great way for schools to "Go green."  As{color} {color:#000000}[Green in the Classroom|]{color}{color:#000000} tells us, this is an incredibly important aspect for an educator to reinforce in the classroom. Teachers use a staggering amount of paper in their classroom. For instance, if a single teacher assigns a three page paper to her five classes, 37, 500 sheets of paper will be used. This paper use can be avoided so easily\! {color}

h3. Also, being able to integrate JotForm with things such as PayPal, Google Checkout, World Pay, 2CheckOut, Click Bank and OneBip, allows JotForm to be more than just a survey that can be sent out. This also enables the creator of a website to integrate JotForm onto his/her web page and sell specific items or services. This takes JotForm to a whole new level and is a very unique way of using it to collect not just information from people, but being able to collect money by allowing you to integrate with programs such as PayPal. JotForm is unique in the sense that it can be used in more than one way to collect more than one thing. (ie: Educational, social, reserch, buy/sell...)

h3. An example of the payment plan that can be incorporated into JotForm is with a flower order. Clients can go on the business website, place an order, and pay for the order right away.

{center} !flower order.png! {center}


*[#Table of Contents]*

{anchor:How could the application be used within an educational/learning situation? What are some examples of these situations?}

h2. VII. {color:#d84e07}Educational Uses and Potential Values{color}

h3. As you know, JotForm makes it simple for anyone to create online quizzes, polls, and everything in between. The following is a list of what school library media specialists are using these tools for:

* h3. {color:#000000}Survey teachers about technology needs and staff development topics{color}
* h3. {color:#000000}Survey parents for input on a school improvement plan{color}
* h3. {color:#000000}Survey students to assess interest in topics and titles{color}
* h3. {color:#000000}Help teachers set up polls and administer quizzes{color}
* h3. {color:#000000}Evaluate web page content and usability{color}
* h3. {color:#000000}Evaluate effectiveness of lessons{color}
* h3. {color:#000000}Evaluate use of online databases and internet{color}
* h3. {color:#000000}Help students review materials before tests with content review and skill assessment activities{color}
* h3. {color:#000000}Determine user satisfaction and areas for improvement{color}
* h3. {color:#000000}Help students design and implement polls to gather data for projects{color}
* h3. {color:#000000}Determine what and why students read{color}
* h3. {color:#000000}Provide online self-directed learning games and activities{color}
* h3. {color:#000000}Teach students about online polls for gathering data{color}
* h3. {color:#000000}Gauge knowledge, use and proficiency of teachers' skills in technology and information literacy{color}
* h3. {color:#000000}Provide independent skill activities for use in the classroom, at home, or in the library media center{color}
* h3. {color:#000000}Compare perceptions of services and programs by different groups--students, parents, teachers, and administrators{color}
* h3. {color:#000000}Gathering data to guide evidence driven practices{color}
* h3. {color:#000000}Identify a student's strengths and weaknesses{color}

h3. As you can see, the possibilities of uses for JotForm in the classroom or school setting are plenty.

h3. +Potential Values+

h3. Education is definitely an area where one could use JotForm. For example, a teacher in a special education classroom could use this site to get RSVP cards for a party. In their lives, the students will either receive an invitation or send one during some point of their life; so, it is very important that the students understand how they work. It will give the students practice for what will occur in the real world. Also, a student or a parent could use the form that creates calendars.

h3. Another use for JotForm is that a university could use the form for a survey. Many colleges and universities ask the students to complete surveys on their TA's and professors. The school could use the survey form from this company to do exactly this.

h3. A real life example of how JotForm is used in an education setting is in the School District of Palm Beach County. On the JotForm website, users were asked to identify how they are using JotForm and this is what they said.

{center} !school.png! {center}

h3. Here are a few examples of JotForm lesson plans. These lesson plans are for elementary level, middle school level, and high school level classrooms. There is also a STEM lesson plan at each level. All lesson plans were created by our collaborators on this project.

h3. Elementary:

[JotForm Lesson Plan|^jot.doc] \| [PDF|^jot.pdf]
[Computer Basics Lesson Plan|^Learning.doc] \| [PDF|^Learning.pdf]
[STEM|^jotform_elementary.doc] \| [PDF|^stem elementary.pdf]

h3. Middle School:

[Self Portraits Lesson Plan|^self portraits edci lesson plan.doc] \| [PDF|^self portraits edci lesson plan.pdf]
[JotForm Lesson Plan|^middleschool.doc] \| [PDF|^middleschool.pdf]
[STEM|^STEM.doc] \| [PDF|^stem middle.pdf]

[\^Greek Mythology Lesson Plan.pdf|^Greek Mythology Lesson Plan.pdf]

[\^Greek Mythology Lesson Plan.doc|^Greek Mythology Lesson Plan.doc] 

h3. High School:

[Calorie Intake and Nutrition Lesson Plan|^Calorie intake and nutrition edci.doc] \| [PDF|^Calorie intake and nutrition edci.pdf]
[JotForm Lesson Plan|^highschool.doc] \| [PDF|^highschool.pdf]\\



[STEM|^STEM_lesson_plan_highschool.doc] \| [PDF|^STEM_lesson_plan_highschool.pdf][^High School Statistics Lesson Plan.doc]

[^High School Statistics Lesson Plan.doc]

[^High School Statistics Lesson Plan.pdf]

 [\^Nutrition and Wellness Lesson Plan.pdf|^Nutrition and Wellness Lesson Plan.pdf]

[\^Nutrition and Wellness Lesson Plan.docx|^Nutrition and Wellness Lesson Plan.docx]

*[#Table of Contents]*

{anchor:For a more global perspective, how could this application be used in other countries?}

h2. VIII. Jot{color:#d84e07}Form Internationally{color}

h3. One particular site called "International Sustainable Review" is a magazine that is distributed globally and uses the Jotform registration form for users to request their "Media Pack."  This company distributes magazines to over 30,000 people worldwide including project managers, chief engineers, government officials, consultants, and other senior officials who are involved in the renewable energy industry.  Each issue features a "Country Profile" reviewing that country's activities in renewable energy.  The issues cover a variety of influential topics such as wind power, solar energy, biomass, and hydropower \[4\].

h3. *Research and ideas presented in South Korea*

h3. Jot form’s Educational Application of South Korea

* h3. Jotform is incredibly helpful while doing a team project. Choosing a subject, assigning group roles, and sharing ideas can all be done with input from all team members. This method is wisely used in the U.S. to contribute to a team project. Also during the project, bulletin boards are commonly used, but this option is limited to just attaching a document. By using JotForm, a user can attach important documents as well as get feedback.

* h3. JotForm is convenient for survey areas such as learning satisfaction and achievement. It is also convenient for survey activity on a website for students to gather information. Using JotForm saves paper and sharing ideas becomes more convenient.

* h3. Teachers can arrange content that they have taught and make a practice test for students to check what they have learned. By using JotForm, it is easy to assess students' achievements.

* h3. JotForm can gather a variety of information about students; for example: official evaluation, students' attitude, teacher’s comments or students' weaknesses, etc.

* h3. Now, the application is used in USA, England, Turkey, India and Taiwan.

h3. +Korea\- (Other than educational) Alternative presented+

* h3. +Bank+:  In Korea, it is common practice to line up in numerical order holding their number tickets for their turns for a few minutes in a bank. Now, thanks to Jotform, banks issue number tickets through their online websites. In other words, all customers have to do is simply type in their names, account numbers, available time, and affairs that they want to do online. Now customers no longer have to wait for their turn, and banks can also save a lot of time by taking care of customers' affairs right away on their reserved time.

!int pict 1.png!



h3. +Government and village Office+: When citizens go to a village office, they receive number tickets and request their civil affairs by handing in personal information in a manner of designated forms at the information desk. Civil affair documents are not only wasting sheets of paper, but also causing chaos when many people are crowded rushing to take care of their civil affairs. Therefore, citizens can use JotForm to request their civil affairs by submitting their personal information and issued number tickets. This way, office staff does not have to type in civil affair documents; so they can not only save a lot of time, but also it is guaranteed that the submitted documents are accurate.

{center} !int pic 2.png!{center}
{center} !int pic 3.png!{center}

h3. +China and Taiwan+

h3. In China, JotForm’s reputation is good due to contentment with their service and the new technology that they provide. The following is an analysis of what the Chinese think about JotForm.

h3. *Advantages*

* h3. A contact form can be easily made, even without the knowledge of HTML.
* h3. Out of privacy concerns, registering is possible by just inserting accurate email addresses. Personal information such as telephone or address is not needed.
* h3. Free of charge

h3. *Disadvantages*

* h3. There are just some blog lines introducing the website but no further information such as actual usage can be found.
* h3. In a wider view of China users, comparison of two websites and are used. Wufoo was released earlier than jot form.

{center} !int pic 4.png!{center}

h3. +How this site is currently being used+

* h3. In one company in Taiwan, workers are able to choose from a menu that was created using JotForm. The workers are able to choose what they would like for lunch, and it can be delivered to them. By using the web site, group delivery order is much faster because time was not wasted from getting each workers order.

*[#Table of Contents]*

[JotForm Brochure|^Brochure.doc]

*[#Table of Contents]*

h1. Contact: {anchor: contact}

h2. Have questions or comments? Feel free to leave them here. []\\

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h2. *References:*








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[INSITE:JotSurvey Research Page]
[INSITE:International Partner Communication for JotSurvey]
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