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| Section | Table Of Contents |
| I. | I. History \\
I.1 [Who Created Twitpic|#Development]\\
I.2 [How Does Twitpic Work?|#Work]\\
I.3 [Getting More Out of Twitpic.|#More] |
| II. | II.[What Other Applications Can Twitpic Work With?|#Relates] |
| III. | III. [Real World Application|#Application]\\
i. [Elementary|#Elementary]\\
ii. [Secondary|#Secondary]\\
iii. [Post Secondary|#Post]\\
III.1 [Business/Industry|#Business] |
| IV. | IV. [How Twitpic Is Used Internationally|#Internationally] |
| V. | V. [References|#References] |

*Visit* *[|]* !twitpic1.gif|thumbnail,border=1,width=200!

h1. {color:#993366}How Does Twitpic Work?{color}
Twitpic is simple and easy to use. All you have to do is register on and then use Twitpic to upload your photos. Twitpic is the only way to put pictures onto Twitter and is a helpful site to share your photos with friends and followers through Twitter. The following video and powerpoint both provide instruction on how to use Twitpic and set up an account\! Follow these videos to create a Twitpic account and they will help with the understanding of how to get your photos onto Twitter through Twitpic. 

[A breif powerpoint on how to login to and use Twitpic|^using twitpic.pptx]

[Short video that explains how to upload a photo on Twitpic|]

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Twitpic Compared to Facebook. 

Twitpic is used in a similar way as Facebook is set up to share pictures with family and friends. Twitpic was also designed to share pictures and photos through Twitter. Twitpic is a program that makes Twitter more user friendly by allowing users to upload photos in a similar way that Facebook allows users to do the same. 

h1. {color:#993366}Getting More Out of Twitpic.{color}
Twitpic is a photo hosting site that is paired with Photos can be uploaded to Twitpic and then shared with many people around the world. If you would like to know more about Twitpic's partner site, Twitter, [click here.|]

[]Twitpic can be used in schools in many different ways:
* It can be used at many different levels of education.
* It can also be used in the workplace or in businesses.
* As of June 24, 2010, Noah Everett and Twitpic had added the ability to tag faces in Twitpic photos and also group Twitpic photo uploads by event or places. 
** [Discussion of the new Twitter Places app|]\\

h4. Possible Disadvantages

A few of the disadvantages that can go along with Twitpic and topic that brings much concern is the fact that the photos uploaded to Twitpic are ?public and what people upload can be seen by everyone. Therefore, pornographic and obscene images can be uploaded  and seen by others without consent. 

Another possible disadvantage is that a Twitter account is required to access Twitpic. Without Twitter, Twitpic is a useless website and holds no value. 

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h1. {color:#993366}II. What Other Applications Can Twitpic Work With?{color}
Twitpic works mainly with its mother application, Twitter. Twitter was first created to make small conversations by posting what a person was doing at a certain time during the day. The creators of Twitter decided to add Twitpic so members of Twitter could also upload pictures  from wherever.

[Visit Twitter for more information|]\\

!twitpic pic.png|width=387,height=189!


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h1. {color:#993366}III. Real World Application{color}
h2. In an Elementary Setting

h3. Regions of the World

*Overview:* Students are each assigned a region of the world and give a two to three minute long presentation on the region they were assigned. Students can only use one notecard (both sides) and can use Twitpic as well. Students will need to upload pictures that relate to their region on the website, then talk about the pictures during their presentation. 

*Objective:* For the students to do enough research to give a presentation on their region, and also for the students to be able to navigate the internet and Twitpic and be able to explain their pictures with 90% accuracy. 

[^Twitpic lesson plan .docx]

[^Twitpic lesson plan .pdf]

h3. The TwitPic Movement

*Overview*: For this project students are asked to make a two-minute speech on an assigned significant person from the Civil Rights Movement. The speech should include at least three facts on the person and upload five to ten photos via TwitPic. After all presentations have been given there will be a short discussion on some of the highlights of the significant people presented.

*Objective* : At the end of the activity students should have a better understanding of the significant people in the Civil Rights Movement and what they did to leave an impact. They should also be comfortable enough to communicate the information with others.\\

[The TwitPic Movement.docx|^Payton .docx]

[The TwitPic Movement.pdf|^Payton .pdf]

h3. *Heroes*

*Overview:* Many kids at a young age have someone in their family or that they know really well that they look up to. A neat project that could be done using Twitpic would be to have the students do a Hero project. The students could think of someone in their lives that really means a lot to them. They could then take pictures of things that remind them of their hero, pictures of them with their hero, pictures of their hero doing specific things, etc. After uploading the pictures to Twitpic, the students could then show the class all of the pictures and explain what is going on in each one.

*Objective:* Given a computer and the internet, students will use Twitpic to create a storyboard of their hero with 100% accuracy.

[^My Hero.docx]

[^My Hero.pdf] 

h3. Food Photo Shoot

Overview: The general idea of this project is for the students to get a feel for using technology to learn about Nutrition. They will have to take pictures of the meals they eat for two days and upload them to a newly created Twitpic account. From there students and score and evaluate each other to make this a fun and friendly competition.

Objective: The objective of this activity is for the students to learn to use a new form of technology while working on their lesson and to work together with members of the class. 

[Food Photo Shoot Lesson Plan.docx|^chelsea .docx]

[Food Photo Shoot Lesson Plan.pdf|^chelsea .pdf]

h3. *Geometry Lesson*

*Overview:* This is a very fun and exciting way that teachers could change their approach on teaching simple geometry or geometric shapes. In this lesson, the teacher would upload pictures of different shapes and post them on Twitpic. A student could then go to a computer and log on and look at all of the pictures that their teacher uploaded. The student could then, in the comments box, type in what kind of shape is shown in the picture. This is a very different way than is usually done but could be exciting for the students and help familiarize both the teacher and students with new kinds of technology.

*Objective:* Given a computer and the internet, students will use a picture they took to learn perimeter and area with 100% accuracy.

[^Perimeter and Area.doc]
[^Perimeter and Area.pdf]

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h2. Leaf Imaging with Twitpic

*Overview:* To help their students become familiar with local trees, especially those around their home, teachers will provide their students with a basic introduction to the various kinds of trees. Specifically, the teachers will show their students the different leaves for each of the trees with a focus on the local species of trees. After class, the students will collect and take pictures of the different tree leaves around their homes and then upload the photos to Twitpic. The next day, the class will look at the leaf photos located on each student's Twitpic and identify the tree that each leaf came* *from.

*Objective:* Given an image of a tree's leaf, students will be able to identify they tree species with 70% accuracy.

[^Leaf Imaging with Twitpic.docx]

[^Leaf Imaging with Twitpic.pdf]

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h2. In a Secondary Setting

h3. Demonstration Lesson

*Overview:* The purpose of this lesson plan is to help special needs high school students improve upon their understanding of language and its written connection to images.

*Objective:* The students will be able to create "How to" demonstrations by taking pictures and using Twitpic to upload them. The students should have at least a sequence of five pictures which have been labled with 100% accuracy.

[^Photo language lesson plan.docx]
[^Photo language lesson plan.pdf](pdf)

h3. Kaleidoscope

*Overview:* Students will learn how to create symmetrical patterns in circles.

*Objective:* Given a computer and internet, students will use Twitpic to create a Kaleidoscope with 100% accuracy.


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h2. In a Post-Secondary Setting

h3. Pen Pal

*Overview:* The purpose of this lesson is to help American College Students learn more about the Spanish Culture. These American students will learn through pictures from a pen pal using a 2.0 Web Application called Twitpic.

*Objective:* After given a pen pal, each student will be able to view and post pictures using Twitpic to learn enough about a Spanish Culture to write a 5 page report with a 100% accuracy.


h3. Digital Multiples

*Overview:* Students will search for patterns in architecture.

*Objective:* Given a computer and the internet, students will take pictures of campus architecture and create a large repeating pattern with 100% accuracy.

[^Digital Multiples.doc]
[^Digital Multiples.pdf]

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h2. In a Business Setting

Twitpic could easily be used in a business setting. By taking pictures on a phone and sending them to Twitpic this tool can be very helpful. Many people working for different businesses find information or inspiration while traveling or in their everyday lives, but don't have a camera ready. By sending pictures to Twitpic via cell phone, they have it already uploaded onto a website where they have a collection of pictures that they need. They can later extract any of them off of the website to use somewhere else at a later time. Twitpic can also be used to hold pictures of workbooks or slides and then can be shared on Twitter.

[Business Example involving Twitpic|http:/]

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h1. {color:#993366}IV. How Can Twitpic Be Used Internationally?{color}
Twitpic can be used internationally in many different ways.

Through the use of this Web2.0 application, businesses, schools, churches, and even family or friends can communicate visually.

They can all post pictures, even if they are continents apart.

First of all, businesses can use this application very easily for their benefit. Let's say a business man working for a large company had to go overseas for a conference.While over there, he was told he must report at least once a day to make sure things are going smoothly. This man would be able to create a Twitter account and then be able to take pictures of his daily events with his cell phone, he could then immediately send them to Twitpic. When Twitpic receives the picture it is then uploaded directly on to the Twitpic web site. The boss could then place comments on the pictures and tell the man overseas what he thought of the progress being made. This is just one of the ways Twitpic can be used internationally in business. Now that you know how Twitter can be used in business internationally, here is how it can be used internationally in education.

There are an endless amount of ways to use Twitpic internationally when it comes to education.

If a teacher wanted to do pen pals, this program would be a way to enhance the learning experience. This is because not only could you pen pal with locals, but students would be able to send pictures and talk to students internationally. A teacher could reconcile with another teacher from overseas and then both teachers could have their students interact on this wonderful Web 2.0 application. The students would be able to send each other pictures and comment back and fourth on them. This would be a wonderful way for students to learn about other cultures. Probably the best way to use this application in education would be in foreign language classes. Sure students are supposed to learn the language, but they also need to learn about the culture of the country they are studying. The students would be able to learn so much about the language they are studying through the pictures and comments they send and receive. Students would love Twitpic. Not only can Twitpic be used in education internationally, but it can also be used in churches.

Church groups have plenty of reasons to research this web application. If a small group is thinking about going to Africa to help some missionaries, the missionaries could post all of their pictures of Africa up on Twitpic. The missionaries would have a chance to impact the small group with pictures, and convince them to come and possibly help out. The small-group members could then post comments and ask them any questions that they are wondering about. There are many reasons to use Twitpic internationally when it comes to church organizations, but there are also many reasons to have an account on Twitpic for family and friends.

It is obvious that Twitpic was created for family and friends. If a family member or friend that lives far away wants to share pictures and stories with you, all he or she would have to do is create an account on this application. They would be able to use Twitpic to share fond memories from over seas. If a friend went on vacation he or she could post all of their fond memories that they want to share.    

Overall, Twitpic is a wonderful Web 2.0 application for friends and family, but with a little bit of effort Twitter could be used in many different countries for many different reasons. Twitter is a great way for students and teachers to share what they experience to the world through pictures.

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h1. {color:#993366}{*}I. Who Created Twitpic?*{color}
!noah everett small.jpg|thumbnail,border=1,width=200!

{color:#222222}Twitpic was created by Noah Everett from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He created the website over a weekend in February 2008. Everett wanted to make a photo sharing website that worked with Twitter because none were available at the time. Since then he has re-worked the website, which took only a week to complete. He concentrated on making the website as easy to use as possible when he created Twitpic. Everett's favorite feature on the website is the ability to upload pictures from your phone. In the future he hopes to create a stronger API  for the website.{color}

{color:#222222}1. Personal Communication with Noah Everett 11/6/08{color}

{color:#222222}2. {color}{color:#333333}\[{color}{color:#333333}Video - Discussion with Noah Everett about Twitpic{color}\|\]

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h1. V. References:
  1.) Twitpic with Bird Image:

  2.) Twitpic Camera Icon: []                                                                                                                     

  3.) Elementary Lesson plan adapted from []

  4.) Secondary Lesson plan adapted from  []

  5.) Picture of Noah Everett: [|]

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h1. {color:#993366}[Brochure|^Twitpic]{color}

[Brochure as pdf|^Twitpic brochure2.pdf]

h1. +[+Poster+|^]+

[Poster as pdf|^twitpic poster .pdf]/./.;/;z.;[Sign Up for a Twitter Account|!]
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