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Kaltura is used internationally by being avaliable through any website on the web. You can upload videos from anywhere to any site.
We made a mini survey of Kaltura of university students in Korea. The purpose of this survey is to get data for basic awareness of Kaltura.
This is our survey contents:
Hello, Everyone.
We are Education Technology students in Ewha Womans University.
We are going to do survey about Kaltura , open source video application.
1. Have you ever heard the name of Kaltura?
2. Do you know What Kaltura is about?
2-1 If you know Kaltura, have you ever used it?
Thank you for your answer.
The result indicated most students didn’t know what Kaltura is about and haven’t ever heard the name of Kaltura before. all of students replied “ I don’t know kaltura.” Only 8% have heard before the name of Kaltura but they know kaltura superficially.
As you can find out in the mini survey that we did, the majority of Korean students weren't aware of the web 2.0 tool, Kaltura!! A small number of people have answered yes, but the recognition was only superficial.
Therefore, we thought about the reasons why Kaltura isn't widely used in Korea. In our opinion, two main factors have caused this situation.
1) Different types of operating systems(OS)
Though, internet has made it convenient to communicate around the world, various countries use different OS. This causes a lot of disorder because some internet sites are organized only to work in particular OSs. In Korea, an overwhelming majority uses Windows OS. Thus, many Koreans are very used to utilizing Windows interface sites. They aren't accustomed to other OS based sites, so they'll likely avoid using foreign internet sites!!
2) Foreign language difficulty
Probably, the most serious factor may be the language difference. Many people aren't comfortable using foriegn language. International sites are mostly based on English, thus, this can explain the low recognition and usage amongst Koreans.
*How Apply Kaltura to Korea education?
In case of Korea, few of Constructivism is applied. Also in many case, there are used standardized education method yet.
So If Kaltura will apply to korea education, it can help realization of Constructive education.
First of all, Kaltura will help Children to participate actively at studying, not passivity participation that makes children just receiving knowledge. For example, Children can doing team project that handling Video, and through this, they can use video for learning, and some of them feel fun at video making.
Second, Kaltura can help children’s cooperation learning in that it furnish sharing service that make possible coordination at making video. Children can cordinate when they using Kaltura for their learning and that will be good help for constructive teaching and learning.
*How Apply Kaltura to Ordinary case in Korea?
Nowadays we, Korean, use UCC very actively! We use tools like Nate video tools or Camtasia and so on. So, if Kaltura is introduced to Korea, it may be very useful to all Korean. Kaltura will be used as a one of the tools making video.
It provides us benefits. When people make video about something, they can use this Kaltura tools and upload to any websites. So the other people also can see that video and get information and many interesting things. For example, if we want see the figure skating shows especially Kim yuna’s, we can edit the video file in that program and upload to their blogs.
Of course, users are not expert but ordinary people. So when Kaltura will be introduced, the possibility of using Kaltura in ordinary people will increase and Kaltura will be one of the best media source and also Kaltura’s recognition level goes up!

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