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Wiki created by: Rebekah Garman, Jesse Small, Josh Peterman, Tippany Tippin, Alexandra Struck, and Nic Murray

(all coding done by Beka Garman)

(Screenshot by Jesse Small)




Kontainer is a program, out of Copenhagen, Denmark, that makes it easy to upload pictures, documents, and videos to anyone you would like to share the information. Both small and large companies use this site for presentations. It’s a very user-friendly program that makes it easy to create accounts. Once you have an account and are logged in, it’s easy to navigate to all of the folders the you need.  When adding pictures to the site, they can either be added to folders or subfolders. You can change the name of a folder or move it anywhere you would like. Doing this helps you control who can access what folders and subfolders. You can present any of the items, under your user name or shared items from your friends or coworkers, at anytime and anywhere. It also allows you to make PDF overviews of any selected files, though only images are displayed in their entirety; videos are reduced to first-frame screenshots and documents appear simply as directory locations. You can save overviews to your account and then direct clients to the exact place where the overview is located. (Alexandra Struck and Tippany Tippin)

 There are several types of Kontainer packages. The most basic and most used package of Kontainer is free. The free package, however, will cause you to have less disk space and limited features. The more advanced you would like your account, the more it costs. But the more advanced your package is, the more features and disk space are available to you. On  the prices are in Euros. There are 9 different versions of Kontainer accounts. They range from free to 805 Euro a month. If you pick one plan, and realize it isn't the one that is best for you, you are able to change your plan at any point in time. Below you'll find a table with different account types listed with their respective features and prices. (Alexandra Struck, Jesse Small, Tom Wilson)







PRO 50

PRO 100

PRO 250

PRO 500

Disc Space

50 MB

1 GB

5 GB

10 GB

25 GB

50 GB

100 GB

250 GB

500 GB

User Accounts










Phone Support










Custom Colors, Logo, and URL










Picture Editing Tool










Images Convert Module










Video and Sound Convert










User group admin










Price per month










 (Table by Tom Wilson from

Table of Contents


How To Use Kontainer

 (all of How To Use Kontainer (with exception of video link) by Jesse Small)

The first thing to do is go to Kontainer's homepage,, and set up a free account. To access the sign up page go to this link This will allow you to create a website where you can upload your files and folders. Our website, for example, is

When you first get to the website, you will be prompted to enter your username and password. The page will look like this:


After logging in with your personal name and password, this page will appear:


On this page, you can view all of the files and folders that have been uploaded by the administrators. You can see from the picture we have a folder labeled "Homework" and it contains one specific file. When you open up this folder, this new page will appear:


Here, you can open the file to view the uploaded file or folder. Here we have a document labeled "Just A Test".

As you can see, there are many tabs on the side of the webpage. One that may be extremely useful to you is the users tabs. When you open this tab, the page will look like this:


Here you see all the users that have been subscribed to the website. The users who have red people beside them are the administrators. These users are the only ones who can delete and add other users. The main administrator is the only one whose account never expires.

If you have any questions, contact Kontainer: Phone: (+45) 3311 0511. Fax: (+45) 3311 0577. Email:

Click the image below to watch Kontainer's demo video for their website.

 (How to use created by Jesse Small)

Table of Contents


Real World Applications

The Kontainer file exchange and picture archive can be a great tool for any business.  It has several features that allow for ease of access and use.  Being entirely web based allows Kontainer to be accessed from any computer with internet access.  For easy use, there is no software to download or install.  A business person would need to purchase Kontainer through their website. Once bought and signed in, anyone can instantly start uploading important files and pictures for their business.  A business person can also resize, crop, and rotate uploaded pictures in real time.  These pictures can then be saved in the best format for a presentation, for emailing to clients, or for printing. (Josh Peterman)

Another great aspect of Kontainer is their diligence to securing your files and pictures.  All files are backed up on a daily basis; alleviating the stress or worry of losing important information.  This means peace of mind for any business owner.  Along with the backing up of files, there is the ability to restore deleted data that is up to 60 days old.  Accidental deletions and changes in business plans may call for the need of a certain picture, and that picture is still one click away. (Josh Peterman)

Table of Contents


Client Uses

 (Client Uses created by: Josh Peterman) (Pictures by Nic Murray)

Kontainer is used by an array of different businesses in their everyday operations.  From photography to the textile and fashion industry, Kontainer is helping to make business operations easier in a wide range of professions. Kontainer’s has big name clients like Georg Jensen, Sony & BMG Music Entertainment, IKEA, Universal, Metrodome, and MTHojgaard. Multiple businesses use Kontainer for different reasons and allows for Kontainer to satisfy everyday business operations. 



Photographers can use Kontainer to hand in, exchange, or preview photographs to customers and employers. Users also have the power to control who can see, edit, download, or comment on any work they upload using Kontainer.  The main convenience of using Kontainer is the amount of time it takes to upload, edit, and share photographs.  An example of how quick Kontainer works would be how photographers are able to work on and upload pictures and their clients are able to view them in the same day.  Clients may then comment on and suggest changes that can easily be implemented by the photographer without waiting on a regular postal services or trusting email.

Film & TV Industry

Businesses can exchange film and video clips in a several different formats for collaboration.  They can also choose to use the conversion tool and switch file formats to the most common video viewers, such as, QuickTime, Windows Media, and Flash formats.  Again, the ease and speed of Kontainer allows suggesting, commenting, and editing ideas to be posted and relayed between collaborators effortlessly.  Kontainer also allows for only people involved with the project to see and comment on material.

Music Industry

Kontainer provides a safe and secure median which allows users to exchange production plans and sound files. Kontainer even allows users to share artwork between artists, their producers and the music studios.  Kontainer allows clients or collaborators to view only related files.  Kontainer lets users have a preview of the file before you decide to download or modify it. Also Kontainer has a conversion tool for switching sound files to the right size and format. This allows the files to easily be emailed or placed on a website.

Manufacturing Companies

Kontainer can be utilized as a professionally efficient and safe tool for presentations and file storage.  Kontainer contains a tool for putting together professional presentation for both websites and password secured client areas.  Businesses can exchange documents with clients, as well as collaborating on projects with other companies.

Advertising and Communication Industry

Kontainer allows advertising and communication companies the power to present, deliver, and edit all file types in a quick and easy manner.  The Kontainer interface allows for easy access to the files you need when you are nearing a deadline.  With over 100 different document formats supported; Kontainer allows you to view documents online without having to bother with downloads.


Students can use Kontainer to upload their presentations, documents, pictures, etc for teachers to grade.  It is an easier way to turn in projects and uses less paper.  It's better for the environment and for the scatter-brained student who would forget their jump-drive on the day of their presentation.  Students can create different folders to use for different assignments and projects. 

Textile & Fashion Industry

Numerous top name companies use Kontainer to archive, present, and file share past and present collections.  All previous collections are saved to the Kontainer database, and are easily accessed when you need them.  With Kontainer's fantastic security; companies can also preview pieces of future collections to clients or the press without fear of premature leakage of more information than they choose do disclose.  The individual designer can also have their own Kontainer database to archive sketches, photos, and notes from past and future projects.

Click on the image below to watch Kontainer's demo video from their website (as shown previously). 

Table of Contents


International Uses

Kontainer is used as a way of communication all over the world. Companies use it to communicate with people within their own company and outward to other companies.  These companies can easily send things from Europe to the US in a matter of seconds instead of waiting days for mail.  Kontainer could be used as close together as the same building or as far away as a country on the opposite side of the world. Here is a quote from a person with a Kontainer account, and how she uses it along with her opinion of it.

“Kontainer is to us an invaluable tool that provides an overview and ensures that all our colleagues across the S&S, stay updated. At the same time, it lets us maintain a good service to our customers who can always find relevant documents during the production process. Kontainer is easy to use for both colleagues and customers, and saves us time every day at work.”

Anna-Marie Elkjær
Saatchi & Saatchi

Quote from

 (Alexandra Struck)

Kontainer has its central storing site in Denmark, and has many different European clients. All of their pricing is listed in Euros, however, at the top of the page, the language of the site can be changed to Swedish, German, Danish, as well as English.

Table of Contents



With Kontainer your company will always be able to be unique of its self because of its option to use your own logo and color theme. By doing this the company is ensuring its own identity on Kontainer. Companies can also put the log in function for Kontainer on their website to allow quick and easy access for collaborators to access pictures and files.

Edit and Optimize Images – Kontainer allows users to edit, resize, crop, and rotate images. The images can then be saved to any size be it for a presentation, slide show, or printing.

Safety and Backup Your Data – According to the Kontainer website, Kontainer hosts files on “leading--edge IBM servers and backed up by a highly reliable SAN (storage area network).” All the files are located in a central holding center in Copenhagen, Denmark. Kontainer has a Gigabit network for high access speeds, and all the files are backed up daily so that data, that is up to 60 days old, can be restored.

Custom Features – Kontainer creates custom applications and features for customers. Kontainer will then develop what the customer asked for.

Send and Share Files – Files can be sent as attachments or links directly from the Kontainer website. Kontainer encrypts the links so that their security is ensured. The files can then be viewed by collaborators without them logging in.

User and Folder Management – Kontainer allows administrators to create folders, and gives them an option to set specific permissions for each. The client has total control over who can upload, download, delete, or view files in that specific folder.

Custom Branding and Integration – Kontainer lets companies use their own logo and color schemes for their pages. The logo can easily be added to a company website to allow for easy access to collaborators.

Your Files Anywhere – Kontainer is entirely web-based, so the user does not have to download any software. The user will always have access to their files via the internet.

Statistics --Kontainer keeps track of who logs in, as well as the download activity for each file. Kontainer then sends out a detailed monthly report.

Upload and Preview – Kontainer’s upload system allows users to upload as many files as they want. Users can then preview their document and see if they like the look of it; they can also do that with videos, images, and other file formats.

Converting Video Files – Kontainer allows video files to be converted to other formats such as Quicktime, MPEG, Flash Video, and Windows Media

PDF Generation – PDF overviews of files can be automatically created through Kontainer. Contact sheets and selected images can be printed at any time. This allows you to have hard copies of your presentation for meetings or other things.


Lightboxes help keep files organized and accessible; create a lightbox, fill it with documents, and send it to collaborators. With the lightbox tool Kontainer is guaranteeing that only certain files will be viewed by certain customers or collaborators, which can be done by making comments on those files that are specifically linked to those customers and collaborators 

Table of Contents


Lesson Plans

 (Lesson plans created by Tippany Tippin and Alexandra Struck)


Where do our Animals Friends Live.docx

Where do our Animals Friends Live.pdf


Mathematics (STEM, Mathematics): Teachers can upload a math assignment to Kontainer. Students can then access the assignment, fill in their answers, and resubmit it to Kontainer. From there, the teacher can access all the files from the students to grade them.



Social Studies: Teachers can have students upload what they know about a specific topic in social studies to Kontainer. The teacher can review what the students have uploaded and upload their own comments and explanations based on what the students have uploaded. Students can upload questions they have about the material, the teacher can see these and answer them, as if in a classroom. The teacher can upload extra information for the students to use as well as upload an assignment for the students to complete and then upload to Kontainer. The teacher can then access the students files and grade the assignment.


Technology/English Language(STEM, Technology): Teachers can upload an English assignment that requires students to use technology to Kontainer. Students can access the assignment, upload their pictures and their explanations and submit/upload them to Kontainer. The teacher can then review the students completed assignment by accessing their files and grade them.


 Elementary Education/Science

Aquarium Science.docx

Aquarium Science.pdf

Elementary Lesson Plan Nutrition.docx

Elementary Lesson Plan Nutrition.pdf


History/Social Studies: Teachers can upload information and assignments to Kontainer.Students can access the the assignment, fill in the answers and resubmit it to Kontainer. The teacher can then access the students files and grade the assignment. The teacher can also upload a quiz on to Kontainer. Links and videos can be posted that teachers desire for students to view and respond to.   



History Lesson.docx

History Lesson.pdf

English/Physical Science: Teachers can upload information about physical education and an assignment to Kontainer. The students can download the information provided by the teacher and complete the assignment of writing an essay about the material and upload it to Kontainer. The teacher can then access the students files and review their essays and upload comments to each students file. The students can then review the teachers comments and can upload question and have the chance to revise their essays and resubmit them to Kontainer. The teacher can then access the students files and grade them.



Health Sciences (STEM, Science): Teachers can upload a health science assignment to Kontainer. Students can access the the assignment, fill in the answers and resubmit it to Kontainer. The teacher can then access the students files and grade the assignment. The teacher can also upload a quiz on to Kontainer. The students can download the quiz and submit/upload their answer to Kontainer. The teacher can again access the students files and grade them. If the students do not meet the grade requirement to pass the quiz then the teacher can have the students upload an essay about their knowledge of the topic and then access the students files and grade them.



Technology/English Language (STEM, Technology): Teachers can upload an English assignment that requires students to use technology to Kontainer. Students can access the assignment, upload their pictures and their explanations and submit them to Kontainer. The teacher can then review the students completed assignment by accessing their files and grade them. The students can then upload comments on other students projects as part of their final grade.


Technology/Trigonometry: Students are asked to create a unit circle using Geometer's Sketch Pad (v 4.06 or later). Instead of printing out the circle, however, they will submit the file to Kontainer. Once their file has been submitted, students will look at other students' unit circles and measurements and compare answers.


Post Secondary:

Technology/English Language (STEM, Technology): Professors can upload an English assignment that requires students to use technology to Kontainer. Students can access the assignment, upload their pictures and share them with the other students in the class. They can also upload their explanation narratives and submit them to Kontainer. The professor can then review the students completed assignment by accessing their files and grade them. The students can then upload comments on other students projects as part of their final grade.


English Composition: Professors can upload an English assignment that requires the students to write a three page research paper to Kontainer. Students can access the guidelines for the paper on Kontainer. Students can write their paper and upload it to Kontainer. From there the professor can access the students files and review and grade them and re-upload them to Kontainer. The students then have the option to fix any problems with their papers and re-upload their revised work or to accept the grade given. The professor will access the files of those who revised their papers and grade them.


Foreign Language: Professors can upload a Foreign Language assignment that requires students to give feedback in Spanish. The students can then access the assignment, fill in their answers and re-submit it to Kontainer. The professor can then access the students files and grade them based on completion of the assignment.


Table of Contents


Our Advice to Teachers

Kontainer can be found as a valuable tool within the classroom. There are many features that make it easier to edit, store, and manage photos. Teachers may find the PDF creator especially useful since lesson plans and other projects may be shared using a PDF. All files on Kontainer can be backed up so that you will never use your work. It is entirely web-based so teachers from all across the world can share lesson plans and other documents over the web. Kontainer allows immediate access to documents making sharing files, photos, and videos much faster and easier to access.

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Here is our brochure that was handed out during the showcase:



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Kontainer Group Member Introduction Page

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