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h1. {color:#ff9900}??\[{color}{color:#000000}Table of Contents{color}{color:#ff9900}\] {color}

| I. | [What is |#what]\\ |
| II. | [What is the Purpose of |#purpose]\\ |
| III. | [How does Work? |#work]\\ |
| IV. | [What are other Applications you can use with? |#applications] |
| V. | [Unique ways can be used. |#unique] |
| VI. | [Business Application |#business] |
| VII. | [Lesson Plans |#examples] |
| VIII. | [International Use |#international] |
| IX. | [Creators and developers |#creator] |
| X. | [References |#references] |

h1. {color:#ff9900}\[{color}{color:#000000}What is{color}{color:#ff9900}\]{color} {anchor:what}

According to Wall Street Journal, " is a micro-messaging service that allows folks to tweet their favorite songs and create social interactions around music, is on life support" . is a combination of two things: a song and a short message that goes with it.  Blip almost acts a "dictionary" for songs.  With you can read the short message that accompanies the song and decide if it's one you want to listen to or not.  Your short message can contain only one hundred and fifty words.  When a blip is submitted you are considered to be “blipping.”  When someone blips your favorite track, they have added a blip that has your favorite song attached.


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{color:#000080}Getting started on {color}


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\\ {center}{color:#000080}Searching for DJs{color} 


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h1. {color:#ff9900}\[{color}{color:#000000}What is the Purpose of{color}{color:#ff9900}\]{color}

h1. {anchor:purpose}

{color:#000000} has the sole purpose of being able to share music for free online with others. The only requirement one must have to join is to have an account on the website before you can start listening to music. can be compared to the similar website, is not nearly as large as Pandora, but with the help of, is becoming much more popular and has been aquiring a bigger fan base over the last few years.{color}


h5. {color:#000000}+ Some benefits of include:+{color}

*  *Safe social networking*

* *The creation of a personal webpage*

* *Ability to listen to a wide variety of music from a large collection*

* *Free music*

{color:#000000} {color}{color:#000000}{*}Brochure about Blip.Fm:*{color} {color:#000000}*[^Brochedure.doc]*{color}

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h1. {color:#ff9900}\[{color}{color:#000000}How does work?{color}{color:#ff9900}\]{color} {anchor:work} allows users to listen to music that they like while also becoming aware of other music genres they may become interested in.  When opening you will need to create a DJ name to begin your log in process.  There is no cost to the program and only an e-mail address is required for registration.  It is very easy to enter a “blip”, at the top of the page it will say “What song do you want to Blip?” from there you can search a song based on the title or artist.  After you find the song that you want you can include a message to go along with the song which is visible to all users.  The blip is equivalent to a tweet on twitter.  If you click on the tab on the top left titled All DJs you can view I live feed of what other DJs are listening to which introduces you to a variety of music.  You can add DJs into your favorites and even send DJs props with ease.  On the far right of every blip a scroll down menu will pop up which gives you the options to reply or add the song to your playlist along with a few other options.  You begin with 10 credits to your name and with one credit you can send a DJ a prop.  Every time you as a DJ earn a prop you are awarded one credit. is extremely easy to use with clearly labeled tabs and scroll down menus.

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\\ {center}
{color:#000080} Home page{color} 

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{color:#000000} is a site that is cost free and all it takes is the time to sign up. After a user has signed up and has chosen their DJ name, they are considered to be a site DJ for all styles of music and bands that they are interested in not only sharing with others who have similar interestes but listening to while signed into the site. It is an online jukebox that can be created and used for personal enjoyment, parties, gaterings, or to accompany someone in another task.{color}

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h1. {color:#ff9900}\[{color}{color:#000000}What are other Applications you can use with?{color}{color:#ff9900}\]{color}

h1. {anchor:applications} can be used with numerous applications on the web.  The most popular is Twitter, but others include Facebook, FriendFinder, tumblr, livejournal, and  When using with Twitter, a person can choose a song they want to put onto their profile and write a comment about it.  Then, by selecting the “T” for Twitter, the message and song URL get posted onto their Twitter page.

With Facebook, the song will appear in the user’s status.  There will also be a link to the song, as well as the full name of the artist and song.  Since it is a status update, it will appear on all other friends’ pages, allowing them to see what song is being blipped.  Again, in order to put it onto one’s Facebook, the listener has to select the “F” icon and link their and Facebook account together.

FriendFinder does about the same thing as Facebook.  The user can select the song they want to listen to, post a message with it, and link it to their FriendFinder account.  Again, others can see what the person they are friends with is listening to.

Tumblr is very similar to Twitter.  Once the user has selected to link their song to Tumblr, it will appear in a post saying “Listening to ….”  This entire post will be a link, so other viewers can click on it and create a account as well and listen to the song.

{color:#000080}Locating the Sharing Options{color}

!Screen shot 2012-03-06 at 10.09.53 PM.png|border=1!
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h1. {color:#ff9900}\[{color}{color:#000000}Unique ways can be used.{color}{color:#ff9900}\]{color} {anchor:unique} is a website similar to Pandora in its approach, design, and purpose.  The site has a very simple and basic structure, indicating that it is still an up and coming website and no where close to the level that Pandora is on.  However, does have its features that make it stand out as well.  People can use in many different ways.  Some might use it for the social aspect of it and try to meet new people, others might make it their online music server, etc.  Below is a list of some of the features that come with a account...

\-You can use it for getting people to identify tracks.

\-You can use Blip to post to Twitter so when you “Tweet” you can add a music attachment.

\-There are other networks that compare to, (such as Muxtape and however Blip is on its own level due to the fact that it is the music people are listening to “right now”.  Yet at the same time it’s the particular tracks that they’ve chosen to share with the rest of the Blip world.

\-Blip is the combination of music tracks plus comments that make it interesting -- it connects the track to that person (somewhat showing you who what type of person they are…).

\-Blip has got a couple of nice ‘friend making’ features.  When you sign up it suggests a group of 30 people with similar music tastes to you.

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h1. {color:#ff9900}\[{color}{color:#000000}Business Application{color}{color:#ff9900}\]{color}

h1. {anchor:business} is a way that businesses could work together, whether it is the same businesses or different ones. allows one to upload their own content, and recorded conferences or meetings could be uploaded to be listened to at a later time.  This would be pretty much the same as a podcast, just on  There are only a few of these that are on the site, but with the name of this online program being spread around, the number could rise.

Another way can be used for businesses is for up and coming artists.  This is a good way for them to get their music out there, and gain a great fan base.  Since it is free to upload, it is probably the most convenient way that artists could begin their search for fame.

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h1. {color:#ff9900}\[{color}{color:#000000}Examples of how is being used for Education{color}{color:#ff9900}\]{color} {anchor:examples}

h2. +Elementary+

|| h5. Word Lesson Plans
h5. || h5. PDF Lesson Plans ||
| h5.  +Instruments and Voices+ | h5.  [Instruments and Voices|^instruments and voices.pdf] |
| h5.  +[Music Genres|^Music genres.docx]+ | h5.  +[Music Genres|^Music genres.pdf]+ |
| h5.  +[Stem|^Stem.docx]+ | h5.  +[Stem|^stem.pdf]+ |
| h5.  +[Telling Time|^Telling Time.doc]+ | h5. {color:#000000}[Telling Time|^Telling Time.pdf]{color} |

h2. +Middle School+


|| h5. Word Lesson Plans || h5. PDF Lesson Plans ||
| h5.  +Literature and Music+ | h5. [Literature and Music|^writingmusiclessonplan.doc] |
| h5.  [Writing Music|^writingmusiclessonplan.doc] | h5. [Writing Music|^Writing music.pdf] |
| h5.  +[Music and Social Networking|^networking.doc]+ | h5.  [Music and Social Networking|^Social networking.pdf] |
| h5.  +[English as A Second Language|^second language.docx]+ | \\
*+[English as A Second Language|^blippic.png]+* |
| h5.  +Poetry Slam+ | h5. +[Poetry Slam|^Lesson Plan Blip.pdf]+ |
| h5. +[Song Interpretation|^EDCI Lesson Plan- Song Interpretation.docx]+ | h5. [Song Interpretation|^EDCI Lesson Plan- Song Interpretation.pdf] |

h3. +High School+

|| h5. Word Lesson Plans || h5.  PDF Lesson Plans ||
| h5.  [Music Theory|^Music Theory.doc] | h5. +[Music Theory |^Music Theory.pdf]+ |
| h5.  +[Music and Politics|^Music and Politics.docx]+ | h5. +[Music and Politics|^Music and Politics.pdf]+ |
| h5.  +[World Scavenger Hunt|^worldscavengerhunt.docx]+ | h5. [World Scavenger Hunt|^World Scavenger Hunt.pdf] |
| h5. +[ Lesson Plan|^ Lesson Plan.docx]+ | h5. {color:#000000}[ Lesson Plan|^blipfm lesson plan.pdf]{color} |
| h5.  [Music and Mood|^Music and Mood.docx] | h5. [{color:#000000}Music and Mood{color}|^Music and Mood.pdf] |
| h5. +[Integrating Art and Music|^Project 2 Lesson Plan final.docx]+ | \\
h5. +[Integrating Art and Music|^Project 2 Lesson Plan final.pdf]+ |

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h1. {color:#ff9900}\[{color}{color:#000000}International Use{color}{color:#ff9900}\]{color} {anchor:international}


Blip fm is now streaming through imeem, a social media web site where users can share music. Because of the recent change users only have the right to use music that is free and legal.  If you are outside the United States you will not be able to stream songs.  However thanks to the messages you write online, international users can still view messages and see what you are listening to.  International users can read anything that is posted, but can no longer use Blip fm as a media player.

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h1. {color:#ff9900}\[{color}{color:#000000}Creators and developers{color}{color:#ff9900}\]{color} {anchor:creator}


h4. Jeff Yasuda -- Founder & CEO

Jeff is the CEO and Founder of, a social DJ service which has been described as the Twitter for Music. Music has always been an important part of Jeff’s life and he considers himself a bona fide hack on guitar. Prior to Fuzz, Jeff has worked with numerous technology companies in software, hardware, computer services, semiconductor services and telecommunications equipment companies.

[^Jeff Yasuda Bio.pdf]

h4. Arin Sarkissian - Creator/Lead Developer

h4. Brian Venneman - COO

h4. Ian White - Lead Developer

h4. Ryan Downing - Software Developer



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h1. {color:#ffcc00}\[{color}{color:#888888}References{color}{color:#ffcc00}\]{color}


h5. Elementary Lesson Plans: [Elementary Academic Standards|]

h5. Middle School Lesson Plans: [Middle School Academic Standards|]

h5. High School Lesson Plans: [High School Academic Standards|]

h5. International Use: []

h5. What is []

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