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h2.  [Research page ( DO NOT DELETE)|]



h5. {color:#3366ff}This Page Edited By: Lauryn Ricks, Meg Touvell, Rachel Wright, Michael Coates, Ryan Arlis, Resat Bozkir, Fatih Dagtekin, Onur Onur, and M.Ali Celikbag{color}
|| h3. {color:#99cc00}Section{color} || h3. {color:#99cc00}Table of Contents{color} ||
| {color:#3366ff}I.{color} | [{color:#ff9900}History{color}|#history]\\ {color:#3366ff}I.1{color} [{color:#3366ff}Development{color}|#develop]\\ {color:#3366ff}I.2{color} [{color:#3366ff}How works?{color}|#works]\\ {color:#3366ff}I.3{color} [{color:#3366ff}Getting more out of the Application{color}|#app] |
| {color:#3366ff}II.{color} | [{color:#ff9900}Getting Started{color}|#start]\\ {color:#3366ff}II.1{color} [{color:#3366ff}Setting up a 12second account{color}|#account]\\ {color:#3366ff}II.2{color} [{color:#3366ff}Sending video{color}|#send]\\ |
| {color:#3366ff}III.{color} | [{color:#ff9900}How relates to other applications?{color}|#relate]\\ {color:#3366ff}III.1{color} [{color:#3366ff}Comparison to Competitors{color}|#compare]\\ {color:#3366ff}III.2{color} [{color:#3366ff}Unique Uses{color}|#unique] |
| {color:#3366ff}IV.{color} | [{color:#ff9900}Real World Application{color}|#world]\\ {color:#3366ff}IV.1{color} [{color:#3366ff}Educational Lesson Plans{color}|#lesson]\\ {color:#3366ff}i.{color} [{color:#3366ff}Elementary{color}|#elem]\\ {color:#3366ff}ii.{color} [{color:#3366ff}Secondary{color}|#second]\\ {color:#3366ff}iii.{color} [{color:#3366ff}Post Secondary{color}|#post]\\ {color:#3366ff}IV.2{color} [{color:#3366ff}Business/Industry{color}|#industry]\\
[{color:#3366ff}business{color}|#business] |
| {color:#3366ff}V.{color} | [{color:#ff9900}Demonstration of Educational Value{color}|#value] |
| {color:#3366ff}VI.{color} | [{color:#ff9900}How is used Internationally{color}|#international] |
| {color:#3366ff}VII.{color} | [{color:#ff9900}References{color}|#ref] |
| [Group Member Introduction|#members] \\
\\ |


h2.  {color:#99cc00} I. History of{color}


h4. {color:#3366ff}I.1 Development{color} was created by a group in Santa Cruz, California as a way to keep people up to date with use of short videos (12 seconds). The use of videos has found to be much more appealing than text and with the ease of connections to social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace, uploading these updates has become quite easy.

h4. {color:#3366ff}I. 2 How Works{color}

• allows for status updates using video.
• It’s an easy way to share what you’re doing with friends and family
• was founded to provide a way to upload a less ambiguous way to post updates to social networking sites.
• The creators of found that 12 seconds allows enough time to get across a small update, but not be too long to become boring.
• Instead of updating to a site that you are at a ballgame, a user can take a video at the game showing the action and then upload to their account. will then send out the video automatically to Twitter and Facebook.

[Table of Contents|#toc]


h4. {color:#3366ff}I.3 Getting More Out of the Application{color}

• Access to is limited to users over the age of 13.
• will provide a specific e-mail and phone number for submitting videos to an account.
• The user can create an account with a name of their choosing. This will create a webpage for the user to upload their videos.
• After uploading videos, will automatically transfer that users videos to their Twitter or Facebook accounts.
• Users can upload videos from their cell phones, iPhones, webcam, or video-streaming applications on the web.
• works with Flixwagon and Qik to upload the first 12 seconds of live video form an account with these companies to a users account on


h2. {color:#99cc00} II. Getting Started{color}
Setting Up an Account
*  In order to use you first must set up a free account by clicking on the sign in/register tab, located at the top of the page.
* After clicking this tab, a new window will pop up, you must then click Sign up with 12seconds.
* Then you are to make a user name and password, after your registration is complete click the sign up button at the bottom of the page
* Congratulations you are now a member of\! You may now start sharing videos with family and friends.

Here's how to get started:

1. Record your first video update using the recorder on your
logged in home page.
(need a webcam? get one at our store.)

2. Invite some friends to update them with quick videos.
(12seconds is all about sharing updates with your friends.)

3. Send video from your mobile phone\! - Login to get the address you can send to.
(Any videos sent to this special, unique e-mail will be posted
on your 12Seconds page\!)

   If you have a Twitter account, make sure to fill out the log in
   and password on the settings page to share your video updates
   with your Twitter friends.



h4. {color:#3366ff}12seconds on your Mobile Device{color}

h5. {color:#ff9900}{*}Sending your Video by Email{*}{color}

Emailing your video is the easiest way to get a video from your mobile device to 12seconds.  All you have to do is take a mobile video on your phone and email it to your special mobile number that is assigned to you.  When 12seconds receives the video they will then process it and post it on the website under your username.  Note: 12seconds does not support Sprint at this time.


h5.  {color:#ff9900}{*}Where do you find your Upload Number?*{color}

Your unique email upload address is located on your settings page and also on your logged in home page. “12+” is what all addresses start with. It's important to make sure you include the entire address when you send your clips.

h5.  {color:#ff9900}{*}12seconds and iPhone{*}{color}

12 seconds now has an iPhone application that you may purchase on the app store for 99cents.  Since the iPhone doesn't allow you to take video, 12seconds came up with a way to still allow iPhone users to use 12seconds.  By using this application, you can take 3 images and record audio with the images and summit it to the site.  They then take your images and audio and make it into a movie.

!iphone.jpg|border=1! !iphone2.jpg|border=1!
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h2. {color:#99cc00}III. How relates to other applications?{color}

There are social networks that is able to directly connect with through applications that are available on's site. The makers of made it easy to share videos with friends. The purpose of is to share what someone is doing with the people they know.

Twitter is used to keep your friends up to date on your activities and can make those updates better. In the settings for there is a place to sign into twitter directly from's site. The site does it all. There is an option where a user can have all updates from show up on their twitter page. This allows friends and family who use twitter to see new videos.

Facebook, TweetDeck, and Friend Feed are all other applications that are used for One can add a video to anyone of theses networks through one's own account. This again allows more friends to see the videos they are making. Friendfeed actually works so that going to is no longer necessary, one can actually do their 12second video through Friend Feed's web site. 


h4. {color:#3366ff}1. The Comparison to Competitors{color}

|| {color:#ff9900}Video Pages{color} || {color:#ff9900}The Capability{color} ||
| ** | Share 12 seconds videos from a mobile phone or web cam. \\ |
| *Qik* | Streaming live videos online from a  mobile phone. \\ |
| *Jing* | Capture screens and record audios and videos. \\ |
| *Seesmic* | Post videos and view them. \\ |
| ** | Broadcast videos and view others. \\ |
| ** | Share videos and connect to others through video chat. \\ |
| *YouTube* | Share videos with no limit |


h4. {color:#3366ff}2. Unique Uses{color} can be made, posted and viewed via computer or phone. This can be helpful for teaching by making and showing short 12 second videos in class. 12seconds. tv can be posted on Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, blogs and websites. If there is a class website a teacher would be able to post a 12second video of whatever they like on their website. Also through people can follow others video posts. This allows for quick demonstrations to help students who may not have gotten the initial concept and let them see it as many times as needed. Not only is helpful for the teacher and making lessons, but also students could use a 12 second video in a presentation. This would be possible because it is easy to access and short enough that it would not take up much of the presentation.

[Table of Contents|#toc]


h2. {color:#ffffff}      Elementary Lesson Plans{color}  

h3.  {color:#3366ff}Elementary Lesson Plans{color}

| {color:#ff9900}{*}Topic:*{color} | Telling Time Lesson \\ |
| \\
\\ {color:#ff9900}{*}Objectives:*{color} | * Students will be able to recognize time on a clock
* Given a computer and pictures of clocks with different times represented on each |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}Grade Level:*{color} | Kindergarten-2nd grade \\ |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}ISTE/NETS Standards:*{color} | 2. Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}Lessons:*{color} | [^Time Lesson Plan.docx]\\
[^Time Lesson Plan.pdf] \\ |

| {color:#ff9900}{*}Topic:*{color} | Addition Lesson \\ |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}Objective:*{color} | * Students will be able to add numbers together to get the correct sum
* Given a computer students will watch different addition problems being constructed |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}Grade Level:*{color} | Kindergarten-1st \\ |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}ISTE/NETS Standards:*{color} | 5. Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}Lessons:*{color} | [^Addition Lesson Plan.docx]\\
[^Addition Lesson Plan.pdf] \\ |

| {color:#ff9900}{*}Topic: *{color}{color:#ff9900}            {color} \\ | US Geography Lesson \\ |
| \\
\\ {color:#ff9900}{*}Objectives:*{color} | * Students will be able to locate states and correctly identify them on an outline of the United States
* They will be given 30 minutes to identify as many states as possible within this time
* They will present about one state to the class at the end of the time |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}Grade Level:*{color} | 5th Grade |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}ISTE/NETS Standards:*{color} | 1. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}Lessons:*{color} | [^US Geography.docx] \\
[^US Geography.pdf] \\ |

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h3.  {color:#3366ff}Secondary Lesson Plans{color}

| {color:#ff9900}{*}Topic:*{color}{color:#ff9900}         {color} \\ | Persuasive Speech Lesson |
| \\ {color:#ff9900}{*}Objectives:*{color} | * Students should be able to demonstrate the appropriate classroom public speaking and listening skills (e.g., body language, articulation, listening to be able to identify specific examples of the speaker's coordination of talking). Students should be able to define the elements of persuasion and understand outlining main ideas. Lastly students should be able to create a persuasive speech. |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}GradeLevel:*{color} | High School \\ |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}ISTE/NETS Standards:*{color} | |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}Lessons:*{color} | [Persuasive Speech.docx|^Persuasive  Speech.docx] \\
[Persuasive Speech.pdf|^Persuasive  Speech.pdf] \\ |

| {color:#ff9900}{*}Topic:*{color}{color:#ff9900}         {color} \\ | Geometric Shapes Lesson \\ |
| \\ {color:#ff9900}{*}Objectives:*{color} | Upon completion of this lesson students should be able to: \\
          A. Identify and construct basic geometric shapes. \\
          B. Enter coordinates using the absolute, relative, and polar methods. \\
          C. Apply the object snap feature and the APERATURE, OSNAP, and DDOSNAP commands. \\
          D. Control AutoCAD features including the coordinate display, ortho, the TIME command, the AutoCAD Text and Command    Windows, and the SAVETIME system variable. |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}GradeLevel:*{color} | 11th and 12 grade \\ |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}ISTE/NETS Standards:*{color} | 1. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}Lessons:*{color} | [^Auto CAD.docx]\\
[^Auto CAD.pdf] \\ |

| {color:#ff9900}{*}Topic:*{color}{color:#ff9900}         {color} \\ | Teamwork Lesson \\ |
| \\ {color:#ff9900}{*}Objectives:*{color} | * Students will be able to define teamwork.
* Students will work together to brainstorm 3/4 words that teamwork means to them.
* Students will develop three or four positive guidelines for working in a group together. |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}GradeLevel:*{color} | 6th-8th grade \\ |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}ISTE/NETS Standards:*{color} | 1. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}Lessons:*{color} | [^Teamwork.docx]  \\
[^Teamwork.pdf] \\ |

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h3.  {color:#3366ff}Post Secondary Lesson Plans{color}

| {color:#ff9900}{*}Topic:*{color}{color:#ff9900}         {color} \\ | Manufacturing and Design \\ |
| \\ {color:#ff9900}{*}Objectives:*{color} | Upon completion of this lesson students should be able to: \\
          A. Design parts for manufacturing processes. \\
          B. Alter entities using the CHAMFER, BREAK, FILLET, OFFSET, and MLINE commands. \\
          C. Apply the CHANGE, MOVE, COPY, and MIRROR commands. \\
          D. Create rectangular and polar arrays. \\
          E. Modify entities by using the STRETCH, SCALE, ROTATE, TRIM, EXTEND, and LENGTHEN commands. \\
          F. Apply the TRACE, SOLID, and FILL commands. \\
          G. Apply polylines and spline curves.      \\ |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}Grade Level:*{color} | College \\ |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}Lessons:*{color} | [^Manufacturing Design.docx]\\
[^Manufacturing Design.pdf] \\ |

| {color:#ff9900}{*}Topic:*{color}{color:#ff9900}         {color} \\ | Calculus Lesson |
| \\ {color:#ff9900}{*}Objectives:*{color} | The students will be able to identify a situation in which the optimization method can be used given previous knowledge of how to do the problems. They will be able to correctly identify each step of the problem given a picture or video and the 12seconds application. Finally, they will be able to present their findings to the class in a visual presentation. |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}Grade Level:*{color} | College \\ |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}Lessons:*{color} | [^Calculus Lesson.docx]\\
[^Calculus Lesson.pdf] \\ |


| {color:#ff9900}{*}Topic:*{color}{color:#ff9900}         {color} \\ | Guest Speaker Lesson \\ |
| \\ {color:#ff9900}{*}Objectives:*{color} | * Students will get to meet a guest speaker over the internet using The speaker will tell the students about their self. The students will then have to ask the speaker a question. After the speaker responds, the students will then type a 3 page paper arguing or agreeing with the speaker’s response. It will apply to the topic of discussion and meet MLA format. This will be done with 100% accuracy.. |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}Grade Level:*{color} | College \\ |
| {color:#ff9900}{*}Lessons:*{color} | [^Guest Speaker.doc]\\
[^Guest Speaker.pdf] \\ |


{color:#3366ff}Business Application {color} business applications can range from step-by-step instructions that can be used to train new employees or to troubleshoot  problems that have simple fixes. is best used in any type of business area that needs precise step-by-step procedures such as surgery and other medical procedures.

Table of Contents


h2.  {color:#99cc00}V. Educational Value {color}

Educators have been looking for ways to keep students up to date with technology. This Web 2.0 technology has a variety of applications that can be useful in the classroom. One example that was posted by a teacher was the idea of using for virtual pen-pals.
Students can utilize this application for a group project they are working on and hold discussions, share multimedia, and videos. Students can get that face to face interaction with one another on their own time.


h2. {color:#99cc00} VI. International Uses {color}
{anchor:ref}The great thing about is that anyone can view the website. In other words, if you have access to the internet then it is available for you to
use. I watched a 12 second video on the website of someone from United Kingdom. This just proves that it is something that is becoming a new popular site to
use all around the world. Internationally, people are able to watch video clips of people from the U.S., and vice versa. Maybe a person from Hawaii wants to
post a video about the problems now existing after the hurricane. Anyone in the world would be able to find out what it’s really like in Hawaii by watching
the video. is now moving into the realm of business and causes. With the 12omercial feature companies, like LG and Xobni, they are now paying to have
people upload 12 second video commercials to twitter to help promote their business or cause. (Siegler, 2009). 


h2. {color:#99cc00}VII. References {color}


h4. {color:#3366ff}Group Member Introduction {color}

Hi my name is Lauryn Ricks and I'm the project leader for  I'm a sophomore here at Purdue University majoring in Elementary Education.  I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher.  My plan is to be a Kindergarten teacher, and then hopefully some day open my own daycare center.  I'm looking forward to working with everyone on this project and really excited to see how hopefully some day I can use in my own classroom. 
Hello\! My name is Resat Bozkir. I am a junior at the department of Computer and Instructional Technology Education at Bilkent University. I am really excited with this project. I hope we will enjoy doing this project. Recording videos with the help of seems enjoyable.
Hi all there\!
I am Mehmet Ali Çelikba. I'm a junior at Bilkent University studying Computer and Instructional Technology Teacher Education. I hopefully would like to get my doctorate degree abroad and be an academician. Anybody can add my msn addy in project group if they wish.
Talk to you soon again\!
I am Michael Coates. I am 30, married, and returning to college to earn a degree in Chemistry Education. I have worked as a Chemical Technician and have an Associate's Degree in Chemical Laboratory Technologies. My wife is a 3rd grade teacher.
Hi everyone\! I am Margaret Touvell, but please call me Meg. I am a sophomore at Purdue University. Boiler UP\! I am majoring in Family and Consumer Science Education. I am excited to work.
Hello\! My name is Rachel Wright. I'm a junior at Purdue University. I am majoring in Elementary Education. I'm hoping to one day be a 4th grade teacher in a state other than Indiana. I am looking forward to learning new things from this project\!
Hi everyone. My name is Fatih Dagtekin and I'm a junior at the department of Computer and Instructional Education at Bilkent University. This is my first project about Web 2.0 Tools and I'm exciting to work on this project. I hope it will be enjoyable project.
Hello everyone, My name is Ryan Arlis, I'm a sophomore at Purdue in the Tech Ed area of study. I'm fairly good with technology and Web 2.0  technologies but I look forward learning some new things from this project.

Hi all, Im Onur Onur from Bilkent University from the Department of Computer and Instructional Technology Teacher Education. This project will be a different experience for me. I love snowboarding and playing drums.
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