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[INSITE:Intodit Research Page]

[INSITE:Intodit Group Member Introduction Page]  Please feel free to check us out\!

h3. {color:#000000}{+}Table of Contents{+}{color}

h5. [I. What is Intodit?|#intodit]

h5. [II. What is a Wiki?|#Wiki]

h5. [III. What is Web 2.0?|#web]

h5. [IV. Other forms of 2.0 applications|#applications]

h5. [V. How to create an Intodit|#create]

h5. [VI. Demonstration of Educational Value|#value]

h5. [VII. Real World Application|#world]

h5. [VIII. How Intodit is used Internationally?|#internationally]

h5. [IX. How Intodit Relates to other Applications|#relates]

h5. [X. References|#references]

h3. {color:#993300}{*}I. What is Intodit?*{color} 

   {color:#000000}* *{color}

{color:#000000}Intodit is a relatively new wiki started on the web.  It was revealed and started in 2008.  Two names, "into" and "edit", were combined to create the name, "Intodit." One can create their own wiki with help from Intodit. The primary version that Intodit has created is free, but a new version is currently on the way.  The new version is private and is gaining more possibilities than ever before. As with most wikis, there is the risk of vandalism but in Intodit you can easily access the history of previously saved pages. In the event of another user changing your page you may instantly revert back to the previous version.{color}

{color:#000000}Intodit is a legible and clear wiki to work with.  It contains a simple design that gives you a clear picture of what the wiki has to offer.{color}
{color:#000000}The Intodit website contains instructions that explain what to do when creating a wiki.  The instructions are very simple to understand, therefore it only takes a few minutes to create. A few pages are attached that allow the most common questions and answers to appear.  This kind of help makes understanding Intodit to the fullest much easier.{color}

{color:#000000}When building your wiki, Intodit allows you to choose your own background, whether this contains colors, patterns, or pictures.  Another{color}{color:#000000} {color}{color:#000000}positive feature that Intodit offers, is one that can allow you to express your interests.  It is a personal wiki that shows others exactly who you are as a person. {color}{color:#000000} {color}{color:#000000}They offer a function that give you the option of choosing categories that you are interested in.  They offer this function because it makes it easier to find friends that have the same interests as you.  You can also create your own widgets.  Some of examples of these could be...{color}
# {color:#000000}Movies{color}
# {color:#000000}Pictures{color}
# {color:#000000}Music{color}
# {color:#000000}Short Videos/Documentaries{color}
# {color:#000000}Various Information{color}

{color:#000000}When using Intodit within schools, experts say that RSS should be used.  It is an important function within school context.{color}

{color:#000000}The following website is known as "The Official Intodit Help Group."{color} {color:#000000}With this website, users can become more knowledgeable with the Intodit program which will help them to use it to the fullest.  They allow both questions and discussions to be held that will answer any question that viewers may have.  It also allows them to understand what you can and cannot do within an Intodit.{color}{color:#000000}[1|#1]{color} [2|#2] [10|#10]

Like any other internet application, Intodit has both good and bad things that contribute.  
| {color:#ff9900}{*}Positive{*}{color} | {color:#ff9900}{*}Negative{*}{color} |
| Intodit allows users to easily keep in contact with friends and family. | Intodit could be a distraction for people.  Ex: students might be more excited about getting on their Intodit account, rather than doing their homework. |
| It gives users the chance to be a part of a network of people that share the same interests/views as they do. | Intodit is still a young program and glitches are still being worked out.  Because it is so new, users have easy access to giving the creators advice on how to make the program better and easier to use. |
| It allows users to be involved in understanding other countries and how they work. | When talking with those from other countries, users need to remember that societies work very differently.  Slang in one country may be taken as an insult in another. |
| Intodit allows companies to easily communicate with plants in other countries. | When chatting with people from other countries, the language gap could be a problem. |

h3. {color:#993300}{*}II. What is a Wiki{*}{color}{color:#993300}? {color} 

{color:#000000}The word, or expression wiki means easily translated fast. It is a website where content can be edited or changed in a simple way by the user. New information can be published and headlines can be created instantly{color} {color:#000000}on the website.{color}

{color:#000000}"Wiki is a piece of server software that allows users to freely create and edit a Web page's content using any Web browser. Wiki supports hyperlinks and has a simple text syntax for creating new pages and cross links between internal pages on the fly."{color}

Wiki's are most often used because the majority of them are free and their information is easily accessed by the world. The downside to these sites being so easily accessed is that the information found can be misleading or even incorrect due to the freedom people have regarding what they can post.  There are however, over 75,000 "hot authors" that have the job of adding information, and maintaining the integrity of the website.

{color:#000000}Different situations in which wikis can be used:{color}

|| {color:#ff9900}Referencebook{color} ||
| 1. Data bases |
| 2. Projects |
| 3. Blogs |
| 4. Communities |
| 5. Education platforms |
| 6. Notebooks |

{color:#000000} Examples:{color}
# {color:#000000}Projects \-- One can change or switch documents with friends in a fast and easy way. Feedback can also be given when necessary.{color}
# {color:#000000}Community -- A place were people with the same interests can meet and and discuss their thoughts.{color}
# {color:#000000}Notebook -- A book that is personal that can be reached from any point in the world.{color}

{color:#000000}What you can say generally about all these kind of wikis, is that they are all fact bases that we can take part in and learn from. They are used to save important information. An example on a famous wiki{color}.

{color:#000000}Wikipedia is one of the most used wiki programs. It can be used around the world with versions in over 100 different languages. However, the information found on Wikipedia is sometimes put there by ill-informed civilians causing the site to be untrustworthy at times. On the other hand, having opinions from around the world can also be beneficial. {color}

{color:#000000}To be able to create your own wiki you must install a wiki program on your computer.{color} {color:#000000}[3|#3]{color}{color:#000000} {color}{color:#000000}[4|#4]{color}{color:#000000} {color}{color:#000000}[11|#11]{color}

h3. {color:#993300}{*}III. What is Web 2.0?*{color}* * 


{color:#000000}Intodit is a 2.0 application. The following information is an explanation of that application:{color}

{color:#000000}The term {color}{color:#000000}{_}Web 2.0{_}{color}{color:#000000} is refers to web applications that allows interactive information, user-centered design, and interaction on the internet.  {color}
|| {color:#ff9900}Examples of Web 2.0{color} || ||
| Web-based communities | [Wikipedia|] |
| Web Applications | Any of the applications on [|]\! |
| Social-networking Sites | [Facebook|], [MySpace|], [Twitter|] |
| Video-sharing sites | [YouTube|] |
| Wikis | [|] |
| Blogs | [Digg|], [Tumblr|] |


{color:#000000}A Web 2.0 site allows its users to interact with other users or to change website content.  This contrasts with non-interactive websites where users are limited to only viewing information that is provided to them.{color}

{color:#000000}Web 2.0 applications are becoming more popular everyday. It is not uncommon to see a person spending their time checking a facebook page as opposed to watching television these days.{color}

{color:#000000}Some interesting facts about these new web sites and networking web 2.0 sites...{color}

(*b) {color:#000000}  On average there are over 37,500 blog posts per hour.{color}

(*b) {color:#000000}  Over 5 billion minutes spent on Facebook each day world wide.{color}

(*b) {color:#000000}  The popularity of these applications have only been increasing.  The total time spent on social networking sites has increased by 82% over the past year.{color}

The following link explains just what a Web 2.0 is and how it can be applied to the world... 

\\ {center}

\\ {center}

Web 2.0 is not a new concept, but the advancements in this technology has made it a tool that is continuing to become more and more popular.  Web 2.0s have been reformatted so that the user can become more interactive within the sites.  They have designed new ways to arrange sites and make it more efficient so that users can get more out of the internet than ever before.  They have and will continue to make these advancements to make the sites more "user friendly."   

{color:#000000}Like other Web 2.0s, Intodit allows participants to interact with the people around them through a variety of topics.  Groups are made throughout the wiki which others can vote on making your group more popular than before.  People are also able to sign up for contests/surveys that have prizes as their reward.{color}
{color:#000000}Like other wikis, one has to sign up for an Intodit in order to participate with everything that it has to offer.  Someone is not able to get into Intodit without first creating a user name and password.  Go to this website to create your Intodit page now\!{color} {color:#000000}[5|#5]{color} {color:#000000}[6|#6]{color}

h3. {color:#993300}{*}IV. Other forms of 2.0 applications{*}{color}{color:#993300} {color} {color:#000000}* *{color}

h3. {color:#000000}  {color}


{color:#000000}Facebook is a social networking site. Since September 2006 anyone with a valid email address is allowed to become a Facebook user.  The user can send messages, chat live with others, add friends and become members in different networks and groups. These groups can then send the member instant information regarding activities and ways to get involved.  Facebook has revolutionized the way people interact with one another.  It makes "keeping up with old friends" much simpler with a simple click of a mouse.  Today there are over 400 million Facebook users all over the world.{color}

{color:#000000}Mark Zuckerberg funded Facebook in 2004 while he was a student at Harvard University. The site first only allowed Harvard students to use Facebook.  It then expanded to other colleges in the Boston area. In 2005 the Facebook capabilities then traveled to other countries like Australia and Mexico.{color}

{color:#000000}With the sale of social networking website MySpace to News Corp on July 2005, rumors surfaced about the possible sale of Facebook to a larger media company. Zuckerberg had already said he did not want to sell the company, and denied rumors to the contrary. On March 2006. Facebook reportedly declined an offer of $750 million from an unknown bidder, and it was rumored the asking price rose as high as $2 billion.{color}

{color:#000000}The members can create profiles with photos,contact information etc. Communicating with friends and other users can be done through private messages and chat. Users can also join grubs and networks.  {color}

{color:#000000}Facebook collects as much data from its visitors as Google and Microsoft do.  It is a fast growing community of friends and networks that will continue expanding throughout both young and old generations.{color}


{color:#000000}YouTube was founded in 2005. It is a video-sharing site.  People can upload videos from their laptop, camera, or cell phone. The videos can be shared amongst peers, or just web surfers.  In just the six years since YouTube was founded, it has reached the milestone of having over two billion views each day.{color}

{color:#000000}YouTube also shares links with MySpace and Facebook.  Through these social networking sites, the video-sharing site gets even more views. Through MySpace is gets 5.6 years of videos watched per day, and through Facebook it gets 46.2 years of videos watched per day.{color}


{color:#000000}Jimmy Donal founded the free online encyclopedia called, Wikipedia. {color} {color:#000000}Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that is written by its users. Anyone can create an article or correct one that has already been written. Although this can be a great resource for those searching for information on a particular topic, it also has its downsides.  Wikipedia is open for any user to put any type of information on the site - correct or incorrect data.{color}

{color:#000000}At help can be found on how to write a good article in any language.  This resource can also help users to learn how to correct or erase something from someone else's text. Wikipedia requests that a user only adds information from reliable sources that they know is correct.  Wikipedia wants to be a reliable encyclopedia, therefore they continuously ask users to make sure that the information that they add is correct.  Assistance can be found with Wikipedia on how to find reliable information for the Wikipedia addition.{color}

{color:#000000}Jenny Stiernstedt writes in DN 2009-10-27 that Swedish Wikipedia has about{color} {color:#000000}330.000 articles written by 140.000 users. While this is true, only about 1.000 people are truly involved in the{color}{color:#000000} encyclopedia.{color} {color:#000000}[7|#7]{color} {color:#000000}[8|#8]{color} [9|#9] [12|#12]

h3. {color:#993300}{*}V. How to create an Intodit{*}{color}


h3. !blaha.jpg|border=1,width=267,height=118!

 This website was made for users to upload facts and other information via wiki. allows you to organize your own wiki with certain knowledge, discussions, and much more.

h3. !Pil.png|border=1,width=298,height=347!

To sign up, go to the [|] homepage and simply click on the link that says "sign up", then follow these simple steps:
\* Create a user name
\* Insert a password
\* Provide an email

Now, click on the link that says "create a wiki" and choose a category, title, or a short description for your wiki - including keywords that make your wiki available in the search list.  There will then be a final window in which you write down the address for your wiki. To the right you will see if your address is available or not.

!Create wiki.png|border=1,width=435,height=342!                      !Style and invite.png|border=1,width=435,height=342!

h3. {color:#993300}{*}VI. Demonstration of Educational Value{*}{color}{color:#993300}  {color}{color:#000000}* *{color}

h3. {color:#000000}  {color}

{color:#339966}{*}How to use Intodit as an educational tool{*}{color}
* Intodit is a great way for teachers to spread information.
* It also easy for students to find information quickly.
* It´s a great communication tool because it is easily accessible. As as a result of this it will save the teacher time and energy when they are handing out assignments.

# When students are absent, they can access the information they have missed.
# Intodit can also be used when the students have to call in sick, and the parents are also informed. This allows the teachers to have a clear view of the class attendance.
# Intodit can be used as a tool when working as a group. The students will have all the information available at the same place, and in the same format. Its easy to get and user friendly.
# When the students have larger assignments to hand in, it is easy to post them on an Intodit page. The teacher will have them easy accessible and will not have to keep track of several paper copies. This will also save the environment.

{color:#000000}Intodit is a great tool to advertise schools. It is a way to reach potential students and to also compete with other schools in ranking. Field days and sporting events can be advertised with Intodit through the use of posting pictures and information about that event. This is a way of strengthening school spirit through pictures and even comments from the students themselves.  Intodit is a digital window to the rest of the world.{color}

h3. {color:#993300}{*}VII. Real World Application{*}{color}

h3.  {color:#000000}* *{color}

h4. {color:#ff9900}{*}i. Elementary{*}{color}

h5. {color:#339966}{*}1. Science Chapter STEM - By James Mogollon{*}{color}

\-Given a lesson from the science book students will be able to complete the chapter and answer a review question using Intodit to post the answer on the class page.

[Science Chapter.doc|^science.doc]

[Science Chapter. pdf|^science.pdf]

h5. {color:#339966}{*}2. Intodit Discussion - By Hannah Lambert{*}{color}

\-Discription:  Students will discuss on a Intodit page what they want to be when they grow up.

[Intodit Discussion.doc|^discussion.doc]

[Intodit Discussion.pdf|^discussion.pdf]

h5. {color:#339966}{*}3.Wiki Weather - By Brad Kurczynski{*}{color}

\-Students will answer discussion questions online about the chapter discussed in class.

[Wiki Weather.doc|^lesson plan wiki weather.doc]

[Wiki Weather.pdf|^lesson plan wiki weather.pdf]

h5. {color:#339966} 4. Water Safety Lesson Plan - By Melissa Cellini{color}

{color:#339966}[Wiki Water Safety (pdf)|^Project 1 Lesson Plan.pdf]{color}

{color:#339966}[Wiki Water Saftey (doc)|^Project 1 Lesson Plan.docx]{color}

h4. {color:#ff9900}{*}ii. Secondary{*}{color}

h5. {color:#339966}{*}1.  Create Intodit Page STEM - By Hannah Lambert{*}{color}

\-Students will create a website using Intodit.

[Create Intodit Page.doc|^create intodit page.doc]

[Create intodit Page.pdf|^create intodit page.pdf] 

h5. {color:#339966}{*}2. Where the Red Fern Grows - By Jacks Csaszar{*}{color}

\-Students will complete a worksheet about Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls using Intodit.

!where the red fern grows.jpg|border=1!
[^Where the Red Fern Grows.doc]

[^Where the Red Fern Grows.pdf]

h5. {color:#339966}* 3.Swedish Lesson Plan - By Our International Partners{*}{color}

\-This lesson plan is designed around the movie Crash. We have left it as they originally designed it.

[Swedish Lesson Plan.doc|^Swedish.doc]

[Swedish Lesson Plan.pdf|^Swedish.pdf]

h5. {color:#339966}4. Intodit Application in Biology - By Maureen Shannon{color}

{color:#339966}[Intodit Application in Biology (word document)|^Lesson Plan for Project 1.doc]{color}

[Intodit Application in Biology (PDF)|^Lesson Plan for Project 1.pdf]

h5. {color:#339966}5. Intodit Application in Special Education\- By Alexis Ward{color}


 [Intodit Application in Special Education Word Document|^project 1 attach2.docx]

[Intodit Application in Special Education PDF|^Project 1 attachment 1.pdf]

h4. {color:#ff9900}{*}iii. Post Secondary{*}{color}

h5. {color:#339966}{*}1. Create Intodit Webpage STEM - By Brad Kurczynski{*}{color}

\-Students will create an Intodit page in order to network with other students.

[Create Intodit Webpage.doc|^Creating a Intodit web page.doc]

[Create Intodit Webpage.pdf|^Creating a Intodit web page.pdf]

h5. {color:#339966}2.Intodit VS. Wikipedia - By Jacks Csaszar{color}

\-Students will write a two page paper on the difference between Intodit and Wikipedia.

[\^Intodit VS. Wikipedia.doc|^Intodit VS. Wikipedia.doc]
[\^Intodit VS. Wikipedia.pdf|^Intodit VS. Wikipedia.pdf]

h5. {color:#339966}* 3. Webpage Creation - by James Mogollon{*}{color}

\-In a technology class students will create a page, add the class as a friend, and make a comment showing their ability to use the web page.

[Webpage Creation.doc|^webpage creation.doc]

[Webpage Creation.pdf|^webpage creation.pdf]

h3. {color:#993300}{*}VIII. How Intodit is used Internationally?*{color}

h3. {color:#000000}  {color}

_Intodit can be used in many effective ways to communicate to others across the globe.  This wiki is a resource that will help businesses, friends, co-workers, and even families to communicate and keep up with each other's lives. _

Some large companies have plants stationed in other countries.  In order to effectively run these plants, communication between countries is vital.  Because Intodit is available in multiple languages, this resource is one that would help businesses work more smoothly.  Rather than emails sending back and forth between two people, Intodit can allow a discussion between multiple employees at the same time.  This minimizes confusion and increases productivity.
Family and Friends...It is sometimes difficult to keep in touch with family members when they live in separate countries.  Intodit can be used to keep up with family and friends through the use of the chat and discussion options.  This is available in order to keep friendships alive and thriving even through the barriers of living in a separate country.

h3. {color:#993300}{*}IX. How Intodit Relates to other Applications{*}{color}{color:#993300}  {color}{color:#000000}* *{color}

h3. {color:#000000}* *{color}{color:#000000}  {color}

{color:#000000}Intodit has unique characteristics because it is new and appealing to the eye.  They have been able to see what some of their competitors do both right and wrong.  Because of these comparisons, Intodit has been able to perfect their resource in ways that is helpful to the user.   {color}

{color:#000000}Positive aspects of Intodit compared to other applications...{color}

{color:#000000}{+}Intodit{+}{color}{color:#000000}                                                                                             {color} {color:#000000}{+}Other Application{+}{color}

\-Has a discussion board that can be viewed by all members.    \-Not all applications are set up this way.  This ability allows for easy communication within a group.

\-Great for networking.                                                            \-Although Facebook is better for networking it does not have as many other features.

\-All of the features included allow for one giant networking        \-Craigs list, Myspace, Facebook, and Wikipedia can do the same services but not in one place.

 and advertising web site.

h3. {color:#993300}{*}X. References{*}{color}


{anchor:1}1.) {color:#003366}[]{color}

{anchor:2}2.) {color:#003366}[]{color}

{anchor:3}{color:#003366}3.){color} []\\

{anchor:4}4.) []

{anchor:5}5.) {color:#003366}[]{color}

{anchor:6}{color:#003366}6.){color} []

{anchor:7}7.) []

{anchor:8}8.) []

{anchor:9}9.) {color:#003366}[]{color}

{anchor:10}10.) [|]

{anchor:11}11.) [|]

{anchor:12}12) +[]+

13) [www.bcplib.ord/Kids/middle-grade.htm|http://www.bcplib.ord/Kids/middle-grade.htm]

14) [|]

15) [,r:0,s:0&tx=51&ty=69|,r:0,s:0&tx=51&ty=69]