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Currently Bulletti creates and maintains every single component, module, part, or animation used by Photorem. With it being handmade he told use exactly what is used throughout the website including: PHP (in particular php 5 object oriented), JavaScript (AJAX), for the framework and calls, ActionScript (in particular ActionScript 3 with Flash) for the flash widgets like the web cam snapshot, the painter, the zoom, etc… Alberto Bulletti is a very bust man having already three other websites that are up and active. The following are the URL links and description of the web page: (The very first version, is not available in English), (The very first version in English), (More recent version, not public, just for Pharmaceutical Medical Doctors) He also has one large project he is recently working on. It the latest and best version he has ever created, and it is an EMR (Electronic Medical Records). It is really big software, available hopefully by June 1st with much more features than Photorem. Bulletti is the owner and main developer of a computer company in his home country of Italy named, as well as owning another company (also in Italy) named He still works as a Web Project Manager and senior developer for AnatomicalTravel, LLC New York City (, Finally, he is a teacher’s assistance to Bologna University in Italy.


IV. How Photorem is used



  • * *If you were going to do that, how would you make it acceptable to the
    general public?
    For sure fixing some bugs, changing the design (the new version it will
    be probably in white) and implementing the server side to allocate more memory.
  •  Are you wanting to make a program to be used by general public or certain
    group of exclusive people?
     One of the first version of PhotoRem, VisualMD (, is already for an exclusive public, in particular Medical Doctors related to some pharmaceutical companies, but PhotoRem itself it will be public (free registration) and there is no intention to limit the usage to someone. The Open Source mentality and in general the "CreativeCommons" (
    license is the base on my development. My actual profit is coming from online sponsors, based on the usage of the application.
  •  How are you supported by other countries, in a sense of how they use your
    The only limit I saw in the usage of the app by people of other countries
    is related to the Oriental characters, I mean that some Chinese and Korean terms and not understood by the system and the solution can be the installation of a special characters plug in in the server side. The system itself supports already the Chinese language but not for the media file names.  I decide to develop the first version of PhotoRem in English (with some
    difficulties for my knowledge of the English grammar), but the system is already multi language based, this means the app can be translated into another language without touching the code, simply enabling the Language