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Squareleaf was created by a web designer in the United Kingdom., meaning This means that in America, we are using it internationally.  Since the site is written in English, it is best that the users know English.  According to a January 2009 post from Steve Claridge's account, "support for foreign text \[is\] coming soon."  However, since the site is written in English, it is best if the users know English.  This tool can be used anywhere there is an internet connection that can reach the Squareleaf server.  Thereforetherefore, notes can be made in one country and read in another country.  ThisThe widespread accessibility is goodbeneficial for travel, orespecially if you cannotare unable to take your ownpersonal computer with you and youmust use public computers to access the internetinstead.  This In a nutshell, this organization tool will always be there for you.