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III.2. Business/Industry Setting

Working in a business setting always entails paperwork, meetings, important dates, and many other events that require a list to keep track of. While a person could write down every single one of those tasks on little post-it notes (that fall off easily) or on a calendar (that fills up too quickly), Squareleaf is a much more efficient way to keep everything in order. Easy to access and easy to use, Squareleaf can allow people in the business profession to stay well organized and punctual. The site can organize each event by color, size, or position and any of the notes can be deleted with the click of a button. Thus, when an event has passed, you can simply delete the note and re-arrange the remaining notes if necessary.

Another function of Squareleaf in the business setting is for group management. A manager could employ different workers for different tasks and keep tabs on each employee and what they are assigned to do. For example, if one employee is assigned to placing business calls while another is sent to work on community outreach, they can report to their boss and he or she can log what they have accomplished onto Squareleaf. In this situation, it could also be a shared whiteboard between the group members where they can each log on under a shared e-mail address and update their work as it happens.

In either case, Squareleaf is optimal for use within a business setting because it is handy for any sort of organizational purposes. Be it for punctuality, group management, or even just to separate one’s personal life from their work life, Squareleaf can easily solve any business-related problems of disorganization.

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