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Photorem is a LAMP software and it is under CreativeCommons license. The software itself is not storing sensitive data and tries to avoid, as much as possible, the limits or the restrictions imposed by some states. In particular, he is trying to create filters and rules for use in countries like China. Bulletti informed us that there are other forms of Photorem. Such as: VisualMD USA, Italy and International English ( ,, EMR English version (under construction) Photorem . Photorem supports many different languages, allowing for use in many different countries. The only trouble Bulletti has had with language feature is the Oriental characters, meaning some Chinese and Korean terms are not understood by the system. The solution could be the installation of a special characters plug in on the server side, the system itself already supports the Chinese language for the most part, but there is not support for the Chinese language in the media file names. He decided to develop the first version of Photorem in English, but because the system is already multi language based,the application is easily translated into other languages without having to go into the source code of the website. Bulletti accomplished this by enabling a Language Plug-in when creating the website. When we asked if he would want to spread the company to other countries he said, “For sure, I would like to make Photorem a multi language website, like other web applications. But, this will take more time than expected, because I first would want to upgrade the current version. I have not been in touch with the original page enough.”

Photorem is comparatively smaller than its competitors. “I cannot consider other companies, like Photoshop, my competitors," Bulletti tells us, "especially because the investment for Photorem was around 35 Euro for the first year (domain, hosting and database). In comparison to Adobe and/or other companies except Photorem, they use the server side, which is Akamai and private servers (3 to 5 k per month).” One of the first version of Photorem, VisualMD ( is  is available to an exclusive portion of the public, particularly those in the medical field and some pharmaceutical companies. Photorem itself it will be public (free registration) and there is no intention to limit the usage. The Open Source mentality and in general the "CreativeCommons" ( license  license is the base on which Bulletti’s developed his website. Any actual revenue coming from the site comes from online sponsors, based on the usage of the application.