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h1. Welcome to the EDCI 999 wiki

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h3. This week's topic: Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants

Mark Prensky coined the terms "digital natives" and "digital immigrants" in [2001|].  In the past 10 years, have the characteristics of digital natives and digital immigrants changed?  Let's continue our classroom discussion of this topic by creating a "current" list of characteristics and/or examples of digital natives and digital immigrants.

Digital Natives:
* example

Digital Immigrants
* example


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h3. What is a wiki?

Our discussion about technology usage in education this week took an unexpected turn and we ended up talking about the role that open source content, such as Wikipedia, has in today's classroom.  Let's find some resources on wikis and compile them here.

Wikis in Plain English Video
* I found this video on YouTube and thought it did a good job explaining how wikis can be used.  It also mentions Wikipedia at the end.


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h3. Glossary Project

One of our ongoing tasks for this course is to work together to create an ongoing technology glossary filled with terms and examples relevant to technology-using educators.

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