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Wiki Markup

Welcome to our user's group\! For now, we have the links to our meetings below, which include agendas, notes, and Connect recordings.

*Upcoming Meeting*

Our next meeting will be held from 4:00-5:00 PM on Monday, December 3 in the Lawson HallBuilding, room 1142.  We will devote some time to presentation applications as well as hold an open app sharing session.

*Last Meeting*

Our last meeting focused on mirroring, or sharing your screen to another computer/projector.  We had a discussion about the AppleTV, issues with AirPlay on the campus network, and a demonstration of a few relevant pieces of hardware and software.

*Email List*

If you'd like to be added to the email list, which will send periodic (no more than twice a month) reminders about the user's group and other announcements, please contact Christopher Mong -


If you'd like to get into the Mixable group and start reading/contributing to it, there's a brief tutorial here: []

*User's Group Meetings*

* [tabletusrg:October 25, 2011] ([recording|])
* [tabletusrg:December 8, 2011] (2 pm, ME 1130) ([sign in|])
* [February 1, 2012 (recording)|]
* [March 22, 2012 (recording)|]

*Reviewed iOS Applications (some may be available on other platforms)*

{toggle-cloak:id=Collaboration}Collaboration Apps:
* [Polycom RealPresence|] (Free)
* [Groupboard|] (Free){section}

{toggle-cloak:id=Education}Education Apps:
* [iBooks Textbooks|]
* [MapBox|] (Free)

{toggle-cloak:id=File}File Storage Apps:
* [DropBox|tabletusrg:Dropbox] (Free)
* [tabletusrg:SugarSync] (Free)

{toggle-cloak:id=Presentation}Presentation Apps:
* [tabletusrg:AirSketch] ($9.99)
* [tabletusrg:Keynote] ($9.99)
* [tabletusrg:SyncPad] ($9.99)

{toggle-cloak:id=Productivity}Productivity Apps:
* [FlipBoard|tabletusrg:Flipboard] (Free)
* [tabletusrg:GoodReader] ($4.99)
* [tabletusrg:Penultimate] ($1.99)
* [tabletusrg:PlainText] (Free)
* [Splashtop|] ($4.99)
* [OnLive Desktop|] (Free)
* [Skitch|] (Free)
* [Notability|] ($.99){section}

{toggle-cloak:id=Video}Video and Multimedia Apps:
* [tabletusrg:iMovie] ($4.99)
* [ProPrompter|] ($9.99){section}

* Jot ([Adonit|])
* Maglus ([Applydea|])
* [Ink Pen/Stylus|tabletusrg:Monoprice ink pen and stylus] ([Monoprice|])


* [ATV Pro|tabletusrg:Kanex ATV Pro] ([Kanex|])
* [tabletusrg:Reflection App] ($14.99)

*Frequently Asked Questions (General)*
* [How can I create an iTunes app account without a credit card?|]
* [What are some good iPad mobile work apps?|^iPad_Mobile_Work_Apps.pdf]

*Frequently Asked Questions (Purdue Main Campus)*
* [How do I set up my Exchange mailbox on my iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad?|]
* [How do I connect to PAL2.0 with an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad?|]\\
* [How do I connect to PAL3.0 with an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad?|]