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  • Drell-Yan Analysis Procedure 2011

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To produce the invariant mass plot do use the analyse2.C macro, which calls the TSelector for the DY analysis (called EventSelector):

Code Block
root -l InvMassanalyse2.C++

Important note: InvMass.C is a very useful macro, it can be used to produce not only the invariant mass distribution but also the:


1. Ratio of invariant mass distributions


The macro allows to run on multiple cores.

By performing minor changes inside the EventSelector one can calculate the efficiency weighted invariant mass distribution (which is used to estimate the corection factor as a function of invariant mass). Inside the EventSelector.C set


#define CORRECT_FOR_EFF true <- change to true if you want to use it for efficiency correction estimation
#define CORRECTION_TYPE "trig" <- choose the efficiency type recoid, iso or trig

To produce dimuon kinematic distributions run


Code Block
cvs co UserCode/Purdue/DYAnalysis/AnalysisMacros/Correction
root -l effCorrProdefficiencyMass_newTmp.C++

root -l correctionMass_newTmp.C

Note: you need to produce all the correction 2D maps on 2 previous steps, if you haven't succeeded you can use what we used for publication, txt files are located here: