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  • Meeting Jan 22, 2014

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Action items

  • Alexey: DY analysis
    • xxx
    • Perform closure test for muons and electrons with and without regularization
    • Look up the dielectron mass resolution results (e.g. as recently discussed on HN or H->ZZ analysis)
    • Learn from other analyses (at least 3) how the ECAL eta gap is taken into account and compare to your result and approach)
    • Show energy scale correction plots to EGamma POG (cc Norbert)
    • Cross check effect of ECAL gap on efficiency: How many events we loose with the gap at 8 TeV
    • Why do we have constant 1.1 correction above the Z peak in the ratio of pre-unfolded to unfolded yields?
    • Last bin at high mass absolute cross section: check background
    • Integrate 2D pre-unfolded to unfolded ratio plot and compare to 1D
    • Fix remaining problems of double ratio in the muon channel
    • Distribute close-to-final AN
  • Hwidong: Z' analysis
    • xxx
  • Benjamin: H → μμ analysis
    • xxx
  • Benjamin, Hwidong: Muon HLT
    • xxx


  • Hwidong: Z' analysis
    • Check natural width of the Z' MC samples
    • Get the reference from standard Z' about the mass resolution and natural mass width
    • Check background to decide the cut value of muon isolation
    • Writing AN noteSend email to Norbert about the time scale for Z' SUSY AN note
    • Send root file to Slava for dijet/W+jets background
    • Send QCD section of AN note to Slava with the updates
    • Run Madgraph/Herwig and make a progress on the model 2 mc generation
  • Hwidong: Muon HLT
    • Switch of the case for extrapolation to the centre (to just skip layer instead) -> make efficiency plots
    • Do not use SteppingHelixPropagator inside the tracker
    • Calculate CPU times, rates and efficiencies using WToMuNu sample we now have at Purdue (using Giovanni's code)
    • Attempt to use same configuration as the improved tracking group uses for our L3 trajectory building

  • Benjamin: H → μμ Analysis
    • Understand the CMS and ATLAS analyses
    • Create Ratio plots with errors: Use DY plots along with uncertainties to see if analysis is viable
  • Benjamin: Muon HLT
    • Finish debugging what the issues are with OIState!
    • Find where the new cascade code is crashing with Daniele
    • Understand tracking regionregional tracking, track matching