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h4. This page has been created and edited by Kevin Cross, Libby Weldon, Juliana Calderon, Jana Szabela, Colleen O'Keeffe, Nihal Erler, Selcan Kilis, Omer Aydin, Emre Golcek and Ahmet Levent Cakmak.



h1. {anchor: Table of Contents}

|| h5. {color:#990000}Section{color} || h5. {color:#990000}Table of Contents{color} ||
| I. | [History |#history]\\
I.1 [What is Google Docs? |#what]\\
I.2 [Purpose of Google Docs |#purpose]\\
I.3 [How Google Docs Works|#how] |
| II. | [How Google Docs relates to other applications? |#relate]\\
II.1 [Comparison to Competitors |#compare]\\
II.2 [Unique Uses|#unique] |
| III. | [Real World Application |#world]\\
III.1 [Educational Lesson Plans |#lesson]\\
i. [Elementary |#elementary]\\
ii. [Secondary |#secondary]\\
iii. [Post Secondary |#post]\\
III.2 [Business/Industry |#business]\\
[#business] |
| IV. | [Demonstration of Educational Value |#demo] |
| V. | [How Google Docs is used Internationally |#international] |
| VI. | [References |#references] |




|| Show Case ||
| [Brochure|INSITE:Google Docs Brochure] |
| [Poster|INSITE:Google Docs Poster] |


h1. {color:#ff0000}I.1 What is Google Docs?{color}


[Google Docs|] is a merging of Google and Tonic Systems. Tonic System, located in San Francisco, California, is a company that "develops automation products and solutions for document managers \[2\]. Both Google and Tonic System want to help people work together on projects online, for free. Tonic System is no longer accepting new customers or selling products, but will maintain their already existing accounts with their partners. Both teams have a lot to offer to Google Doc, Spreadsheets, and Presentation, we can look forward to seeing great things from this team in this new, free online tool. \[2\] They will be both working on Google Docs and making it better for student, teachers, and business people. \[1\]
[Table of Contents|INSITE:Google Docs]\\

h1. {color:#ff0000}I.2 Purpose of Google Docs{color}
h5. Why Google Docs?

{color:#000000}Users have a chance to{color} {color:#000000}{*}save, share and edit documents online{*}{color} {color:#000000}using Google Docs; giving educators advantages by allowing them to collaborate with peers, save important documents online, access files universally.{color}


h5. {color:#000000}Details{color}

{color:#000000}{*}Google Docs{*}{color} {color:#000000}is a service supported by the search engine Google where anyone with an account can{color} {color:#000000}{*}create, store and share{*}{color} {color:#000000}documents, spreadsheets and presentations. This service allows people to work on their{color} {color:#000000}{*}own or collaboratively{*}{color}{color:#000000}, with the ability to import documents from MS Office or Open Office if needed.{color}
{color:#000000}"Google Docs is a{color} {color:#000000}{*}Web 2.0 technology tool{*}{color} {color:#000000}that enables collaboration." Says Rick Lillie, an Accounting Professor at California State University. \[3\] "A great feature is the ability to save a document in a variety of formats including Adobe Acrobat's .pdf format. It's free and can be used with other Web 2.0 tools to empower the collaboration process."{color}

{color:#000000}Beginning in February 2007 all Google users had were allowed access to Google Docs, which has many of the same abilities as MS Word or Writer. Due to advancing capabilities Google Docs has made a huge impact on internet communication and collaboration. The goal of Google is to consolidate the knowledge of the World Web and make it reachable for everyone. The creation of Google Apps has been a large step in that direction, Google Docs is even beginning to be seen as the{color} {color:#000000}{*}most effective{*}{color} {color:#000000}web applications for communication and collaboration \[4\].{color}

{color:#000000}Google Docs is a{color} {color:#000000}{*}web based word processor{*}{color} {color:#000000}that {color}{color:#000000}has the same capabilities as MS Word, and uses the internet to operate. Using Google Docs people can create and edit documents online, {color}{color:#000000}{*}collaborating with other users in real time{*}{color}{color:#000000}. Accessibility to Google Docs is not limited to the creator of the document but the creator has the option to make their document accessible to everyone the web, or the creator can choose to{color} {color:#000000}{*}restrict access{*}{color} {color:#000000}to any documents that you do not want others to viewing or editing.  Google Docs has the capability to allow international communication by allowing multiple people to collaborate on the same document in real time, no matter where they are in the world. \[4\].{color}

{color:#000000}Through Google Docs anyone can produce documents, spread sheets and presentations. Google Docs also allows you to email your work, and like a wiki will automatically save your work to the Google server so you can be assured that data loss will be prevented, and all history of corrections will be saved on the server. The ability to tag documents to save them as archives is also available. You can view, edit and create files by yourself, with a team, an organization, or just for{color} {color:#000000}{*}personal use{*}{color} {color:#000000}\[4\].{color}

{color:#000000}Google Docs has become an international tool used all over the world to establish{color} {color:#000000}{*}better work efficiency{*}{color} {color:#000000}and easier collaboration. It is becoming ever more popular in educational fields, becoming more fashionable with students and teachers giving them the ability collaborate on homework and study without leaving the comfort of their own homes. \[4\].{color}

{color:#000000}Google Docs has become a major help to small businesses, giving them a resource that can be used for inexpensive and easy communication. Google Docs helps teams of co-workers collaborate on projects and increase their information on presentations in an inexpensive and easy way, helping them to{color} {color:#000000}{*}save  time{*}{color} {color:#000000}and increase their work efficiency \[4\].{color}

[Table of Contents|INSITE:Google Docs]\\

h3. Great Useful Features\!

h5. Auto save for forms

Any changes made to the document will automatically be saved every minute, saving the writer time and energy and eliminating the possibility of lost work.

h5. *Insert videos into your presentations*


Through the "Insert Video" button, you can easily add any video to a project. 

h5. *Offline access*

 With this feature, you can edit your documents without an internet connection. The changes are automatically saved to your browser as offline and saved by Google Docs the next time you connect to the Internet.

h5. *Most of Google Docs now in 40 languages*

Google Docs is universal, supporting 40 different languages, including Arabic and Hebrew.

h5. *Save presentations as PDF*


You can save and copy your documents in PDF format.    

h5. *Renaming docs and folders*

Through the "Rename" option, you can easily rename your documents.   

h5. *View Google Docs on your mobile phone*

To view your documents on your phone, you can access the website through your phone's web browser.

[Table of Contents|INSITE:Google Docs]\\


h1. {color:#ff0000}I.3 How Google Docs Works{color}

|| Menu || ||
| * [#Getting Started]
* [#Creating a new document]
* [#Saving documents]
* [#Renaming documents]
* [#Basic editing]
* [#Tagging documents] | * [#Sharing documents]
* [#Publishing documents]
* [#Printing documents]
* [#Copying documents]
* [#Chatting with other users]
* [#Video] |

h5. Considerations:

In order to use the free web-based documents and tools in Google Docs you must have internet access. Once you have established an internet connection you can utilize Google Docs' word processing, spreadsheet and presentation capabilities. The biggest advantage of Google Docs is that the users can create, share and edit documents online in _real time_ sending documents via email and edit through the web interface. Another advantage, Google Docs uses common file extensions such as '.doc' and '.xls' so these documents are accessible using MS Word or Writer.                                                                                                    

h5. Let's start to use Google Docs {anchor:Getting Started}

* Enter _""_ in a web browser.
* If you already have a Google account, you can login immediately.                                                                       
* If you do not have a Google account, you can create a new Google account simply by clicking on _'Create a new Google_ _Account.'_


h5. Creating a new document {anchor:Creating a new document} 

* Just click on the _New Document_ tab.


h5. Saving documents {anchor:Saving documents} 

Just click on File in the top left corner, then click Save from the drop down menu or you can use the "Save now button on the top right of the screen or use the "CTRL + S" key combination. 

h5. Renaming documents {anchor:Renaming documents} 

Click on File in the top left corner, from there choose Rename in the drop down menu. 
Enter the new name for the document and click OK. 

h5. Basic Editing {anchor:Basic editing} 

There are all sorts of formatting tools located within the Edit tab. 

h5. Tagging documents {anchor:Tagging documents}

Google docs uses tags to describe a file. You can use more than one tag to describe a file. Tags are at the right side of the File Name.

Click the Check Box next to the file which you want to tag. 

From the Tag menu, you click a New Tag or Existing Tag. Choosing Multiple Tags would make for easy organization amongst your files.  

h5. Collaborating and sharing a document.

To share a document open the document you wish to share. 

Click Share in the top right corner and select an action, you can add people, e-mail your document as an attachment, or publish your document. After choosing an action you can also choose whether you want to invite people as viewers or collaborators, giving them the ability to edit the document.

Choose whether or not to write a short message and then click Send. 

h5. Publishing documents {anchor:Publishing documents} 

You can make your document open to the world by publishing it.
Click the Share button at the top-right side of the screen and select "Publish to the Web" from the drop down menu. 

h5.  Printing documents {anchor:Printing documents} 


To print a document click File in the top left corner of the screen and choose Print from drop down menu.

You can also print the document using Adobe Reader. To do this:
Click File, select Download from the drop down menu and PDF from the menu that appears.

Click OK, when you see the dialog box.

Then you can proceed normally in Adobe Reader to print the document.

h5. Copying documents {anchor:Copying documents} 

Click File and choose "Make A Copy" from the drop down menu.

Click OK, when you face the confirmation dialog box.  

h5. Chatting with other users {anchor:Chatting with other users} 

When more than one person is logged into Google Docs and viewing your document the users name will appear in the top right of the document, click on their name and the chat will drop down under their name. The dialog box will appear at the bottom of the screen and your conversation will appear above that.


h5. Video {anchor:Video} 

[Here's a quick introduction to Google Docs.|]


[Table of Contents|INSITE:Google Docs]\\



h1. {color:#ff0000}II.1 Comparison to Competitors{color}

Google Docs is quickly becoming a common alternative to Microsoft Word and Writer because it enables people to work together on the same document at the same time,  without being in the same place. The most important thing making Google Docs so popular in comparison  to other applications (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel) is that the program is more accessible and dynamic. For instance you can open and edit "doc" files just by uploading the document to the Google Docs (without using Microsoft Word)\! [6] 

h5. Google Docs and Microsoft Word 

Although Google Docs works similarly to Microsoft Word there are some disadvantages in Google Docs. It's key feature is accessibility, and so it does not contain all of the tools that you might find in an expensive program like Microsoft Word. Disadvantages include not being able to add text boxes, frames, macro support, proofing tools, and a good find/replace feature. [7] In Google Docs complex tables may look different than they do in Microsoft Word because of the difference in formating. You can however, copy and past your document that is, for example written in "Lucinda Handwriting" font and keep the document in that font, though Google Docs does not have the font itself. [6]
Google Docs has all the basic features you would expect from a word processor, including the ability to bold, italicize, and underline text, create lists, insert tables, align text, and change font size. There is a spell check tool for over 30 languages  and Google Docs allows you to open and edit Microsoft Word format online, giving users the ability to open a Word document attached to an e-mail without having to down load it first. [9]

h5. Google Docs and Microsoft Excel 

Google Docs is also compatible with Microsoft Excel. Google Docs spreadsheet has almost the same interface as Microsoft Excel. Menus include many of the same items and using Google Docs Spreadsheet, you can perform calculations and create charts similarly to the way you might in the Microsoft Excel.  You can copy and paste fields from an Excel document to a Google Docs Spreadsheet without creating errors.  You can add charts like the snake type chart  that are not included in Microsoft Excel and by adding gadgets to a spreadsheet, you can have a Google Map or another gadget incorporated into your spreadsheet. For instance, if you have a document that includes an address, you may use the gadget "Google Map" to illustrate the visual version of the written address. However, Google Docs Spreadsheet does not have the complex features of Microsoft Excel.  This can be viewed as a disadvantage, but one must remember that Google Docs' key feature is accessibility, which makes the disadvantage seem as unimportant. 

[Table of Contents|INSITE:Google Docs]\\

h1. {color:#ff0000}II.2 Unique Uses{color}
There are many uses for Google Docs, and if you have enough time we recommend playing with all the different options. We feel that is the best way to really learn how to use this application. If you are not familiar at all with Google Docs here are some unique uses:                                                                                                                          
You know how for Microsoft Office you can make tables, list, add or remove bullets, and do other organizational techniques? Google Docs offers the same options, and the best part is that it is completely FREE\! [1] Many of Google Docs options work similarly to Microsoft Office, making the switch from Microsoft Office to Google Docs an easy one. Since this is an online program, Google Docs gives you the ability to share your documents while protecting your privacy. You can share your files with friends, family and co-workers [7], post your files in a blog [4]. The document is immediately available to everyone and any changes made to your document you can view who did them and when the change happened [2], making it possible for multiple people to work on a document at the same time. Using the chat feature you can chat with them while working on the project, making nbsp;collaboration on a project that much easier. [2] With Google Docs you can choose to share or publish your documents as a web page, making it easier to make your work more accessible to others. [6] 

These unique uses help us see how Google Docs could be used in education or business. Sometimes because of communication problems, businesses are unable to operate as efficiently as they would like. GoodnessDirect Company representatives say that by owning Google Docs it has helped all the photographers add the pictures, and allows them to easily add comments to each of the pictures. Maybe you don't own a big company \- but with Google Docs you can make communication between people easier and a less a frustrating and complicated process.

[Table of Contents|INSITE:Google Docs]

[Table of Contents|INSITE:Google Docs]

{anchor: VII. How Could Google Docs Be Used In Education?}

h1. {color:#ff0000}III. How Could Google Docs Be Used In Education?{color}
The unique features of Google Docs lend themselves to Educational and Business use\!
Multiple users on different computers can edit the same spreadsheet at the same time, with changes appearing on users' screens within one second - group work made easy\! \[11\] Communication between teachers and students/colleagues is enhanced through the built in Google Chat technology, which allows users to chat about assignments or projects while they work. [1] Users can share their documents, spreadsheets, or presentations with more than 200 people anywhere in the world allowing student the opportunity for international collaboration on projects\! [2] Google Docs performs the basic functions of Microsoft Word, and users can access their documents from any computer connected to the internet. [12]

We have many ideas on how Google Docs could be incorporated into Education or Business in an easy and effective manor. We have organized our information into four groups; Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Post-Secondary Education and Business.


h3. Google Docs for Elementary Schools

As technology becomes increasingly more advanced and universal, so should the classroom. Incorporating Google Docs into school assignments, projects, and even every day use will not only allow students to practice their computer skills, but increase teacher and student communication, make class time more efficient and motivate students to learn and participate more frequently.

Teachers can create a document or spreadsheet with students' homework assignments for the night giving parents the ability to access their children's assignments, encouraging them to become more involved in their child's school work. Students could keep a "reading log" where they record how many pages and from what book they have read that week, and teachers would be able to view this easily on Google Docs. Teachers/Staff can work on projects together(upcoming choir show, upcoming field trip information, developing new lesson plan ideas) in real time with coworkers, [14] cutting down on the number of meetings Teachers/Staff have to attend in a week. Students could collaborate with other classrooms anywhere in the world to create a project or stories from prompts, as Elementary School classrooms did with the ["Mysteries if Harris Burdick"|] project. [15]

Document:[GoogleDocs Elementary Lesson Plan|^GoogleDocs_Elementary.doc]
PDF: [GoogleDocs Elementary Lesson Plan|^GoogleDocs_Elementary.pdf]\\
Document: [STEM GoogleDocs Elementary Lesson Plan|^GoogleDocs_STEM_Elementary.doc]
PDF: [STEM GoogleDocs Elementary Lesson Plan|^GoogleDocs_STEM_Elementary.pdf]\\


h3. Google Docs for Secondary Education 

Incorporating Google Docs into the lives' of Secondary schools students and teachers will make teaching and learning a technological blast\! Google Docs offers many tools that would cut down on meetings, improve communication between coworkers, parents, students and teachers and most importantly, motivate students to learn and create their best work while making the system more time efficient and allowing for unique communication opportunities. Here are some of our ideas for the middle school and secondary school systems around the world:

• Teachers do not have to grade papers in the traditional way, eliminating  worry about losing assignments,  while giving them the ability to make comments on documents that students can see immediately. [1]
• Students can share their documents in class. [1]
• With all students and teachers participating on a document discussion will be easy and more likely to involve all of the students. [1]
• Teachers can have students use Google Docs by writing a science hypothesis about an experiment, recreate an historical event, develop word math problems, etc. [2]
• Teachers can have students create articles for the school newspaper, write a script for a play or debate a current event. [2]
• Google Docs allows teachers and students to get to projects from any computer connected to the internet. \[3
• Students do not need to email their teachers, but can instead just add the teacher as a collaborator to a document. [3]
• It makes sharing and working collaboratively easy and fun with the discuss/chat window which allows communication while working on assignments. [4]
• Schools can work with other schools around the world using Google Docs. [4]
• Data can be displayed onto a spreadsheet from all students for any class assignment. [4] 

Document: [GoogleDocs Secondary Lesson Plan|^GoogleDocs_Secondary.doc]
PDF: [GoogleDocs Secondary Lesson Plan|^GoogleDocs_Secondary.pdf]\\
Document: [STEM GoogleDocs Secondary Lesson Plan|^GoogleDocs_STEM_Secondary.doc]
PDF: [STEM GoogleDocs Secondary Lesson Plan|^GoogleDocs_STEM_Secondary.pdf]\\
Document: [Google Docs Colaborative Poem Lesson Plan|^GoogleDocsLessonPlan.docx]


h3. Google Docs for Post-Secondary Schools 

Students in college or other types of Post-Secondary Institutions  are perfect candidates for Google Docs users, because at this point in their careers  they are usually further along in their technological experience and are able to perform more complex tasks with greater benefits.  Experience with Google Docs will be a major asset for students going out into the workforce, as well as enhancing their educational experience while attending a Post-Secondary Institution.
• By using Google Docs students eliminate the need for flash drives, having the ability to save their work online and access it from any computer with internet access.
• Students can peer edit each other's work in real time. Google Docs makes collaborating on group work and information easy. 
• Not only is Google Docs available all over the world, but it also supports over 40 languages, making it a source of international communication for students.
• When doing group work group members can chat online and access each other's documents as they discuss while at home or at school, eliminating the need for group meetings.
• Student's have the option of publishing their work online, giving family, friends, professors, and even future employers access to their documents.
• Professors and teachers can keep the communication open with students and coworkers posting meeting information and assignments online giving access to anyone they choose.
• Lab partners can exchange, merge, edit, and chat about their reports using Google Docs.
• Because Google Docs is a web-based program any worry about computer comparability or hassle with backing up documents is eliminated.

Google has come up with *Google Docs Education Edition* that is universally accessible. By organizing knowledge resources and making them effortlessly available to all. On Gmail interface, faculty and students can come together, add meetings and classes to their calendars, interact of IM's and send and receive e-mails anywhere they go. More and more schools and universities are making use of Google Docs for educational purposes. You can team up with others online and edit documents and presentations together. Google Docs is a helpful resource in bringing together the campus society to share ideas and information anytime anywhere. \[16\] 


Document: [GoogleDocs Post Secondary Lesson Plan|^GoogleDocs_Post Secondary.doc]
PDF: [GoogleDocs Post Secondary Lesson Plan|^GoogleDocs_Post Secondary.pdf]\\

Document: [STEM GoogleDocs Post Secondary Lesson Plan|^GoogleDocs_STEM_Post Secondary.doc]
PDF: [STEM GoogleDocs Post Secondary Lesson Plan|^GoogleDocs_STEM_Post Secondary.pdf]


[Table of Contents|INSITE:Google Docs]


h1. {color:#ff0000}IV. Demonstration of Educational Value{color}

By allowing teachers and students' the ability to access, share, and edit their documents Google Docs' has helped to increase group work effectiveness and peer editing skills. In addition, Google Docs supply the stated goal of The National Council of Teachers of English, which support writing as a process and advocate multiple reviews and peer edits.

Teachers use Google Docs to both announce upcoming assignments and check the students' performance and progress on current assignments. The revision history can show which student edited the document and when, while the auto save feature eliminates the possibility of losing work. Because Google Docs is internet based, students can access files from any computer with internet access, allowing for international collaboration on projects and easy, immediate feed back from the teacher.
Google Docs is being introduced to schools all around the world, with great success. It has increased the interaction and collaboration among students and their support systems. By being able to share ideas and information anytime and anywhere, Google Docs' users claim that it is very useful tool that brings together the campus communities. Google Docs provides easy communication among the users through the chat feature, while working on a document, encouraging even more collaboration between students' and their teachers.

To hear some teacher and student opinions about Google Docs [click here|].  

[Table of Contents|INSITE:Google Docs]


h1. {color:#ff0000}VI. How Google Docs is Used Internationally{color}
                                     "What is new and upcoming for Google Docs around the world? Here are things you can do with Google Docs around the world."

*Add a table of contents to your documents *

From the "formatting" heading, you can style your documents' titles.  If you want to add a table to your documents click on "Table" in the menu at the top of the page, choose the size you would like and click.

*Slide Zooming* 

To view slides as smaller or larger, you can zoom in and out. 

h5. The Big Advantage: Language Options 

!googledocs languages.jpg|border=1!

Google Docs provides approximately 40 language options,  allowing for collaboration even among people speaking different languages. Students do not need to be in the same place, or even speak the same language to work together anymore, every group member is able to do his job and easily share their work with others. Since most users are familiar with the Microsoft Office interface of Google Docs does not seem like a strange application, which helps make users more comfortable when using Google Docs.  

h5. My Experiences With Google Docs 

The first time that I used Google Docs, I felt that Google docs seemed so complex. Since I use many applications and software, I thought that I could quickly learn how it works.
I have researched Google Docs in order to be able to use it. When I upload a word document, I see it in Google Docs in the same format. Then I learned that it can be used without Microsoft Word Software. It is very helpful to the user. Thanks to this feature (viewing a word document without Microsoft Word); I won't have trouble with Microsoft Word. I think many people in my country will like this feature of Google Docs. I learned that more than one person can work on a word document on Google Docs. This is very useful. In our university classes, we work as group and most time we write reports about our project. When writing a project, we divide the report for the group. After every group member finishes his or her part, we combine group members' parts, and we finish the report. However, we can not see the whole report until each group member is finished. For this reason, it is sometimes unsatisfying. By Google Docs, this problem is eliminated and the report works much better.

Before working on this project, I did not use Google Docs\! For this reason, Google Docs is a good topic for me. This project has inspired me to learn more.
When I opened Google Docs for the first time, I faced an interface like Yahoo mail as Emre said, so I was not afraid, in contrast, I was glad.
As Emre said, in our university, we study generally as a group and we do projects and write reports. We divide the reports into parts for the group members. Google Docs is very beneficial and useful for us since we can see and complete the reports in Google Docs easily. Everyone can see the whole report through Google Docs. In brief, I like it.
In addition, everyone who wants to change the documents can make these changes to the documents. For better studying, this is very good feature of Google Docs.
Table of Contents

[Table of Contents|INSITE:Google Docs]


h1. {color:#ff0000}IX. References{color}
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[Table of Contents|INSITE:Google Docs]\\