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{logo}[]{logo}{*}Edited by: Ashley and Jessica*
*Ideas Adapted by:* *Ashley, Jessica, Kyle, Jordan, Ryan, Amy, Rachel, and Ben*
| I. | [What is |#what]\\
I.1 [Who Developed|#who]\\
I.2 [How works |#works]\\
I.3 [Why Choose|#why] |
| II. | [How relates to other applications? |#how]\\
II.1 [Comparison to Competitors |#compare]\\
II.2 [Unique Uses|#unique] |
| III. | [Lesson Plans |#world]\\
III.1 [Elementary |#elementary]\\
III.2 [Secondary |#secondary]\\
III.3 [Post Secondary |#post]\\
III.4 [Business/Industry |#business]\\ |
| IV. | [Companies that use |#companies] |
| V. | [International Uses |#international] |
| VI. | [References |#references] | ----
h1. {color:#ff6600}I.{color} What is
h1. {anchor:what} |

First of all, let's have a look at what [|] is. As the creators put it, " is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. is both free and priceless at the same time. Simply put, is what you use when you want to work with your blogging software, not fight it." is a great tool for web users who are interested in creating their own web pages but who lack the technical knowledge that was necessary in the past.People who have "blogs" can easily post updates about anything from their personal lives, their business, and a limitless number of other possibilities. The creators of wanted to make a website that is easy to use and effective at the same time. Usually the site is used for blogs and help with creating websites, but there are other uses. More educational uses of can be seen in the, "How could the application be used within an educational situation," section of this chapter. The easy accessibility allows students from anywhere in the world with web access to use the site and receive feedback on a blog or other writing of any kind.
Wordpress is an open source project and in the creator's words from the about page:" it also means you are free to use it for anything from your family home page to a major business web site without paying anyone a license fee. This means Wordpress is completely, totally, and utterly free. Not only is it free, but you also can make money off of your site by letting companies place their advertisements on your page\!" Simply put, is a blog that works by creating a place for people all over the world to share information.


h1. {color:#ff6600}I.1{color} Who developed {anchor:who}

The title of the application is {color:#000080}Wordpress{color} and it was developed by:
| {color:#ff6600}Ryan Boren{color} | {color:#ff6600}Mark Jaquith{color} | {color:#ff6600}Matt Mullenweg{color} | {color:#ff6600}Andrew Ozz{color} | {color:#ff6600}Peter Westwood{color} |
| Bug Whisperer | Director of Whitespace | Head of Bug Creation | Tiny Manly Code Editor (MCE) | Title Rebuilding |

h1. {color:#ff6600}I.2{color} How Works {anchor:works}

h5. {color:#003366}To start using one can easily install it by going to the website and downloading it.{color}


h5. After you have downloaded the software and created an account you will go to the login screen:

\\  !login.JPG!

[^55^|#55] is a very intuitive content management system that makes updating web pages very easy. is a CMS or Content Management System. "Content management system (CMS) is a computer application used to create, edit, manage, search and publish various kinds of digital media and electronic text." Other CMS applications include Joomla, Drupal, and Textpattern. Content management and publishing are the main uses for these systems.[^2^|#2] Rather than coding and posting entries directly through the website, patrons use it to add new updates and pages, along with an assigned theme on the page to enhance the experience of your viewers, seamlessly updates it's site for the user. also automatically indexes all of the posts on the site and makes searching for them much easier with it's easy to use "tag" interface.
To use you have to have a reliable server, for example, the server here at Purdue. If one wants to add themselves to work on a blog, they must contact the administrator of the blog they would like to add information to. Once contact is made the administrator has to set up the amount of contribution the user has to the blog. [^4^|#4]

h1. {color:#ff6600}I.3{color}  Why Choose{anchor:why}

"One of the principle advantages of WordPress is that you are in control. Unlike remote-hosted scripts such as [Blogger|] and [LiveJournal|], you host WordPress on your own server. Installation is very simple, as is the configuration. Unlike other software programs, there are not a million files to [chmod|] nor are there dozens of [templates|]to edit just to get your site set up and looking the way you want. Also,Blogpages in Wordpress are generated on the fly whenever a page is requested, so you do not have multiple archive pages clogging up your web space. Waiting for pages to rebuild is a thing of the past because template changes are made in scant seconds. " [^8^|#8] 

For more information: [^]

h1. {color:#ff6600}II.{color} How is it related to other applications, can it be used in conjunction with other applications?{anchor:how}

Users can easily import text from b2, Blogger, Greymatter, Movable Type, and Textpattern.
There is a very long list of applications that can be used in conjunction with
Users are supported by Ping-O-Matic which gives the maximum exposure for blogs to search engines. also enforces Trackback and Pingback standards. Trackback is a tool used by bloggers to show when some one has linked to one of their documents.[^11^|#11] Pingback allows authors to know who is linking or referring to their articles in thier blogs.[^12^|#12] can easily be used in conjunction with other applications because of the plug-in feature available. An available plug-in makes Wordpress visible on the iPhone or a Blackberry. [^5^|#5] !iphone.jpg|align=center!

{you-tube:id=DhXSjjZCgEw|align=center }^[top|#top]^
h1. {color:#ff6600}II.1{color}  Comparison to Competitors
{anchor:compare}\| {color:#ff6600}{color} \| {color:#ff6600}{color} \|
| * You can actually make money on your site by adding the Google AdSense application | * Cannot profit off of your page |
| * Can create themes to enhance the learning of your students, for instance when doing a unit of the ocean you could make your site have an ocean theme | * Can only choose from a few general themes, nothing specific to enhance the learning |
| * Users own the domain name, no need to worry about losing your readers\! | * Bloggers do not own the domain name, the blog can lose users if decides to switch to a different domain name |
| * For people that want to create an impressive and professional page | * For the novice blogger |

h1. {color:#ff6600}II.2{color}  Unique uses {anchor:unique}

You have on your own server; therefore you have complete control over the blog. You are able to restrict certain users from writing on the blog or restrict the amount they can post. Users can create profiles with information so they are able to interact with other members of [^4^|#4]
This way there isn't a limit on the people that view your blog. It can be more widely spread.
On, you can make your page look more attractive by changing the themes. Not only could the change in themes make your page look more attractive, but it could also create an ease of navigation of the page for your students, depending on the grade level. [^1^|#1]

h6. Example of how to change the theme of your page \!presentthemes2_7.JPG\! 

h6. [^57^|#57] 

Something available on that is not available on is the ability to add widgets. These widgets include: calendar, a search bar, RSS, recent posts, and more\! [^7^|#7] is an extremely diverse content management system capable of taking on a vast number of different looks, depending on what the user wishes to do with it. There is a large community of people on the internet that develop themes for, and these themes can take on many different looks - whether you're just starting your personal blog or if you're a large newspaper company looking to put your content online there is a theme for you.
 On you can have multiple blogs that can be managed by one server. has an integrated blacklist and an open proxy checker. The purpose of these things is to eliminate comment spam that may come up on your blog. is often used as a launching site for other websites. can be used to keep people updated on upcoming events, collaborating on various projects, or even as a way of having ongoing discussions with friends about topics of interests.

h3. How to upload a theme (Videos)


h1. {color:#ff6600}III.{color}  Lesson Plans

h3. How can be used in different grade levels?

h6. +Early Elementary: Grades K-4+

* Online newsletter, teachers could update regularly with information for students and parents as well as educational sites for the students to use

h6. +Secondary and Post-Secondary+

* Online debates, using one blog to support the topic and the other blog to disagree with the topic. Students would be able to express their thoughts and feelings without participation in an actual class
* Online discussion, students would read a book or an article and then discuss what they read and what they think the most important parts are
* Peer Editing, Students could upload their papers to the site and then have a partner assigned to them that has to edit their paper and then repost it, for not being in an actual classroom it gives fairly quick feedback to students.

Because is "completely customizable and can be used for almost anything", teaching students how to use should be fairly easy. In return, educators have a great blogging website for students to use for online discussions. can also be used in business and industry. With this blogging software you can open a blog up to an idea and others in that business or industry can comment on and make slight adjustments. Also, a lot of business is done internationally and with, businesses can interact with others from different nation and they can share their thoughts.By using a peer editing system through Wordpress, it would give the teacher a much needed break from reading 20\+ papers and making his or her own comments and corrections on the initial draft. Collaborating on projects gives students more ideas because instead of just one teacher reading the paper, multiple students would be able to give their own suggestions. After this step the teacher could then make revisions of the corrections off of what the peer editing suggested. 

h6. {color:#ff6600}{_}{+}Elementary{+}{_}{color}{anchor:elementary}

[Flat stanley lesson plan in PDF format|^Flat stanley lessonplan-1.pdf]
[Flat stanley lesson plan in MS Word format|^Flat stanley lessonplan.docx]

| {color:#ff6600}Flat Stanley{color} | {color:#ff6600}Elementary\- Social Studies{color} |
| Overview | This lesson plan uses to teach students social studies |
| Objectives | After making their own Flat Stanley and sending them to places all over the country, students will learn about places far away as well as learn about where states are on a map. |
Ideas adopted from: [|]

h6. {color:#ff6600}{_}{+}Elementary{+}{_}{color}

| {color:#ff6600}Read & Respond{color} | {color:#ff6600}Reading - Grade 5{color} |
| Overview | The purpose of this lesson is to familiarize students with read & response using a computer/ |
| Objective | Students will be able to: \\
Read a story & determine: \\
Main characters \\
Setting \\
Main purpose \\
Use a computer & to: \\
Answer questions about the story \\
Blog/discuss the reading |

h6. {color:#ff6600}{_}{+}Secondary{+}{_}{color}{anchor:secondary}

[1950's Lesson Plan in PDF Format|^wordpress-1.pdf]
[1950's Lesson Plan in MS Word Format|^wordpress-1.docx]\\
| {color:#ff6600}1950's{color} | {color:#ff6600}History - Social Studies{color} |
| Overview | |
| Objective\\ | Students research and collaborate to create a time line of the 1950's using\\ |

h6. {color:#ff6600}{_}{+}Secondary{+}{_}{color}{anchor:High}

[English 12 Poetry Lesson in MS Word|^poetry.docx]
[English 12 Poetry Lesson in PDF|^poetry.pdf]

| {color:#ff6600}Analyze & Interpret{color} | {color:#ff6600}English\- Poetry{color} |
| Overview | |
| Objective\\ | Students should use a computer and to: \\

* Post poems online to
* Host discussions about reading with interaction among each other
* Analyze and discuss each poem
* Interpret the meaning of the poems |

h6. {color:#ff6600}{_}{+}Secondary{+}{_}{color}{anchor:High}

[World Lit Lesson in MS Word|^WordPress World Lit.doc]

[World Lit Lesson in PDF|^Wordpress lesson plan for world lit.pdf]

| {color:#ff6600}World Lit{color}\\ | {color:#ff6600}English-Literature{color} |
| {color:#000000}Overview{color}{color:#548dd4}* *{color} | Students will select one book from the independent reading list and create a biographical sketch about the author, a character synopsis and relate it to pop culture, sitting ways this particular story has been influential in other artistic works (paintings, plays, movies, musicals, poems, other books) They will be asked to blog about different aspects of the book and the way it compares to the work that was influenced by it. Using a blog they will be able to see other blogs by students in their class. Students will also be able to comment on other blogs. \\ |
| {color:#000000}Objectives{color} | Students will be able to clearly articulate how classical works have influenced modern popular culture works, they will be able to compare and contrast stylistic, as well as methodical differences within the works.  \\
\\ |

[Introduction to Making Websites via|]\- in Ms word


h6. {color:#ff6600}{_}{+}College{+}{_}{color}{anchor:post}

[Post-Secondary Theater Lesson in MS Word format|^Lesson.doc]
[Post-Secondary Theater Lesson in PDF format|^Lesson.pdf]

| {color:#ff6600}Theater{color} | {color:#ff6600}Post-Secondary{color} |
|  Overview: | • This lesson explores the implications of developing a musical from a literary text or an historical event, and includes suggestions for immersing students into the creative process of building a musical. |
| Objectives: | • gain insight into ways a musical can be unified into a cohesive production. \\
• recognize the potential of literary sources and/or historical events as inspiration for musicals. \\
• recognize aspects of the identification between themes and forms of musicals and the cultural climate of a time period. \\
• exercise collaborative problem-solving techniques. \\
• broaden research experience in diverse media. \\
• strengthen process skills of reading, writing, explicating. |
adapted from:

h6. {color:#ff6600}{_}{+}Business{+}{_}{color}{anchor:business}

[Business Plan in MS Word Format|^BussinessPlan.docx]
[Business Plan in PDF Format|^BussinessPlan.pdf]

| {color:#ff6600}Employee Orientation{color} \\ | {color:#ff6600}Business - Introduction{color} \\ |
| Overview: | This plan is to be implemented for new employees to a business in which they know very few to no people. The best part of this plan is that it does not necessarily require a face-to-face contact. In a world where international businesses are more and more common, the ability to meet virtually is priceless. |
| Objectives: | *{+}The new employee will be able to:+*\* Introduce themselves to other employees \\
* Talk about hobbies/interests \\
* Discuss relevant material pertaining to the business. \\
* Create a account. \\
* Create web pages using said account. |

| {color:#ff6600}Professional Collaboration{color} | {color:#ff6600}Any level{color}\\ |
| Description | Teachers could use to collaborate with other teachers in blogging and even start their own website. Their students will be able to use the website as an educational guide or reference. |
| Objectives | * Teachers and students will be able to facilitate a network.
* Teachers will be able to learn more about technology.
* Teachers will be able to properly maintain and adjust a website. |

\\  {color:#ffcc00}{*}{+} for teachers{+}{*}{color}

The link below will take you to a website that a future teacher has posted physical education lesson plans and is looking for feedback from peers or other teachers.


Using to develop a teaching website allows other teachers to make suggestions and comments on the lessons. It also allows the students to give feedback to the teacher on where they could improve the lesson.   


h1. {color:#ff6600}IV.{color} Companies that use

h1. {anchor:companies}

* All of these famous companies use to run their websites or just use as their blog.


Click here to see examples of how some companies use to run their websites: [^Powerpoint.pptx]

[^51^|#51] [^52^|#52] [^53^|#53]

h1. {color:#ff6600}V.{color} International Uses
{anchor:international}Some unique features of the application are that it can be used in any language. Also, because the application is "open source", people from all over the world have access to it and can work on it at any time. has great tools that can be useful around the globe. One useful thing about is the ability to build online portfolios and post resumes. This is very helpful for someone who is trying to get a job in another country. Employers can view the resume online and easily access a candidate's portfolio of past work. This saves both the employer and the applicant time and money. [^1^|#1]Although the majority of users come from the United States, it has also become widely popular in Europe and Asia. For example in France and South Africa they use the application the same way many of us in the United States use it. In these countries there are many newspapers that use it as an online newspaper, many of them had previously used other blogs but because of how easy is they decided to switch.

[^9^|#9] [^10^|#10]

{column:width=25%} !wp other countries.JPG!

h5. Example of in French speaking countries

!Picture 1.png|width=712,height=438!
{section} is also a great way to create interactive real estate listings and guides. This is a great way to buy and sell real estate all over the globe without leaving the comfort of your own home. With, you can add pictures, interactive maps, and videos alongside basic information about the real estate. This really enhances the visualization for buyers. can also be used within the rental system, it allows renters to pay online via PayPal. [^2^|#2]
Anyone in the world can look for job postings on even if the job is inside or outside the United States. Some blogs or other postings are made concerning the job markets which allow readers to find ways to contact the employer without leaving their own home.
* h5. The process of localizing a program has two steps.

# h5.  The first step is when the program's developers provide a mechanism and method for the eventual translation of the program and its interface to suit local preferences and languages for users worldwide. WordPress developers have done this, so in theory, WordPress can be used in any language.
# h5. The second step is the actual localization, the process by which the text on the page and other settings are translated and adapted to another language and culture, using the framework prescribed by the developers of the software. WordPress has already been localized into many other languages (see WordPress in Your Language for more information). This article explains how translators (bi\- or multi-lingual WordPress users) can go about localizing WordPress to more languages. 

h5. [^3^|#3]



!Group Picture.jpg|align=center,width=329,height=246!


h5. {color:#ff6600}VI.{color}  +References+ {anchor:references}

1{anchor:1}. [|]
2{anchor:2}. [|]
3{anchor:3}. []
4{anchor:4}. [|]
5{anchor:5}. []
6{anchor:6}. [|]
7{anchor:7}. []
8{anchor:8}. []
9{anchor:9}. []
10{anchor:10}. [][]
11{anchor:11}. []
12{anchor:12}. [ It]


.  [|]
52{anchor:52}.  [|]
53{anchor:53}.  [|]

54{anchor:54}.  [|]

55{anchor:55}.  [|]

56{anchor:56}.  [|]

57{anchor:57}.  [|]

[Team Evaluation|^peer review form.doc]