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| I. | [History |#history]\\
I.1 [Purpose |#purpose]\\
I.2 [How SurveyMonkey works|#works]\\ |
| II. | [How SurveyMonkey relates to other applications? |#relate]\\
II.1 [Unique Uses |#unique]\\
II.2 [508 Compliant |#compliant]\\
II.3 [Customer Satisfaction |#customer]\\ |
| III. | [Lesson Plans |#plans]\\
i. [Elementary |#elementary]\\
ii. [Secondary |#secondary]\\
iii. [Post Secondary |#post]\\
III.2 [Business/Industry |#industry] |
| IV. | [Demonstration of Educational Value |#demonstration] |
| V. | [How SurveyMonkey is used Internationally |#international] |
| VI. | [References |#references] |

h1. I. History {anchor:history}

|| !surveymonkey-small.jpg|border=1!\\ || \\
h4. {color:#808000}SurveyMonkey Information{color} ||
| {color:#474748}{*}Website{*}{color} | []\\ |
| *Developed By* | {color:#808000}Ryan and Chris Finley{color} |
| {color:#474748}{*}Created{*}{color} | {color:#808000}1999{color} |
| {color:#474748}{*}Office Location{*}{color} | {color:#808000}815 NW 13th Ave. Suite D{color} \\
{color:#808000}Portland, OR 97209{color} |
| {color:#474748}{*}Purpose{*}{color} | {color:#808000}"SurveyMonkey is an online survey tool that enables people of{color} \\
{color:#808000}all experience levels to create their own surveys quickly and easily."{color} |


h1. I.1 Purpose of SurveyMonkey {anchor:purpose}

The purpose of SurveyMonkey is to allow anyone to create professional surveys easily and efficiently.  It allows both free and paying users to design custom surveys, collect and analyze responses of these surveys.  The results can be shared instantly with people the user chooses.

There is no end to the subject matter which these surveys can interpret.  SurveyMonkey offers over 15 question types including:
* Multiple Choice
* Matrix of Choices
* Rating Scale
* Text Boxes
* Demographics

SurveyMonkey also offers templates, or pre-made models of surveys.  These enable the user to create a survey quickly, thus allowing them faster access to the results. 

Users may also customize their surveys and view the changes in real time.  Some of the customization options include the following:
* Customize the color scheme to match your site.
* Include your company logo.
* Include your company name in the survey URL so respondents know it is an official questionnaire.
* Create the survey in the same language as your site.
* Serve up a custom thank you page once the survey is complete or redirect participants back to your site.

SurveyMonkey lets the user send out the survey on email lists or put a URL link on a web page to make it easy to get the desired audience for the survey.

The surveys that users can create on SurveyMonkey can be used by companies to measure customer satisfaction, poll visitors on a web site, or any number of things.  They can be used in education to involve parents, as classroom ice-breakers, or learning-style assessments.

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h1. I.2 How does SurveyMonkey Work? {anchor:works}

SurveyMonkey is as easy as 1, 2, 3. There are three very easy steps:

1: *Design* a survey

2: *Collect* responses

3: *Analyze* your results.


h5. {color:#993300}To get started,{color}

{color:#808000}{*}First{*}{color} \- go to {color:#808000}[|]{color} and create an account.

* The Basic account is free, but it has limited options for users.  These include 100 responses per survey with 10 questions per survey.
* The cost for the Select subscription is $24.00.  Along with the services of the Basic account, SurveyMonkey allows *unlimited* questions with *1,000* responses per month.  You can also export your results through Excel or print it on a PDF.
* Gold is the most popular of the plans SurveyMonkey offers.  For $299 a year, you get all of the services from Basic and Select and also receive *unlimited* questions *and* responses.
* The final subscription option offered by SurveyMonkey is the Platinum option.  For $779 a year, you not only have all of the services offered through the Basic, Select and Gold subscriptions, you also receive custom "" survey URLS and expert phone support for questions.

{color:#808000}{*}Next{*}{color} \- create your survey(s)
* First, be sure to click  !create-survey.jpg|border=1!
* From there, you can decide whether to create a totally new survey or utilize and expert template.  The expert survey templates offered vary from Community to Education to Non-Profit and Political.
* Then, you can click on the browser to begin creating your survey which will take you through an instruction process. 
* For Select subscribers and above, there are no limits to the number of questions asked in a single survey\!

For more information on creating your account and designing your first survey, feel free to utilize the following links:

[SurveyMonkey Tutorial on YouTube|]

[Another SurveyMonkey Tutorial on YouTube|]

* SurveyMonkey also offers a lot of tutorials on their website:  [SurveyMonkey Help Center|]


"SurveyMonkey is a software program that allows its users to create and design a survey.  SurveyMonkey operates by allowing it users the option of two accounts. The first account is a basic account and allows users to join for free and create and design a survey with the following benefits":

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h1. II How SurveyMonkey relates to other applications? {anchor:relate}

Like SurveyMonkey, other applications related to it make it faster and more efficient with 24 hour access. This chart compares the similarties and differences between Zoomerang, Survey Monkey, fluidSurveys, and MySurveyLab. It shows how they constucted a survey, how easy they were to use, and what features they offered.

|| || {color:#4c4c4d}Zoomerang{color} || {color:#4c4c4d}MySurveyLab{color} || {color:#4c4c4d}fluidSurveys{color} || {color:#4c4c4d}SurveyMonkey{color} ||
| {color:#464648}{_}Unlimited surveys{_}{color} | yes | yes | yes | {color:#808000}{*}yes{*}{color} |
| {color:#464648}{_}Templates{_}{color} | yes | no | yes | {color:#808000}{*}yes{*}{color} |
| {color:#464648}{_}Branching or skipping{_}{color} | yes | yes | yes | {color:#808000}{*}yes{*}{color} |
| {color:#464648}{_}Language Support{_}{color} | yes | no | yes | {color:#808000}{*}yes{*}{color} |
| {color:#464648}{_}Closing page{_}{color} | yes | yes | yes | {color:#808000}{*}yes{*}{color} |
| {color:#464648}{_}Duplicate survey{_}{color} | yes | yes | yes | {color:#808000}{*}yes{*}{color} |
| {color:#464648}{_}Customization{_}{color} | yes | no | yes | {color:#808000}{*}yes{*}{color} |
| {color:#464648}{_}Upload email contacts{_}{color} | yes | yes | yes | {color:#808000}{*}yes{*}{color} |
| {color:#464648}{_}Publish by url{_}{color} | yes | yes | yes | {color:#808000}{*}yes{*}{color} |
| {color:#464648}{_}Publish by email{_}{color} | yes | yes | yes | {color:#808000}{*}yes{*}{color} |
| {color:#464648}{_}Export to csv{_}{color} | yes | yes | yes | {color:#808000}{*}yes{*}{color} |
| {color:#464648}{_}Free plan{_}{color} | yes | yes | yes | {color:#808000}{*}yes{*}{color} |
| {color:#464648}{_}Starting plan (monthly)_{color} | $19 | currently free | $15 | {color:#808000}*$19.95{*}{color} |

"All of the applications are able to bring the convenience of the web to a survey; allowing customization, on the spot editing (unless you've emailed the survey, this is great for last minute corrections), and integration into websites. All allow users to craft several kinds of questions for their surveys, and Zoomerang and SurveyMonkey offer templates (surveys pre-formatted with questions) to save you time."

"The list of features was most impressive with SurveyMonkey, though the interface was easier to understand and use with the runner up in the feature category, Zoomerang. Custom themes, filtered responses, and the ability to share reports were some of what made SurveyMonkey feature-rich."

"In the end users are likely to feel that they get what they pay for; enterprise users will want the full range of features and will pay for SurveyMonkey, while budget users will use the free accounts of Zoomerang. Users wanting simplicity will see MySurveyLab and fluidSurveys easy ways to get basic functionality, with users wanting to email survey takers using MySurveyLab."

h3. SurveyMonkey loves partnering up with people\!

h5. SurveyMonkey has designed their program to be suitable and easy to incorporate into any business or personal use.  The custom link that is generated can be used anywhere\! Here are a few of the partner businesses:

| Facebook \\ | Linked In \\ |
| Campaign Monitor \\ | MailChimp \\ |
| Google Aps Marketplace \\ | oDesk \\ |
| Fresh Books \\ | BookFresh \\ |
| EventBrite \\ | Evite \\ |

h1. Our Pricing Fits Every Budget.

Whether you are just trying us out, or you are launching a major survey campaign, our pricing is straightforward and reasonable. In fact, it's really a "no-brainer". At any time, you can upgrade your account seamlessly, without losing any surveys or responses collected. If you decide to cancel, it's a hassle-free, one-click process.
 BasicMonthly ProAnnual Pro\| Recurring Cost \| Free \| $19.95/month \| $200/year \|


 [Click here to see all features|]

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h1. II.1 Unique Uses {anchor:unique}

There are many unique ways that SurveyMonkey can be used to relate to corporations and education.  A few ideas include:
* Schedule a meeting or group project
* Pre-test or pre-class survey
* Post-class survey
* Assessment of background knowledge
* Evaluations (student, teacher, employee, conference, presenter, etc.)
* Student projects

h1. II.3 Customer Satisfaction: {anchor:customer}

h4. Many customers have been completely satisfied with the results of using Survey Monkey.  Millions of customers worldwide use Survey Monkey for multiple different means; people from Campbell's Soup, XM radio, Lehigh University take full advantage of the ways that this website can allow their jobs to be more productive.

h5. {quote} "It's so easy to use. I will ask someone to setup a survey for me and they can do it easily. It's easy to get you data and it's easy to analyze results. I even convinced one our our IT guys to use SurveyMonkey. For an IT guy to use it, it's got to be pretty good."_ _                                         {quote}{center}  -Ellen Spara, Campbell Soup{center}

h5. {quote}"It is really quick and easy to design a professional looking, professional acting survey questionnaire. It's equally quick to give you the results. And, as a public entity, we're not flush with money. We're always looking for good value solutions to solve problems across the organization, and SurveyMonkey is one of those"                                              {quote}{center} -Betty Ross, National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS)   {center}

"The three words I'd use to describe SurveyMonkey are easy, fast, and cheap."
{quote}{center}* -Maritza Di Sciullo, XM Radio *{center}{quote}"SurveyMonkey gives us a powerful tool to learn what customers (and employees) want from us \-\- and does it in about 80% less time. But it's not just the time saved, it's also the ability to look hip-slick and cool for our customers. SurveyMonkey communicates that we're on the cutting-edge of consulting."{quote}
{center}* -Linda Keefe, Shared Results International *{center}



h3.  Customer Snapshot:

* 4\+ million account holders
* 100% of the Fortune 100
* 190\+ countries world-wide
* 99.5% customer satisfaction 

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h1. II.2 508 Compliant {anchor:compliant}

SurveyMonkey is accredited with being 508 Compliant. They provide a service that complies with Section 508 certification. What does this mean?

* According to [] , being 508 Compliant means:
{quote}In 1998, Congress amended the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (29 U.S.C. 794d) as amended by the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (P.L. 105 - 220), August 7, 1998 to require Federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology (EIT) accessible to people with disabilities.

Specifically, Section 508 of that act requires that when Federal agencies develop, procure, maintain, or use EIT, Federal employees with disabilities have access to and use of information and data that is comparable to the access and use by Federal employees who are not individuals with disabilities, unless an undue burden would be imposed on the agency.{quote}

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h1. III.Lesson Plans Using SurveyMonkey {anchor:plans}

* h2. i. Elementary {anchor:elementary}
{column:width=50}{*}Word Documents*    
[The Orbiting Planets|^Lesson 1- The Orbiting Planets.docx]

[Clay Leaf Bowls|^Clay Leaf Bowls.doc]

[States and Capitals|^Lesson 3- States and Capitals.docx]

[SurveyMonkey|^Lesson 4.docx]

[You as a Slave: The Underground Railroad Lesson|^Project 2-survey monkey lesson plan.docx]

[Alphabet Animal|^Alphabet Animals.docx]s
[Graphing with Pie Charts|^graphing.docx]

[The Orbiting Planets|^Lesson 1- The Orbiting Planets.pdf]

[Clay Leaf Bowls|^Clay Leaf Bowls.pdf]

[States and Capitals|^Lesson 3- States and Capitals.pdf]

[SurveyMonkey|^Lesson 4.pdf]

[You as a Slave: The Underground Railroad Lesson|^Project 2-survey monkey lesson plan.pdf]

[Alphabet Animals|^Alphabet Animals.pdf]\\
[Graphing with Pie Charts|^graphing.pdf]

* h2. ii.Secondary {anchor:secondary}
{section}{column:width=50}{*}Word Document*
[Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses|^Greeks.docx]\\
[Music Genres|^Music.docx]\\
[Reading and Writing|^Gramma.docx]{column}?{column:width=50}{*}PDF*
[Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses|^Greeks.pdf]\\
[Music Genres|^Music.pdf]\\
[Reading and Writing|^Gramma.pdf]

* h2. iii. Post Secondary {anchor:post}
{section}{column:width=50}{*}Word Document*
[Poetry Presentations|^Poet.docx]\\
[Poetry Presentations|^Poet.pdf]\\

* h2. III.2 Business/Industry {anchor:industry}
{section}{column:width=50}{*}Word Document*
[Employee Evaluation|^Eval.docx]\\
[Conference Evaluation|^Conf.docx]{column}{column:width=50}{*}PDF*
[Employee Evaluation|^Eval.pdf]\\
[Conference Evaluation|^Conf.pdf]{column}{section}

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h1. IV.Demonstration of Educational Value {anchor:demonstration}

SurveyMonkey has many different applications that would be practical for a classroom and educational purposes.  In the past, some teachers have used it for:
* gaining background knowledge on what information students had learned in previous classes
* a multiple choice quiz
* learning students interests/activities
* understanding how technologically literate each student is
* group availability
* student/teacher evaluations
* practice exams
* anonymous classroom reports
* project grading sheet
* Student in-class/outside-of-class projects
* and more...

SurveyMonkey's result charts make the created survey fun, interactive, and professional in appearance.

\\ !BloggerBarGraph5-734650.jpg|width=472,height=233!\\

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h1. V.How can SurveyMonkey is used Internationally {anchor:international}

 SurveyMonkey is currently used in many countries, (the United States using the most with 52.2% and the United Kingdom with 6.8%) and many others such as India, Germany, Canada, and Australia.

Businesses can use SurveyMonkey to assess how work is being done internationally.  Another option is to use SurveyMonkey Contribute to create surveys where a certain monetary donation is made after surveys are taken.

[Water 1st International from SurveyMonkey|]

The objectives of this specific survey were:
* The quality of the information provided in the newsletter
* The extent to which readers make use of the information provided
* Readers' preferences as regards contents and themes
* Readers' ability to access the newsletter
* The frequency of publication desired by the readers
* Attractiveness of presentation
* Suggestions on improving the newsletter
* The division hopes to discover additional information to use, such as the area of work of the respondents and new contacts of people interested in receiving future newsletters. They had a total of 87 respondents from different countries and institutions participated in the survey.

 SurveyMonkey is available not only in English, but also in other languages\!


 Want to know more information about SurveyMonkey?  If so, go to:


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h1. References {anchor:references}

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