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On this page, please post your three different research ideas.  The research that each member posts will help in developing our wiki.  This part of the project counts for 6 points toward the final project.  If you do not complete this part of the project, you will not be able to receive a "superior" rating.  To post your research, select EDIT, and then type in your research within the page.  Please do not copy and paste your research from where you found it.  Also, make sure to cite your sources.  Also, type your name beside your post, so you can get credit!


Megan Lerch:  

SKRBL is a whiteboard application that allows the user to draw, type, upload pictures, and share files.  It is free of charge to use and there is no downloading required.


SKRBL is an easy share online whiteboard that allows the user to share files, pictures, and text with nothing to install or download.

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Julianne Siderys

One of he newest editions to SKRBL is the team application. This edition is built around an enhanced whiteboard and has to new features to extend 

team collaboration.

Julianne Siderys:

In this article Josh Lownsohn is an associate editor for and he gives his thoughts on SKRBL.