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Qik and Qik users hold contests where users submit Qiks on a certain theme or topic to be eligible to win prizes. Qik has had a variety of unique contests held on their site.  One contest started by Qik was to Qik your Thanksgiving and Black Friday experiences.  The winner reicieved an iTunes gift card from Qik. - 

Tracking Vacations and Trips

Qik is a good way to document trips and vacations to either share with your friends and family privately or with the world.  With Qik's new 'share your location' tool, Qik will put the user's location on a map next to his/her video.  Users get to decide whether or not they want to share their location and how accurately they would like their position to be pinpointed.  Users can set their location tracker to hide thier location, display the city, the street or even to track their precise position at any given time.- 

Broadcasting Events and News


Qik enables you to go live on your Facebook profile.  Facebook is a free-access website that is owned and operated by Facebook. The people can join and connect with other people. People can also add new friends and send them messages and update their profiles. Qik is working hard to be able to stream live video to Facebook for all of your friends that are on your facbook community. Your friends will be able to chat live to you on your phone, which is a feature that Facebook is well known for using.  The person taking the video on their phone will be able to talk to the person that is chatting with them on facebook.  This technique is essentially the same way in which Qik streams live video to the Qik website, except it will be streaming live video to Facebook.  Currently, Facebook members can embed their Qik videos on their Facebook account.  It is the same way in which Facebook members put regular video on their accounts.6  Enjoy Qik members!  


Another application that Qik enables you to work with is Seesmic and is actually a  technology partner of Qik. Seesmic is a website, which provides any information, text, graphics, videos,  and other materials.  The information, text, graphics and other material are created or provided by people which appear on the Seesmic website.  Seesmic also provides the ability to create, post, and playback videos on third party sites via the use of their video comment plug-in (  Seesmic allows members to post Qik videos on your Seesmic account.  This allows people that have Seesmic accounts to view your live streamed videos and have live video conversations directly from Qik (  Qik is stepping up and becoming more popular.    


Qik enables you to go live on MySpace. MySpace is a place to connect with freinds and you can find people you know and people you may not know.  Facebook is quite similar to MySpace and one will notice that some features, such chatting live, are important.  Chatting live Through myspace you can share with your friends video, video clips, and music videos. Qik can stream live video to myspace just like it can stream live video to facbook.8


Qik and YouTube have worked diligently to integrate eachothers' technologies, as they are have joined forces together.  Once a video has been streamed to Qik, the Qik website saves the video.  Members of Qik that have accounts with YouTube, which is easy and painless to apply, can post their videos onto YouTube.  YouTube is a world wide website which people can post videos they have made either on their video cameras, mobile phones, or computers.  Viewers from all around the world are free to watch these videos that are shared, which can now be streamed from Qik. 


Qik is also a partner with Share On Ovi by Nokia. Qik has been invited by Nokia to be a Forum Nokia Pro Partner also. Ovi is the Nokia site with free storage for video or photos as well as having the ability to share the videos with others through the web. Ovi is absolutely free for all those wanting to sign up and take advantage of what they have to offer. In addition to being a site that has unlimited storage for your video and photo needs, Ovi supports many different media file types as well. There is a complete list on the official Ovi site of over 100 different media files so you do not have trouble sharing in almost every format that you would want.9

The video streaming is compatible with almost every blogging site. Other sites that that are able to stream live are 12 seconds, Blogger, Tumblr, and Wordpress. Some other sites for sharing the already streamed videos are Technorati,, Stumble It!, Digg It, and Wordpress. parameters

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Because Qik is such a new technology (2008), it is difficult to find many examples of educational applications of Qik that have been or are currently being used. There is a university in Finland, University of Helsinki, that currently puts some of there lectures, presentations, etc. online throught the Qik website. They are among the first in the world to do so. Other than the few examples of universities or schools that stream online, we can only speculate about the purpose that this technology may serve in the future of education. nbsp;It provides the obviously virtual aspect of learning which can happen from classrooms in different countries around the world. It provides a way for students to document their experience whether is be streaming the notes of a class online for storage or other educational purposes. It also allows students to journal educational experiences as a group project progresses for others to see online or for their own benefit. A teacher can also live time transfer lesson plans from outside the classroom straight into their classroom and use it as an educational tool. This allows the students to even participate in the lesson in an immediate manner.


(PowerPoint presentation in adobe form from Qik, Inc.)


  •  A potential value of Qik that has just been recently used is to conduct interview that collaborate with viewers. The viewers are then able to interject with input or question suggestions for the interviewer in real-time. This provides a way for the general public to have their questions answered as well. As many can see, the potential educational and overall value of Qik is almost overwhelming. The options around the world have suddenly become limitless because it is like having a face to face conversation with the person or group of people. It will be interesting to see how Qik begins to impact the entire world with its uses.


  • 11
  • Some of the other uses that have been brought up in the online educational community have to do with online learning. Some of the smaller schools that are just begining to offer online classes don't have the ability to necessarly allow there students to remotely connect into the classroom via a web phone. One of the aspects being talked about in some of the online education blogs have to do with allows students to address questions to the professor of the class while they are watching the presentation, even though the presentation may not necessarly be streaming live. This would then enable the students to collaborate with the professor with their cell phone and a website, rather then having to write an email. This could be especially helpfull if the online class is something technical, such as teaching excell or some other program that requires code. This would allow the student to actually show the teacher the error message or what they were talking about, rather then trying to explain with words.


Qik's popularity has greatly increased in this country after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong demonstrated the technology on his Nokia phone during his address at the National Day Rally in 2008. In his speech, the prime minister praised Qik and assured the crowd that the Singapore government has been, and will continue to interact with citizens through this new media on the internet. Through his use of Qik to record the crowd and part of his speech, Lee Hsien Loong was able to share his thoughts not only with citizens in Singapore, but with an international audience as well. This also brings Qik into prominence within the political sphere. -


Wiki MarkupIn Tibet's Tiananmen Square, protesters decrying the human rights violations were recorded by a tourist using The person who captured the video, Noel Hidalgo, was deported from China because of his release of this video. In the subsequent days, videosharing sites including Qik and Youtube were placed on the banned site list in China. This highlights the potential legal remifications that this technology may have in certain countries.\- \[\|

United Kingdom

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has formed a partnership with in order to give a voice to viewers in the UK as well as internationally. Qik is most notably utilized in their 'Have your say' section which allows viewers to broadcast their opinions on the BBC website. A select number of these videos are also included in television and online broadcasts through this corporation. The utilization of this technology closes the gap between broadcasting corporations and their viewers and makes news and current events more interactive and accessible to the general public.



Australia is a vast country, and because of this, many students, both in school and in the post secondary education sector use distance programs in order to complete their studies. The Australian Government Education site, 'Study in Australia' reports that Australia leads the world in "the delivery of distance education programs". Further, for the benefit of the students, "institutions use leading technologies and innovative approaches to deliver programs that can be tailored to meet your (the student's) needs". Because of the mobility and accesibility of Qik, it has been predicted that this mobile technology will have an increasing place in Australian education in the future. 15

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