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-          The purpose of this application is for people in the business world to successfully communicate using the Qik application during a presentation.


-          The goal of this application is to successfully communicate a presentation to other businessmen not in attendance at the meeting.


-          Internet with a quick connection for people not attending the meeting
-           A smart phone for someone in attendance at the meeting


-          A member of the audience of the meeting will use the Qik application on their smart phone to stream live action of the meeting from their phone to the internet.
-          The members not attending the meeting will watch from their computer and comment or ask any questions during the meeting as if they were there.


-          The evaluation of this application would be whether or not the meeting was successful for people not attending the presentation.
-          How well did it work?
-          What were the complications that people had?
-          Was the technology good enough to sustain the application of Qik?
-          How efficient was Qik?
-          Would you use it again? <ac:structured-macro ac:name="

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Examples of Educational Value and Potential Value of Qik
Examples of Educational Value and Potential Value of Qik
Examples of Educational Value and Potential Value of Qik