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Qik uses the word "Stream", which means a video is transported into the internet.  The transporting of the video is effective and easy to use.  Locate and select the Qik application.  Once you have selected the application, Qik will start searching for an available network to "Stream" videos to the internet live.  The time in which this occurs depends solely on how powerful your wifi connection is, and how advanced the wifi technology is on the mobile phone.  Once the connection has been established, select the "Stream" button to record video live onto your account.  You must be logged onto your account to view your live video.  To stop "Streaming" live video select the record button.  The live video will instantly be "Streamed" to, where your account is the username following ".com."  22



Once the video is "Streaming" you may begin to view it on your account.  Your account page has numerous features.  You may view any of your videos and delete them as you wish.  Privacy settings can be set for the videos, which are public or private.  Titles and descriptions can be given to videos as well.  A share tab is available, which allows you to enter an email or a Qik username to notify people to watch the video.  A download tab is available, which allows you to download your video in a .flv or .mp4.  An "add to favorites tab" is available, allowing you to tag a video as a favorite.  On the right of the video screen is another list of features, which are info, live chat, comments and map.  The "info" feature allows you to view the title, description, and the url link which was given to the video.  The "live chat" feature allows you to instant message other Qik members.  The "map" feature tool designates the exact location of the video, while the "comments" feature enables you to provide additional information for the viewer. 22

Using the People Menu

 A useful tool on the Qik website is the ability to create Groups underneath the "People" menu.  Groups can be dedicated to certain interests.  For example, one can create a Group called "Educational uses for Qikkers."  This allows posting of videos pertaining to educational uses of Qik either in or out of the classroom.  Another group that has been used is the "Obama Group."  People that belong to the "Obama Group" or are interested can view Qik videos.  These videos pertain to Barack Obama's journey in becoming the 44th President of the United States.  One can also invite others to join their group or a group that they are part of by allowing Qik to email them or notify them on their account.  Underneath the "People" Menu one can also view "Top Qikkers."  "Top Qikkers" is a means allowing people to view popular and interesting videos.  Once "Top Qikkers"is clicked, it will bring up a list of people who have the most viewed videos, which indicates that it might be worthwhile to watch.   22

Using the Events Menu

Qik members may post events on the Qik website.  Notifications of events can be sent to  members reminding them of important dates and times.  Anyone can view past or present events that have or are occurring on the Qik website.  It also can be utilized as a "breaking news" informational tool.    This particular feature is critical, enabling the viewer to become instantly knowledgeable and aware of an event. 22

Using the Video Menu

The video menu feature is available for all people to view any video that has been posted onto Qik, unless the video has been deleted by the producer.  Underneath the "Video" menu are "Hot Video" and "View All."  Hot Video is a feature that allows people to view interesting videos that have a substantial amount of viewers.  "View All" is a feature that allows people to search for all videos that are on the Qik website.  A search engine is provided to type in a video that you know or think is on the Qik website. 22

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