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Here our international partners can leave comments and ideas about what they think we should do for our web 2.0 project. page

 Anna Krivoshapkina

1) Educational Potential of can be used easily for students in an educational advantage. It could be used as a task manager for a class, it could be applied as a syllabus and update students about upcoming homework exams and study sessions. It could also be a way to just manage your everyday schedule. Many students do not get homework done or do not study for exams because they forget and/or do not write it down. A teacher could make a group and update her students this way. This process would also be beneficial to students working on group projects for meetings and deadlines. Time management and task management would be beneficial to any student because it could help them stay on task and stay up to date with projects and deadlines.

2) Take a look at the new "tasks" tab in members area or visit

 Some of the new features include:

create multiple task lists

  • drag and drop to rearrange tasks

  • create reminders from list items

3) Creating Reminders with Email

  1. Using the account you registered with, send an email to

  2. Put your reminder in the body of the email (not in the subject).  Use natural language like: meeting tomorrow at 6pm

  3. You will receive a confirmation back in less than a minute confirming the reminder has been added.

Creating Reminders with Twitter

  1. Visit the settings page on to sync your account with Twitter.

  2. Send a direct message to @taskfm - format should look like: d @taskfm meeting with bob tomorrow at 6pm

  3. Make sure you send a direct message to @taskfm not a reply.

  4. You will receive a confirmation back in less than a minute

Creating Reminders on the Website

  1. After logging into your account enter your reminder in the "remind me about" text box.

  2. It will instantly be added to your account

Creating Reminders via Voice Call

  1. Pro users can create reminders via a voice call

  2. Dial (866) 584-7012 (toll free)

  3. Record your reminder

 Anna Toskina


1) There is a brief information about what understands. Here you can see some examples of writing memos, various formats of time setting, various ways to enter dates of events etc

2) There's no shortage of services designed to help you keep track of the things you have to do and the appointments you've made. Some of those services are complex, while others allow you to add tasks using plain language.


3) web-calendar organizes your life and keeps you informed of upcoming events.

Me is the Internet's #1 reminder service. Join today and never miss a birthday, anniversary, or appointment again

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