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About Pixenate
I.1 What is the purpose?
I.2 How does it work?
I.3 How is it related to other applications?


What are the unique ways of using the application
II.1 Educational Use
II.2 How can the application be used within a business or industry training situation?


Examples of Educational Value
III.1 Educational Lesson Plans


Global Usage





Created by: Maggie Sayler, Andrea Levrio, Hillary Cherry, Blake Johnson, Ashley Van Kley, Sara Herget, Paula Obermeyer, Galina M. Parnikova, and Margarita Donskaya.

About Pixenate

Pixenate is a Web 2.0 application that makes photo-centric websites more useful by embedding simple photo-editing directly into your website. It was developed by Walter Higgins of Sxoop Technologies. Walter studied Computing at the Sligo Institute of Technology and has been developing software since 1992. Walter worked at big name companies like Microsoft, Apple, and EMXC as well Irish companies such as CBT Systems and Vistech Software before becoming the founder and CEO of Sxoop Technologies.1

What is the purpose?

The purpose of Pixenate is to upload, customize, and print photos for a number of different purposes.2 Some of these purposes include classifieds, business websites, sharing, and personal websites such as Facebook or Myspace. Users of Pixenate can also edit their own photos by using functions such as general enhancing of the photo, cropping, resize, rotate, spirit level, red eye corrections, whiten (teeth), sepia, and colors.3

Cropping a photo using Pixenate.

These are some of the newer features to Pixenate. This photo includes the drop down menu which shows all available applications Pixenate offers.


How to use Pixenate.

Here are a couple videos that help explain how to use Pixenate to resize pictures.

How does it work?

Pixenate is a self-hosted solution which means it is a software you can install on your own webserver.  If not already installed, you can go to and there is a link to step-by-step instructions.  This is a cost free download.

Step by step instruction of how to use Pixenate developed by Team Pixenate.

This is an example of how Pixenate can be used to fix red eye in photos. First upload the desired picture into Pixenate. Then you can use the “zoom in” tool to get as close as you can to the red eye areas. Now you can select the “fix red eye” tool to highlight each designated area separately and click apply. Here is an example of after fixing red eye from the picture above.

How is it related to other applications?

Pixenate can be used with the social networks of Facebook and Myspace. Pixenate is closely related to the photo editing website Picnik. Both services are web-based and can be accessed with any web-browser with internet access. They also both have photo-editing tools that are easy to use. Pixenate, like Picnik, offers the ability to upload photos through Facebook and Myspace to edit. This allows you to import any photo from a website to edit it. Pixenate also includes features like the photo straighten option called "Spirit-level", which Picnik does not have. Spirit Level allows you to level out your picture if the horizon is slightly crooked. Pixenate also has a new feature which allows businesses to have their own themes. These themes have different tools that can be used for the different aspects of the business such as a theme that allows you to edit company logos and banner ads, a theme for making greeting cards, and a theme that uses Yahoo's javascript UI library to provide richer UI controls4.





The only service with layers, canvas size, free transform, and other Photoshop-like capabilities.

No zoom, falls short of Photoshop’s capabilities, does not open to PSD files, no printing.

Fauxto is the most advanced and Photoshop-like online image editor available online, until Adobe's own launch of a web-based version of the image-editing behemoth appears in a few months. If you don't have the megabucks and megabytes for Photoshop, give Fauxto a try.

The best looking interface, fun and useful creative tools, no signup. Bookmarklet for easy access to getting web images for editing. Good integration with Flickr and Picasa web albums.

Browser window not wide enough, Printing options limited.

Picnik has the nicest, most Web 2.0 interface of the bunch in online image editors. It offers excellent integration with online photo sites like Flickr and some fun creative tools, in addition to the photo correction basics.

Lots of interesting effects in addition to the basics: can create animations: stores your pictures on its own online space.

Odd interface with commands in a cloud view, no autocorrect,controls missing on some effects,some bugs meant some features didn't work, no printing.

Picture2Life offers a lot of interesting photo enhancements, but its interface is quirky.

Simple and easy to use interface, no signup, fun effects like lomo, snow and oil paint, bookmarklet for easy getting web images for editing, Flickr integration

Doesn't really offer enough control with many of the effect tools, no printing.

A simple way to adjust or doll up your pictures, we only wish Pixenate offered somewhat more control over things like contrast and the ability to fill light.

Super clean, smooth interface. No signup, outputs six file types- including PSD. Bookmarklet and browser plugins for easy getting web images for editing, Flickr integration.

No red-eye correction or fun effects, no printing.

We like Snipshot's super simple interface, and it lets you do the most basic image fixing, like resizing, cropping, rotating, and adjusting color and brightness. Although, we wouldn't mind seeing a couple of well chosen fun effects.


Free to use with Twitter account. Ability to upload photos from mobile phone. Allow other Twitter users to add tags to photos. Other users can leave comments, and you can see how many times picture has been viewed.

Limited to uploading three formats: .jpg, .png, and .gaf. Inappropriate content appears on Twitpics.

"With Twitpic, you can upload photos, tag them, and tweet them from your computer or mobile phone directly to your Twitter stream. It's easy, convenient, and free."

To see another table of how Pixenate compares to other applications, click on the link:Service.docx

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What are the unique ways of using the application?

Pixenate offers 32 tools (12 of which are initially hidden under the link Show fun effects), but they can make a big difference in your pictures appearance. It is simple, easy-to-use interface; no sign up; fun effects like snow, and oil paint; bookmarklet for easily getting web images for editing; and Flickr integration.

Pixenate is the photo editor of choice for photo printing and photo sharing businesses. Pixenate can significantly enhance the stickiness of your Web site by offering an easy-to-use integrated photo editor that doesn't require your users to download and install additional software. 5

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How can the application be used in an educational or learning environment?

Pictures can say a thousand words. They can also teach a thousand words, as well as other skills, when used effectively in early childhood classroom. Learning the letters of the alphabet, numbers, and the colors of the rainbow can all be assisted by the use of a picture. Pixenate can be a useful tool in assisting in this learning. By using Pixenate, a teacher can edit a photograph to be a specific color, like red, to show students the different shades of red.

You can also use the tools such as cropping or zoom to focus in on a certain part of the picture. If a classroom is learning the letter A, students can zoom in on or crop out everything in the picture that starts with the letter A. Photo editing is also an important part of Web development and multimedia.  Pixenate is a perfect tool if you cannot afford programs such as Photoshop. Students can easily remove red-eye, fix exposure, and crop or cut photos to make them look more professional in their multimedia projects or web designs. 6

Zoom option on Pixenate.

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How can the application be used within a business or industry training situation?

Pixenate is a useful tool in industry because it allows websites to embed simple photo-editing directly in your website. Adding Pixenate to your website allows your users to edit those photos too. It can be used on business website, and it can also be used for advertising. Pixenate can even help design clothing for your company. Pixenate is relatively inexpensive for all it has to offer, and is good for any business. One business that uses Pixenate is They have embedded it into their website so that you can create custom creations and have them put onto the t-shirt, mug, or whatever product that you desire. You can check out some of their site,, or check out some examples from other people, a mug ( and a t-shirt (

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What are some examples of it being used to illustrate its current educational value?


In an elementary classroom Pixenate can be used for a mathematics project using geometric shapes and creativity. Students would color the shapes, each a different color, then, create an imaginitive creature out of the shapes. A decorative frame from Pixenate would add a special touch so the students could have a gift for their parents.
Elementary Level Mathmatics.pdf

Elementary Level Mathmatics.pdf
Elementary Level Mathmatics.doc

Elementary Level Mathmatics.doc

Using virtual and visual graphics of Russian Countries will help students get a good understanding for different cultures and maybe even learn some new phrases. Presentations are a great way for teachers to really key in on their subject for their learners.
Elementary Geography.pdf

Elementary Geography.pdf
Elementary Geography.doc

Elementary Geography.doc

Pixenate can be used in an Elementary Classroom to enhance and understand different forms. Working in groups on a lesson of geometric shapes will help build understanding and team leadership.
Elementary Figures.pdf

Elementary Figures.pdf
Elementary Figures.doc

Elementary Figures.doc


Pixenate can also be used to see different view points of the child. Working with a picture can help the child understand what all a teacher may do and also explore their creativity.

Elementary Career.pdf

Elementary Career.doc

Dr. Seuss:

Pixenate can be used for a lot of creative activities dealing with students and pictures. Students can use Pixenate in these creative ways to be one of their favorite characters from a favorite book. 

Elementary Dr. Seuss.docx

Elementary Dr. Seuss.pdf


 Pixenate is used here to help students to see the parts of other cultures that are different from us and that are the same.





Students in Secondary Education can apply Pixenate in the classroom when designing their dream homes. After seeing a presentation of architecture and different types of buildings, inspiring creativity in using digital tools, will teach learners to plan, apply, and create their ideas through Pixenate.
Secondary level Engineering.pdf

Secondary level Engineering.pdf
Secondary level Engineering.docx

Secondary level Engineering.docx


Using pictures to learn about other cultures is a great way to captivate learners. Using Pixenate to actually place themselves in the country they have just learned about is a visually creative way to engage learners with other cultures.
Secondary Level Geography.pdf

Secondary Level Geography.pdf
Secondary level Geography.docx

Secondary level Geography.docx

International Relations:

Using pictures of maps and concepts of culture, learners can create there own country in the USA. Group work will help teach cooperative learning and creativity.
Secondary Level International Relations.pdf

Secondary Level International Relations.pdf
Secondary Level International Relations.doc

Secondary Level International Relations.doc

Post Secondary


Learning application of graphs and figures with enhanced photographs can help Post Secondary learners clearly understand properties of graphs. Practicing functions themselves after looking at the pictures utilizes Pixenate in the learning aspect.
Post Secondary Mathematics.pdf

Post Secondary Mathematics.pdf
Post Secondary Mathematics.docx

Post Secondary Mathematics.docx


Group projects are great to key in on communication skills, creativeness, and group participation. These qualities will all be useful in a business setting. Using computers to design a company logo and set up data for that company gives learners a real life lesson on what it is like to work in a business setting.
Post Secondary Business.pdf

Post Secondary Business.pdf
Post Secondary Business.docx

Post Secondary Business.docx


Learning about diseases and making a presentation about that disease and its affects can really captivate a learner. What Pixenate can do for a life like presentation is show on an actual picture how the affects of the disease can harm its victims. It can also show improvements with a healthy lifestyle with face smoothing settings and correction buttons.
Post Secondary Medicine.pdf

Post Secondary Medicine.pdf
Post Secondary Medicine.docx

Post Secondary Medicine.docx

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Global Perspective

Pixenate can and has been used all around the world. Its easy to use website allows people of every race and religion to use its editing tools and applications. Here's what people from all corners of the world are saying about Pixenate.

--Easy integration and great support. We were up and running Pixenate in less than a day! -Ivan Mitrovic, USA -

--When Kadoo needed to find a powerful, flexible, customizable toolkit to enable our users to edit their photos online, Pixenate delivered. Even beyond the excellent application delivered to us, the support has been phenomenal. I make build or buy decisions every day, and this one of those libraries that I know we made the right choice. -Daniel Cane, USA -CTO

--For our customers, iWeb has chosen Pixenate as a flexible, customizable and powerful online image editor. We have searched during a long time the best solution on the web and we have found the Sxoop software. A really great integration with our projects and Pixenate will be used by more than a thousand customers each day. Also, the technical support is incredible! They help us to integrate the software with our systems and suggested a great solution. -Jean-Philippe Rivard Lauzier, Canada - iWeb Hosting

--I found Pixenate very easy to use and all the image operations are quite fast. I was able to add extra functionality to Pixenate without any difficulty because of the open source API it uses. I would definitely recommend it as the #1 online photo editor which can easily integrate with any web site. -Madhavi Damera - Polo Ralph Lauren

--We are very satisfied with Pixenate - Actually, I haven't been so happy about a piece of software for a long time. -Menno de Wit, Netherlands -

--MyPhotoAlbum could not be happier with Pixenate! It allows our members to truly enhance and edit their photos right from the web. Plus, support is fantastic and the upgrades continue to impress us. -Jessy Hanley, Director of Photo Services

--Excellent support and software package. Pixenate will allow the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service to offer photo editing capabilities to our clientele located throughout the State of Kentucky. -Steven Garner - University of Kentucky

--Top notch support, easy installation, and a great price. Truly a best of breed in my book. -William Gilligan -

--Powerful image editing suite and amazing support. Pixenate saved us time and money! -Jimmy Zhen, Turkey - Katera Group

--Pixenate has been very helpful in speeding up the picture processing on our website. -Randy Johnston -


If you would like to print off our brochure used during the 2009 Showcase, click on the link: project

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Get to know the creators of this Pixenate page!

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Galina M. Parnikova

Galina was born August 12, 1971 in Germany.
She finished secondary school in 1988 in Poland.
 Galina graduated from Yakutsk State University in Russia in 1995.
She studied in Business School (Glasgow, Gr Br) in 2005.
She is the Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Economics of YSU.
Her educational interests include Business English and Business Correspondence in English.
Galina is also married with 3 children.
Irina Savvina

Irina graduated from Yakutsk State University.
She is a member of the faculty of foreign languages 1999.
Her PhD was attained in 2004
Margarita Donskaya
Margarita is a senior teacher of the Yakut State University.
She works at the Institute of Mathematics and at the Institute of Medicine.

Margaret Sayler

Margaret is an Early Childhood Education Major with Special Needs Education and Sign Language.
She loves teaching gymnastics, working with small children, cooking and Christmastime.
After her undergrad, Margaret wants to be a nanny overseas before obtaining her Masters.

Andrea Levrio

Andrea is double majoring Special Education and Elementary Education.
 She really loves summer, the sun, and going to the beach.
 Andrea also enjoys watching football, especially Boilermaker football and the Chicago Bears.
Hillary Cherry

Hillary is a majoring in Elementary Education and getting a minor in Global Studies.
She loves to travel, watch football (the Colts), and loves all animals.
Hillary’s favorite movie is Free Willy and sunflowers make her happy.
She is a member of Alpha Phi and could not be happier.

 Blake Johnson

Blake is a freshman in Agriculture Education.
He enjoys farming, 4h, and FFA.
Ashley Van Kley
Ashley is a freshman elementary education major.

She enjoys travelling and being outdoors.
Sara Herget

Sara is a Elementary Education Major.  
She loves cheerleading and dancing.
Sara currently coaches cheerleading and is a tutor.  
She also loves summertime and being outdoors.  
Some things she enjoys are camping, 4-wheeling, and going on road trips.
She also enjoys watching football and going to concerts.  
Paula Obermeyer


Paula is 19 years old and in majoring in Elementary Education.
Paula likes to listen to music, hang out with friends, go to concerts, and snowboard.


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