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General Information

Developed By:

Zoho Corporation




Ideal Operating System:

Any (Web-based application)


Zoho Pools offers a comprehensive suite of award-winning on-line business, productivity & collaboration applications. Customers use Zoho Applications to run their business processes, manage their information and be more productive while at the office or on the go, without having to worry about expensive or outdated hardware or software.

.History">I. History

What is Zoho Polls?

Zoho Polls is a place where users can create polls (questions to survey) or answer any polls already created. Zoho Polls is a free surveying or rating tool that can be embedded in a web page or blog. You can create your own Zoho Polls and also vote or rate others public polls. Zoho Polls is very easy and simple to use! 

How to sign up">   A. How to sign up

Step One: First, you must go to the Zoho Polls website: 

Step Two: After entering the sites address, you will see there homepage pop up. On the top right hand side you will see an area where you may sign in with a username and password. Underneath you will see where it gives you the option to "Sign up Now". A picture below represents exactly how the homepage will appear.

Step Three: They will only ask four simple things of you to obtain a Zoho Polls account. First, you are to create a username. Second, enter a password for your account. Third, enter in your email address. Finally, you must check the "I agree" to the terms and conditions box. Click "Submit" and you have an account at Zoho Polls!

Getting Stuck? If you are having a hard time grasping how to create and account or what to do afterwords, there is a "Demo Login" button which helpfully explains everything. The "Demo Login" button is found on the homepage.

How it works">   B. How it works

Creating Polls:  Zoho Polls is a place where users can create polls (questions to survey) or answer any polls that have already created by others. To create a poll you must first make an account (described how to above). After creating your account you will be brought to a new page. At the top left-hand side of the page you will see an icon that says: "Create Poll". You then have the option to create a poll to vote or create a poll to rate. A rating poll is rating with stars and a voting poll is clicking on an available answer. You will then have to specify what kind of poll you want to create and a drop-down screen will appear where you are to put in information about your poll. Fill out the information and hit "Submit". You now have created your very first poll.

Voting on Polls: Now to vote on polls you must also be at the same page where you create a poll. Underneath "Create Poll" icon there will be a header saying: "Viewing Latest Polls". To the right-hand side of all of this there will be different options such as "Popular Polls" and "Recently Voted Polls". Click on anyone of the top polls or click on the "more..." link to see more polls. Then just select a poll, read the question, and vote!
Also, in the very top right-hand where is says "Home" and "My Polls", you will also notice a link to "Public Polls". By clicking on this link there are tons of polls that you free to vote on!

Embed a Zoho Poll into a PB wiki: So, for those of you who want to use a Zoho Poll in their personal blog or website there is a way! It is very easy to do, here is a video which demonstrates how to do so.

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How Zoho Polls Relates to other Applications">II. How Zoho Polls Relates to other Applications

Zoho Polls relates to other applications such as YouPolls and Survey Monkey. YouPolls is very similar to Zoho Polls. YouPolls is also free of charge, but more personal information is needed (such as your gender, postal code, and date of birth), unlike with Zoho Polls. SurveyMonkey is a bit different from Zoho Polls. It can be used free of charge, but a paying membership is needed to use all of the features. SurveryMonkey is also not as simple as Zoho Polls, because it can be used not only to poll people but to also schedule a meeting or group project and other things. SurveyMonkey is not as easy and simple to use as Zoho Polls.

Real World Application">III. Real World Application

   A.Elementary Lesson Plans">   A. Elementary Lesson Plans

1) Food Pyramid Activity

This is a fun enlightening activity about the food pyramid and all of its glory. The students will learn the following groups and the correct servings for their favorite foods. Then they will incorporate Zoho Polls by sharing what they have learned in the lesson.  

Food Pyramid.docx

Food Pyramid.pdf 

Secondary Lesson Plans">   B. Secondary Lesson Plans

1) Large Cities in the United States

In the Large Cities in the United States lesson plan, students will be able to evaluate largely populated cities in the US. Students in groups of three will be able to create and participate in polls about largely populated US cities. 

Large Cities in the United States.doc

Large Cities in the United States.pdf

2) Types of Mathematics (S.T.E.M.)

In the Mathematics Lesson Plan the student will first learn about the different types of mathematics. The individual student is in charge of creating a poll related to one or multiple types of mathematics for the class. Every student will cast their vote in each students poll.

Types of Mathematics.doc

Types of Mathematics.pdf


Narrative: Theresa Neal


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