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BackPackIt (Click link to return to the main WIKI page)

Brief Project Description:

This project was developed for the following reasons:

  • To get students to examine, explore, and investigate various types of Web 2.0 technologies, as well as discover ways to use those tools to enhance teaching and learning.
  • To have students work on a real-world, team-based problem where they need to develop skills of communication and cooperation in order to create and deliver the needed wiki repository outcome.
  • To have students gain a more global perspective, by including team members from universities around the world.
  • To develop a practical tool that helps anyone at any time and location review, compare, and select effective Web 2.0 tools.

Group Member Introductions:

*Please provide a brief introduction about yourself. Feel free to include a picture!

<Insert Introductory Information>

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  1. Unknown User (ktomich)

    Hey! My name is Katie Tomich and I am a Junior looking to CODO into Elementary Education. I am from Westfield, Indiana. I have 3 dogs. 2 of the dogs are the family dogs, and my dog is a beagle. Her name is Laya. She is still a puppy and a lot of work. If you need to contact me, my e-mail is

  2. Unknown User (amechem)

    Hello everyone! My name is Lexi Mechem and I will be the Project Manager for the BackPackIt group. I am from Anderson, Indiana and am a freshman majoring in Biology Education.  I played tennis in high school and have had horses my entire life. My horse's name is Jerry :) Feel free to email me if you have any questions at all. ( I am looking forward to working with the rest of the BackPackIt group!

  3. Unknown User (carsons)

    Hi! My name is Spencer Carson and I am a Freshman majoring in agricultural education. I am from Noblesville, Indiana where I come from a smaller livestock farm. I mainly rasie show lambs and I enjoy showing across the state during the summer. I also show pigs across the state too. If you need to get a hold of me my email is

  4. Unknown User (jchristi)

    Hello.  My name is Jacob Christian.  I am a Junior and I will CODO into Math Education.  I'm from Evansville, Indiana, but I was born and spent part of my childhood in Oklahoma.  When I'm not studying, working, or going to class I like to run, read a good book, play video games, or watch movies.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at

  5. Unknown User (ckearnag)

    Hi, my name is Chelsea Kearnaghan. I am wanting to CODO into Consumer and Family Science Education. I try to stay easy to contact, I check my email and my phone often. I'll do what I can to be a part of this group. I am from Lafayette, Indiana.

  6. Hello everyone! My name is Mine Yetkin.I am 3rd year student in Middle East Technical University in Early Childhood Education and I am from Ankara,Turkey.I am twenty-three years old.If you need to contact me,  my email adress is