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Flypaper Research Page

Flypaper Group Member Introduction Page

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Table of Contents




How Flypaper relates to other applications


Real world application


Demonstration of educational value


How Flypaper is used internationally



IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

Flypaper is normally used in big businesses, but it can also be used in the classroom.  Because it is a simpler version of Flash it is easier and cheaper than other products like it, something that appeals to most educators.  Flypaper is not only beneficial to teachers, but it is also extremely helpful to students.  “Flypaper lets anyone with basic content creation skills create real Flash content.” (  Most teachers could easily learn about the product and teach it to their students.  Flypaper allows students to use a product that normally would require a lot of work and time.  It is very similar to creating a project in Power Point, a system students of all ages are familiar with.  Students and teachers could create games and/or story boards that relate to what is being studied in class.  Flypaper is a great way for students to do hands on activities that coincide with what they are learning about.  Instead of doing a poster or PowerPoint presentation they could create a project using Flypaper.  Using Flypaper is also a great way for students to work together.  “Flash content is seldom created by just one person. More often it’s a team of people…” (  Working in groups or with partners can be very beneficial for students.  It helps them to develop teamwork skills and allows them to work better with others.  Flypaper could also allow students to work with other students from other schools and other countries.  This could open the door for many great educational opportunities.   Flypaper also allows students to do something called e-learning.  E-learning is when a person is taught to do something step by step on the computer, internet, or etc.  With Flypaper teachers can create e-learning lessons for students.  Flypaper allows teachers to create these lessons faster, cheaper, and more creatively than if they used Flash. 

Emily Faggetti (March 31st)

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