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Squareleaf Research Page

Squareleaf Group Member Introduction Page



What are the uses of Squareleaf?

What does it do?

Who uses Squareleaf?


I. History

I.1. Development
I.2. How does Squareleaf work?
I.3. Additional Information about Squareleaf



Free, easy to access, and simple to use

Attachment of pictures or videos capability is not available

Offers a tour to teach you the skills needed to create your virtual post-it notes

No real-time sharing of your Sqaureleaf board---can give other
people your e-mail and password, but you can’t have an open
url for everyone to update

No maximum character limit for each note

Unable to send messages to other Squareleaf users

Able to move the notes around and change the colors for enhanced organization

Unable to access your whiteboard from your desktop

Organize multiple or single events in an aesthetically pleasing and concrete manner


Alternate to list-making and reduces the clutter of tangible post-it notes


Can teach people how to stay organized and time management skills


Can be used by everyone who needs to stay organized, from students
to businessmen to moms who all need to stay on top of their day


Accessible from any computer, not limited to specific areas where post-it notes are kept


Capable of accessing and editing saved notes


II. How does Squareleaf relate to other Applications?

Squareleaf has a shocking resemblance to Listhings (  Squareleaf and Listhings basically have the same application with a different looking interface.  The Listhings interface looks more like a bulletin board, and Squareleaf has a simple white background. Similar features include:

  • Simple dashboard to create and edit your text notes online.
  • Automatically saves notes.
  • Re-size and organize your notes by color.
  • Drag and drop interface.

Squareleaf is similar to a website called Pindax (, which allows the user to create and manage their sticky notes, but also includes additional features, such as group managing notes. Pindax is essentially a group version of Squareleaf monitored by an administrator. The main features of Pindax include:

  • Create interactive message boards.
  • Add message boards to your website.
  • Real-time chat and discussion.
  • Post text, images, files, videos, tasks and polls.
  • Send posts via email and get reply notifications.
  • Easily embeddable via widget / API.

Squareleaf is also similar to WallWisher (, though WallWisher seems to be more advanced with many more options than its competitor - Squareleaf.  After looking at the features for WallWisher it seems their major adaptation is that the board can be shared with others if need be and can also allows images and videos as well as text into their wall.  The features of WallWisher are the following:

  • Create interactive noticeboards online.
  • Customize borads with a custom backround, title and background images.
  • Allow users to add sticky notes with text, images and videos.
  • Set preferences on who can edit and view the board.
  • Drag and drop notes anywhere on the board.
  • There is a 160 character limit for notes.
  • Users can signin using their Google accounts.
  • Share boards with others.

Squareleaf basically works like many other sticky note applications, one of which is the Windows 7 sticky note application.  This application is more advanced than Squareleaf and it allows you to create sticky notes that one can "stick" anywhere and everywhere.  While Windows 7 does allow you to do more within the application, this does not mean that Squareleaf is a waste; this website has its own personal feel to it because you have your own little page to put notes on as opposed to your desktop that anyone might see.

II.2. Unique Uses

III. Real World Applications

III.1. Educational Lesson Plans

i. Elementary Lesson Plans

^Elementary Lesson Plan 1.docx

Scientific Method.docx (STEM Lesson)

ii. Secondary Lesson Plans

iii. Post Secondary Lesson PLans

IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

Positive Criticism

Negative Criticism

V. How is Squareleaf used Internationally?

VI. References

The following are references that were used while compiling information about Squareleaf.

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