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Photorem Research Page

Photorem Group Member Introduction Page


1. Development

The owner and developer of PhotoRem is Alberto Bulletti. Right now the company is being managed from Italy, but the he also lived in the United States for a few years. Bulletti is a web project manager and also a senior developer for many other companies internationally. He works remotely from Italy, managing the different companies. PhotoRem is a personal project that he created and hand developed. Many people now wonder, why did Bulletti invent the website Photorem?The main reason Bulletti created Photorem was to research and test the capabilities of a LAMP structure and of the graphic libraries GD.  Bulletti a senior web developer who worked in the United States for a Computer Company in medicine for a few years, where he developed the first version of Photorem for medical purposes in an open source website (meaning it was a no-profit website) and after a while he developed the second version of Photorem (still being used for medical purposes) entitled VisualMD. ( In the VisualMD version, the system is able to handle hospital files such as MRI, PET, and CT scan; completely from web, without using third party’s software to convert the hospital files. The version "VisualMD" of PhotoRem has been developed for about three years now, taking almost two years to develop, and allows medical professionals to upload, view, and edit hospital files. After VisualMD, about a year ago, Bulletti stated developing PhotoRem. He worked on the project for about a month since his latest version. Making PhotoRem a place for research purposes, to implement the older version and test the new web technologies coming up every day. Bulletti finished the current version of Photorem in August 2009 posting it up online for anyone to use in September. Since then, there have not been any upgrades to the system yet, but he plans on doing so since there will be more of a buzz about his website. The idea behind PhotoRem is to allow people to share and manage media files online without using external software like Photoshop or any other editing software to make a presentation. Bulletti was inspired by Windows Paint because of the fact it is easy for most people to understand. Bulletti just went a step further to making it all online, to make it easier to share documents with other people. Bulletti openly admits that Photoshop online was main website he based a model for his website off of, but he says it was a definitely model and not just a copy. He hand built the website with all of his own coding. He also has a different set up for video use on his website.

• What was your main reason in creating Photorem?
• Do you have any help in managing Photorem?
Currently Bulletti creates and maintains every single component, module, part, or animation used by Photorem. With it being handmade he told use exactly what is used throughout the website including: PHP (in particular php 5 object oriented), Javascript (AJAX), for the framework and calls, ActionScript (in particular ActionScript 3 with Flash) for the flash widgets like the web cam snapshot, the painter, the zoom, etc…
• Do you have other versions of Photorem?
Alberto Bulletti is a very bust man having already three other websites that are up and active. The following are the URL links and description of the web page: (The very first version, is not available in English), (The very first version in English), (More recent version, not public, just for Pharmaceutical Medical Doctors) He also has one large project he is recently working on. It the latest and best version he has ever created, and it is an EMR (Electronic Medical Records). It is really big software, available hopefully by June 1st with much more features than PhotoRem.
• How big is your company in the USA?
Bulletti is the owner and main developer of a computer company in his home country of Italy named, as well as owning another company (also in Italy) named He still works as a Web Project Manager and senior developer for AnatomicalTravel, LLC New York City (, Finally, he is a teacher’s assistance to Bologna University in Italy.

2.How Photorem Works{anchor:works

3.Getting More Out of Photorem

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1. Comparison to Competitors

Photorem offers many different tools that can be used for photo editing. User photos can be shared in slideshows as well as single photos. The user can simply choose the pictures they want to be displayed and away they go. Users can also share the pictures they create on Twitter and Facebook.

2. What Makes Photorem Unique

Photorem accounts are free and only require you sign up and agree to the terms and conditions of the website. Photorem gives members unlimited storage for pictures, videos, and other media. The estimated worth of Photorem is $671.6 USD. There are about 300 daily page views and the ad revenue each day is about $0.92. Photos can be shared by doing slideshows as well. Unlike other photo sharing websites Photorem offers unlimited space. It also allows you to use editing tools like zoom, annotate, paint, filter, crop, rotate, and resize.

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1. Educational Lesson Plans

i. Elementary Level Lesson

Physics Science Math

ii. Secondary Level Lesson

US History 1 US History 2 Sketching Objects

iii. Post-Secondary Level Lesson

Journalism Art Photographic Introduction

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2. Business/Industry


Alberto Bulletti (developer)

To contact Bulletti the follow website provides contact information:

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Here is a nice youtube link

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