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 Purpose and History of Sauropol

I. Purpose and History of Sauropol 



Founded By:

Saurus CMS

Year Founded:


Based out of:



Creation of websites



Purpose of Sauropol

       Sauropol is a free online service for creating instant websites. You can set up your own website and start publishing content in less than a minute. This site allows you to change your site’s look and feel by quickly switching between various designs from our collection of pre-made templates, and it also allows you to manage comments, documents, hyperlinks, photos, test, and table, as well as include media from other sites such as Youtube and Flicker. You don’t need any technical skills to manage your website. But in case you do, there are lots of ways to use them: whether to create custom add-on applications or to customize what we have to offer. You only need a web browser for all of this, and remember, it's free!

 The Basics on How To Create a Website.

History of Sauropol

     Sauropol is an online company that is based in Estonia and founded in the year 2000 by Saurus [1]. “The technology that is behind sauropol runs hundreds of mission-critical websites worldwide”[2]. Some of the company’s major competitors are Yola, Weebly, Edicy, Webnode, and Drupal [1]. Mainly, this website is a tool that anyone can use to create a website of their own! Through the Sauropol website, the user is free to create a website or blog that has a hierarchical structure with multiple layouts [2]. What is really amazing is that it is completely free of charge!
     Sauropol uses Saurus CMS (Content Management System) which is a web publishing software combining daily content management features with sophisticated site administration and development tools. With Saurus CMS you can easily set up any public website, extranet or intranet, manage user access and configure integration with 3rd party systems"[3].

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II. How does Sauropol work?

1. Sauropol is an incredibly easy online website design software that is free to anybody who wants to use it. In order to start, visit Sauropol and click the big sign up button in the middle of the screen. Upon creating a username and entering in valid email information, Sauropol redirects to the website the user has now created.

Image captured from:

2. Once inside the website, a pop up will come up asking if you want to go through the hints to creating the website. It is advisable to do this; it’s very short, only three hints, and describes the functions and accessible toolbars while creating. Take note of the toolbar at the top of the page with the drop-down menu “Properties” which leads to “Site Design.” For each website, this is where the choices for many different page templates are that will give the website some life.

Image captured from:

Image captured from:

Image captured from:

3. Beyond the design, the creation of the webpage is all up to the user. Play around! Have some fun! The options are endless when creating this page to a degree. There is only a certain amount of storage space available within the website, and all of this information can be found on the main Sauropol webpage.

Here are some website design options from Sauropol:

Image captured from:

Web Page Tutorials

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III. How does Sauropol relate to other applications? 

     When editing a Sauropol website, the editing feature allows the user to copy text from a Microsof Office Word document and paste it into the website with almost any formatting from Word.  The "Insert HTML" button allows the user to embed a video from a website like Youtube, a picture from a website like Photobucket, or a game from a website like AddictingGames.  The user can insert any HTML code into the box that pops up and apply it to the website.

     Sauropol has a relationship with Saurus CMS, its parent company, which is "the content management software behind each Sauropol site[4]."  Sauropol is hosted by The Planet, "to ensure reliability and excellent connection speeds[4]."

     Sauropol has recently created a Twitter page.  View it here:

     Become a fan of Sauropol on Facebook.
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Service Partners

Service Partners

Need to customise the design, change some page layouts or add a feature? Bring your Sauropol website to next level with the help from web professionals. Here's a selection of web design and development firms fluent with our software waiting for your call.

ALL Web Industry, info at all dot ee info at all dot ee
Phone: +372 68 35 441
Languages: English, Estonian, Finnish, Russian

Bonefarm Creations, info at bonefarm dot ee info at bonefarm dot ee
Phone: +372 6825184, +372 5212783
Languages: English, Estonian

Divid, info at divid dot ee info at divid dot ee
Phone: +372 50 93 147
Languages: English, Estonian

Mekaia, mekaia at mekaia dot com mekaia at mekaia dot com
Phone: +372 670 0112, +372 5551 1565
Languages: English, Estonian

Netstudio, info at netstudio dot ee info at netstudio dot ee
Phone: +372 532 416 37
Languages: English, Estonian, Russian

Rumos, romet at veebidisain dot com romet at veebidisain dot com
Phone: +372 5193 3878
Languages: English, Estonian

Webgate, web at webgate dot ee web at webgate dot ee
Phone: +372 621 2790
Languages: English, Estonian, Finnish, Russian

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IV. What makes Sauropol unique? 

    There are many unique ways to use the Sauropol application.  During the first sign up process, custom domain names are created specifically for the new website being created.  Anyone is able to create a website. There are no programming skills necessary.  Bulletin boards, image galleries, documents folders, and blogs as well as websites can be created on Sauropol.  As previously stated, this site allows video streaming from YouTube and Flickr onto webpages.  It is also possible to connect to Sauropol through Facebook, Twitter, and Skype.  Saurpol has many designs and layouts to choose from as well as an option to upload an original design.  Additionally, the website allows management of text, tables, and hyperlinks.   Sauropol gradually adds new features; therefore, there is no upgrades or new things to purchase.  If any questions are present, web professionals are there to answer them[2].


Image captured from: (Date: 11-29-2009)

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VI. Examples of educational/potential value of Sauropol

     Sauropol can be used in a lot of different educational aspects. As a teacher, you could create a class website that lists past and future assignments and post the notes for that week in document folders. Also, the teacher, students, and parents or guardians could post comments on the website's blog or in the news lists for activities that are coming up in your classroom. This would allow parents or guardians to stay involved with their student in the classroom. Teachers could  create quick websites for individual lessons using Sauropol's hierarchical structures and layouts, thereby introducing material to students. These lesson websites can include pictures, videos, tables, hyperlinks to other helpful websites, and quizzes for review. That way a student can go to those websites to review the past lessons. Additionally, it allows a teacher a fresh new way to introduce material to students that can keep them interested and involved. Another example of how Sauropol could be used in the educational aspect is to conduct an assignment for the students to create their own informational website as a class or individually. Students could present their information on the website to their peers. The students could then take notes on the information and eventually be tested over the material. This type of activity teaches students about website creating and presenting, and about research and the material that the lesson will be covering.

 Sauropol can be used in many educational ways. These are just a few.

Image taken from Microsoft Office Clipart.

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VII. How can Sauropol be used within a business/industry training situation?

     Blogging, accessing presentations, training, showing various types of product pictures: these are the many services Sauropol provide for companies. Everyone knows what a pain training situations can be, and Sauropol can be utilized to make these situations less of a headache. Sauropol could give businesses an opportunity to educate their employees, and would make it for the trainees to locate the material. This will help the trainees learn what they need to know prior to starting their position at a company. Blogging is becoming more prominent is today’s world, and Sauropol also utilizes blogging. Blogging is a way companies can keep in touch with prior, current, and future customers. Customer service quality would rise for the company if they use this feature, and could help companies deal with some, if not all, issues first hand. Organization is the key to running a good business, and Sauropol can be used for organization. With this feature, business material can be organized to allow employees and possible customers to easily locate material such as products, services, and link presentations that will allow the customer or employer immediate connection to their needs and wants.  Organization is not the last feature that can be used by using Sauropol. Sauropol can also allow companies to showcase its environment to extend and further their clientele. Many templates are offered on Sauropol, and also a user would have the ability to make their own template. These templates would help a company portray themselves in whatever light they want to be portrayed in. It could be a professional look, a fun look, a mixture of the two, etc. Finally, Sauropol can help a new company promote themselves on the Internet, and also will provide many ways to advertise its name. 

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VIII. How can Sauropol be used in other countries? 

     Due partially to the fact that it is a European based website, Sauropol boasts the ability to create multi-lingual and non-English websites. This promotes usage of Sauropol across the world. If a user needs any further assistance, Sauropol offers services needs via phone or e-mail from various web design and development firms that are very familiar with their software. These firms include ALL Web Industry, Netstudio, Rumos, and Webgate, among others[7]. These firms offer multiple language need (all include English and Estonian and a few include Finish and Russian). Information on how to contact these companies can be found on the website. The use of multiple languages in the service department encourages more individuals and companies to utilize the resources found at
     On an even broader scale, Saurus, the web-software company that created Sauropol, has strong ties with its global partners. Saurus has global partners in Canada, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Latin-America, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland[7]. In addition, 500 corporate websites and intranets use the software. Included in this list of clients are such as The Parliament of Estonia, Avis , and Danske Bank [2][7]. Coming from such a globally respected company, Sauropol understands the importance of connecting people from all over the world.

Image captured from:

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V. Lesson plans using Sauropol

     Sauropol can even be used in the classroom:  Teachers can use Sauropol in their lessons in a wide variety of ways. Students in elementary school, secondary school, and post-secondary school can use Sauropol at their individual levels to help them accomplish their assignments. The Internet is a very popular tool in school today, and Sauropol is an easy, free site that anyone can use to become firmiliar with creating a webpage. The following lesson plans demonstrate Sauropol being used within education.

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Endangered Species Experience
Lesson Plan:

Create to Educate lesson plan.pdf

Create to Educate lesson plan.docx

Reading Experience

Lesson Plan:

Favorite Book Lesson Plan.pdf

Favorite Book Lesson Plan.docx

Ocean Experience

Lesson Plan:

Ocean Creatures Lesson Plan.pdf

Ocean Creatures Lesson Plan.docx


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Solar System Experience

Lesson Pan:

Solar System Lesson Plan.docx

Solar System Lesson Plan.pdf

Concentration Camp Experience

Lesson Plan:

Concentration Camp Lesson Plan.pdf

Concentration Camp Lesson Plan.docx

Web Posting Experience

Lesson Plan:

Web Posting Lesson Plan.pdf

Web Posting Lesson Plan.docx

English Grammar Experience

Lesson Plan:

English Grammar Lesson Plan.pdf

English Grammar Lesson Plan.docx


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Profile Paper Experience

Lesson Plan:

Profile paper with evaluations.doc

Profile paper with evaluations.pdf

Genetics Experience

Genetics Lesson Plan.pdf

Genetics Lesson Plan.docx

Service Learning Experience

Lesson Plan:

Service Learning Lesson Plan.pdf

Service Learning Lesson Plan.docx

Heath Industry Learning Experience

Lesson Plan:

Health Industry Lesson Plan.doc

Health Industry Lesson Plan.pdf

List of Careers:

Different Fields in the Health Industry.doc

Different Fields in the Health Industry.pdf

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Our group's lesson plans

6th-8th Grade Lesson Plan- Physical Fitness


2nd grade Lesson Plan- Money


IX. References



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X.  Other Resources


[Showcase Handout|^]

Showcase Poster Printouts

Click here to find the page where everyone will need to post research:  Sauropol Research Page

Click here to view the IP page:  Sauropol International Partner Communication

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