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TwitDocs Research Page

TwitDoc Group Member Introduction Page

Created by: Kara Berkey, Allison Frisbie, Erin Newcomb, Sam Vana Elliott, Sam Walton, Drake Babcock, Jenny Koch, Jonas Karlsson, and Filip Isaksson.

What is TwitDoc? 

Started by Bob Brinker and Michael Ormsby in Littleton, Colorado, and launched on May 1, 2009, is the newest way to share your documents and pictures through your twitter account.(1) was a bit revolutionary in the Twitter world due to its flexibility with document and image formats. Before it’s existence, Twitter users would need  to upload a document or picture, shorten the URL to link the document, and post a tweet to Twitter using the shortened URL. (5) Now, with the assistance of, users can do this simultaneously. Another perk is that TwitDoc is teamed up with to make it easier for users by allowing them to download documents within 20 seconds and send. Users aren’t even required to sign up, they just have to use their twitter name and password. (5)

Taking less than a month to make once the coding began, quickly captivated people’s attention from all over the world not only by being associated with Twitter, but also for it’s “first mover advantage in the twitter document-sharing space, and it’s intuitive user experiences”. (5) Being an Editor and Publisher, Bob Brinker is regularly involved with business and finance and sees many different materials in doc/xls format. Co-founder Mike Ormsby is a web developer and web application designer. (4) Bob and Mike got the idea for TwitDoc from their need for a simple way to share information rather than doing it manually. The goal was for this application to be simple, andTwitDoc intends to stay focused on being the easy way to upload documents onto Twitter. Other applications of this kind require more in-depth and time consuming downloading, etc., but has micro file sharing as well as free Adobe AIR client, for drag and drop files (i.e. documents, videos, pictures, etc.), which makes it faster and easier to operate.  TwitDoc is used by people all over the world and over almost any subject or setting, ranging from small group or business meetings, advertisement, politics,  job searching, photography and recipe sharing, and much more. Being such a young application does have it’s challenges though. TwitDoc is being accepted into many different cultures, and thus, languages. Therefore, TwitDoc needs to become equipped with many different characters sets, just to name one thing on their ‘To Do’ list.(5) won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, and they plan on expanding this application with no limit in view. One of their goals at present is to make it possible for individuals to email documents with a  tweet (subject), and TwitDoc will publish the file. This process would make TwitDoc a highly demanded webtool for websites, blogs, and much more. Other TwitDoc goals include associating themselves with other Twitter applications such as Tweetie, Twhirl, and Tweetdeck, establishing the brand name, and to ensuring to users and the public that TwitDoc is THE fastest and most reliable way to upload and share documents. Once they do this, it’s nowhere but up for this application, and the founders are confident that, in the very near future, TwitDoc will become a fine asset to many companies and businesses world-wide. (5)

Help Menu 

  1. Log onto your Twitter account
  2. Upload your document to Scribd
  3. Shorten the URL to your document
  4. Send your Scribd link to Twitter 

How Does TwitDoc Relate to Other Applications?  

 TwitDoc is a file sharing device that allows us to easily share files via Twitter.  For those of you who don't know what Twitter is, it is "a social networking and microblogging service that allows you to answer the question, 'What are you doing?' by sending short text messages, 140 characters in length, called 'tweets' to your friends or 'followers'."(10)  Since twitter became so popular, people thought it would be a good idea to use it as a file sharing device.  The problem was you couldn't use more than 140 characters.  However, with TwitDoc, that has now changed.  TwitDoc is the highest ranking Twitter file sharing service available.  It is used primarily for file sharing.  It supports the following types of files: doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pps, xls, xlsx, pdf, ps, odt, odp, sxw, sxl, txt, rtf, jpg, png, gif. (9)

This is a chart that shows similar file sharing devices from Feb 09 to Feb 10 ranking TwitDoc the highest. The devices compared were Twitdoc, Filetwt, and Filesocial which all have ties to Twitter.
.                 .

This is a chart that shows the competition between all the other sites similar to TwitDoc. This graph is showing downloads for Microsoft Windows. This chart shows also, that the website and its users, want to see more out of the website. The site needs improvement. 


What is it?

Unique features.

It is the easiest way to upload documents (limit 15 MB) , graphics (10 MB), and video (25 MB)  onto Twitter in one easy step.

Has FREE Adobe AIR client feature that allows user to "drag and drop" files from his/her desktop right into TwitDoc, and supports the widest variety of files: doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pps, xls, xlsx, pdf, ps, odt, odp, sxw, sxl, txt, rtf, jpg, png, gif.

Video uploads have a potential for substantial processing times before they appear. User must install Adobe AIR desktop client before it's available for use.


It's a beta service for Twitter file sharing anything up to 20MB.

The only file sharing Twitter service that gives you the option to post a tweet or additional file to an individual rather than to everyone.

Must sign up for a separate account, rather than using an existing Twitter account. Doesn't use OAuth for identity authentification.


Another easy and free way of uploading things under 50 MB onto Twitter,

No expiration date on uploaded files, giving a user the ability to track past files.

Only doc, pdf, mp3, flv, and mp4 files can be seen and played online. All others must be downloaded.

Real World Application        

When the creator of TwitDoc was asked who would be the people who actually use TwitDoc, he responded by saying, “Users all over the world both geographically and by subject matter.”(5) TwitDoc can be used in a business and industry settings that involve conferences and small group meetings. With thesis and publication people may save files via Tweeter and have the easy access available to them. Teachers, students, researchers, and even literature professors can find this document useful in a business environment. People who run their own business, or sell items can find this tool useful, along with people dealing with technical, financial and serious jobs that require them to reach out to their colleagues through different sources.(5)

TwitDoc simplified uploading large quantities of information and pictures, and also in a variety of formats. It supports many file types for upload such as documents files up to 15 MB. Word (doc, docx), PowerPoint (ppt, pptx, pps), Excel (xls, xlsx), PDF, PS, Open Office (odt, odp, sxw, sxl), and text (txt, rtf).(6) It also supports for graphics and photos files up to 10 MB. File extensions are jpg, png, and gif. One can also upload video files up to 25 MB. File extensions are avi, mov, qt, mpg, mpeg, mp4, m4v, wmv, and flv. This easy file sharing application allows businesses to expand their file sharing in a useful and simple way.(6)



Allows users to upload documents, graphics, and videos to Twitter in one easy step

110 Character limit for tweet

FREE Adobe AIR client feature that allows user to "drag and drop" files from his/her desktop right into TwitDoc

File limit of 15 MB, Graphic limit of 10 MB, and video limit of 25 MB

Adobe AIR is compatilbe with PC, MAC, and Linux

The potential for substantial processing times before an uploaded video becomes visible

Available Internationally

Must install Adobe AIR to use the "drag and drop" feature 

Extremely easy to navigate


Supports the following types of files: doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pps, xls, xlsx, pdf, ps, odt, odp, sxw, sxl, txt, rtf, jpg, png, gif


Useful in an infinite number of settings, and has been used by teachers, researches, students, business and finance professionals, and many more.


Uses of TwitDoc Internationally

Making international contacts thorough TwitDoc really isn't challenging.TwitDoc provides a great outlet to experience other cultures because of the ease of sharing pictures, documents, and videos through posts. When you post something from TwitDoc, everyone can see it. Therefore, international individuals can see it as well, and have the opportunity to comment on your post. This makes international learning easier by providing first hand cultural experience between users. As for the business aspect of the application, communication between international offices or partners can now be achieved in a faster and more organized way. Business partners or internationally located firms can easily and quickly share information, whether that be in graphic, document, or video form. TwitDoc is expanding it's horizons, and in the process, possibly expanding their users' as well.

Uses of TwitDoc In the Classroom


Whenever any new application comes out and the dust settles, the same question always comes out: Besides entertainment, what other purpose can this serve? Luckily, you don't have to worry about that with TwitDoc. TwitDoc has been used in many environments and situations, and can be easily incorporated into your agenda. One area that has certainly benefited from TwitDoc is education. There are an infinite number of ways to using this application in the classroom, and it provides a unique experience for students, which in turn, could increase retention of the material. High school students studying German could upload their favorite experience (written in German) from their trip to Germany. Med students could learn to identify what stage of cancer different patients are in by the video taken by their instructor in the hospital. 5th graders studying the revolutionary war could write and upload a paragraph explaining whether they would be a patriot or a loyalist, and why. TwitDoc is for the public, and how it's used, whether for entertainment or education, is dependent solely upon the user.  As a public site, the social aspect of the classroom is increased.  This social aspect includes student to student interaction, student to teacher interaction, teacher to student interaction, and teacher to teacher interaction. These multiple forms of interaction can be greatly beneficial in the classroom.  TwitDoc can be adapted to whatever you need it to be, and the classroom is certainly no exception.


Elementary Lesson Plans

Social Studies 


Students will complete a short PowerPoint and upload it using TwitDoc to the classes Twitter page. After this is completed they must put the Presidents in order on the page.
Description- The purpose of this project is for students to learn about US presidents and use PowerPoint to create a sideshow, then upload them to TwitDoc.  They will also be learning the order of the presidents and place them all in order once they are uploaded to the site.

 Social Studies.pdf

Social Studies.docx


Objective- After studying their spelling words, students should be able to correctly spell the word, as well as match the word with the correct definition and use the word correctly in a sentence.

Description- The purpose of this project is for students to develop the ability to correctly spell complicated words and to be able to complete sentences using words from their spelling list and upload them to TwitDoc.  They can use their sentences, as well as their classmates' sentences to study words, their definitions and how they can be used in a sentence.

spelling and twitdoc.docx

spelling and twitdoc.pdf


Objective- After studying the math problems, the students should be able to accurately solve them, as well as other problem uploaded by other students by TwitDoc.

Description-  The purpose of this project is for students to develop mathematical computaion skills and to be able to upload any problems they may have trouble with to Twitter using TwitDoc.  This will allow other students, as well as teachers to help the student with any trouble they may have.

math and twitdoc.docx

math and twitdoc.pdf


Objective - Students will learn how to use web 2.0 tools for alternate ways of communication

Lesson plan.pdf

Lesson plan.pdf

Sign Language

Objective- Students will learn how to use web 2.0 tools for alternate ways of learning.

sign language in technology. pro2.docx

sign language in technology.pdf

Secondary Lesson Plans


Objective- Students will learn how to give positive and helpful feedback to their peers, and how to incorporate feedback into their own work.

Description- With the aid of TwitDoc, students will post their rough draft essays onto Twitter, and then evalutate and critique other essays. After a designated amount of time, students will take the peer evaluations they've received to improve their essays for a grade.




Objective- Students will learn math problems by creating and taking practice math tests for a high school algebra class.

Description- Students will create a practice math quiz with answers and type it up in the computer lab. After the answers and questions have been typed in two separate files they will both be uploaded using TwitDoc.  After their own files have been uploaded they will select one other students test and complete it for homework that will be graded.

Math & TwitDoc.docx  

Math & TwitDoc.pdf

Fine Arts

Objective - Students will learn how to correctly and effectively critique other students art work.

Description - Students will upload a word document into TwitDoc with a picture of their art work as well as a list of materials and the dimensions of the work.  Classmates will then look at the artwork and give a constructive critique in which they talk about why they think this work was created and the meaning behind it.

High School Lesson Plan.docx

High School Lesson Plan.pdf

History Lesson

Objective - Students will write a paper about the Second World War

Description - Students will upload a word document containing their paper onto TwitDoc.

History lesson.docx

Language Lesson

Objective - Students will frequently write diaries

Description - Students will upload a word document containing their diaries onto TwitDoc

Language lesson.docx

Post Secondary Lesson Plans

 Animal Science:

Objective- At the conclusion of the lesson the students will be able to identify breeds of swine and factual information about each breed of swine.

Description- This lesson plan is over the breeds of swine. It is a little instructional yet gives the students a project to complete along with using TwitDoc.

Breeds of Swine.pdf

Breeds of Swine.doc


Objective- In this lesson, students will use TwitDoc to share and upload photos create a collage.

Description- Students will have to learn how to use TwitDoc to communicate and share photo files in order to work together to take pictures that relate in some way to one another to make a collage and then explain the pictures relation in a presentation.



American Revolution:

Objective- In this lesson, students will use TwitDoc to upload a research paper about the American Revolution.

Description- Students will access TwitDoc to find guidelines to their research paper. From there, they will write a 4 page paper on what event they think lead to the American Revolution. They will use TwitDoc to re-upload corrections.

American Revolution.doc

American Revolution.pdf










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